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The realization that nothing in my life is random and that no one in my life is random is HUGE.  I’ve been awakened for some time now to the reality that everything is connected and that there is an invisible, I call it “spiritual” fabric that runs through life as much as the material world that we can see is life.  Think of it like discovering dark matter.  Scientists have now realized that there is six times more stuff in space that we can’t see as what we can see.

Recently I’ve come to realize that what we can see has a much deeper story behind it and that people in this life are sometimes reacting to events and situations from a past life.  When current circumstances trigger a reaction that seems out of proportion, it can be that the current life circumstance has activated a past life memory or trauma that we are not even conscious of but that is affecting us in our current life stream.

I recently listed out all the people I have met in my life that I felt like I had an immediate connection with.  Some of them are still in my life and some not.  I now know that I had a past life experience with these people which is why I felt that immediate “knowing” of them.  As I wrote out the names I also grouped them into groups of who felt energetically similar to me.  Then I drew lines between the ones that also know or are connected to each other.  Then I filled in notes next to each name of past visions or dreams I’ve had with these people in a different setting (not our current relationship/life).  I also noted when a person sometimes feels like someone in my current life.  For example sometimes my adult son feels similar to the relationship I have with my current life sister.  So I jot down, “sibling” as a possibility for a past life connection.

Whoa, what an exercise.  Once I started grouping people and writing notes my intuition started to kick into high gear.  These three people feel energetically the same to me and I know of a past life with one of them so perhaps they are all similar because I’ve repeated that pattern over lifetimes and in this lifetime too.  There is a lesson there that I still need to learn.  What is it?  How can I recognize that pattern when it comes in again?  In some cases, I had already learned the lesson and that person is not in my life anymore.  Some people are not in my life but I miss them – what is that about?  Is that also a pattern of loss or separation?  How can I heal that?

The thrilling part of the exercise came into play when I started connecting the people together who are in my circle but who also have a connection to one another.  The dynamics at play here are profound.  I know through my work with a psychic that my ex-husband strangled me in a distant past life.  This I know is true.  I have 5th chakra issues and real phobias about having anyone touch my throat.  Then I realized that another friend who is in a category all alone because they are so special to me they don’t feel like any other friend and can’t be grouped with anyone else, this friend introduced me to my ex-husband. This special friend has always felt to me like they were the same vibration as I am.  Like they are part of me, literally like my left arm is part of me.  With that friend I sometimes get a hit/feeling like they are the same as my current life son – I wrote “son” next to this name as a possible past life relationship. Could I have been pregnant when I was strangled to death?  Could that be why my ex-husband tried to commit suicide when he found out I was pregnant with our son in this life?

The planning we do before we are born to right Karma from past lives, the relationships we have in this life with the souls we are connected to from long ago and the teaching and learning we are all doing together is incredible.

As I watch my children react and over-react and play off each other and their friends, I cannot help but appreciate the cosmic drama at play.  Its not for me to intervene but to observe and guide.  As parents these souls have put their trust in us to help them incarnate into this life school and hopefully graduate – at a very very old age.

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