Since I was very young, I have known in my gut that Astrology was right.   I was raised in a dogmatic religion that demonized astrology and even forbade its members from celebrating birthdays.   This knowing I had about astrology didn’t come from my parents, it came from deep inside me.  When I focus in to my core on the question, is astrology right or true, the only answer that comes back is yes.  I just feel it.  

If the moon affects the tides of the Earth and if we are made mostly of water why wouldn’t we be affected by the stars and planets in our universe?   If all of nature follows mathematical laws, if there is sacred geometry, then how can we not be affected by the whole constellation of stars that hung over our place of birth like a giant cosmic mobile?  We are not separate from the universe and world around us, we are in it and it is moving and emitting light, energy, gravity and a myriad other forces around, between and upon us.  Yes!  We are affected and yes, astrology is true.  

Now does that mean the abbreviated and generalized horoscope column in the tabloid magazine you read in line at the grocery store is true?  No, not necessarily.  It’s much more complex than that.  It takes a skilled astrologer to read a personalized birth chart that includes, place, time and day of birth. I’ve also found that reading charts developed with varying techniques (Western, Sidereal, Astrosophy) can reveal different layers of information.  

Did you know that in India, Astrology is still considered a science?  You can study Astrology at University and get your degree in it.  If only I had known that when I was going to school, it might have changed my whole focus.

Once you come to know Astrology your birthday starts to pack a certain importance beyond the usual celebration and gratitude for another year successfully lived.  It is the key to everything.  The starting point on your life’s map.  

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I knew that he would be born on the right day for him.  I didn’t want to choose that date arbitrarily, I wanted to let nature take its course.  And it did, he was born without interference from doctors or drugs.  I had to stand up to the nurses in the hospital and refuse medication, refuse to be lying on my back in a hospital bed and allow my son to be born at his right time.  

14 years later when my second child was expected I had the same intention.  She, however, was breach and at 2 am the doctors said they wouldn’t deliver her vaginally and that I needed to have an emergency c-section.  In tears, I was given medication to stop my contractions and prepped for surgery.  I could only hold on to the knowing that I had gone into labor naturally and so she would at least be born on the right day.  

One year later when baby number three was due to arrive, I again hoped for a natural delivery.  I even changed OBGYNs in order have a doctor that would support my desire to have a vaginal birth after cesarean.  This time though, I did not go into labor.  I was weeks late.  My doctors were monitoring me every other day and at one of those appointments they determined that the baby was in distress, her heartbeat had gotten irregular.  They rushed me to the hospital for another emergency cesarean.  I’ve often wondered if my daughter was born on the right day or if the doctors rushed the decision because it was Easter weekend and they didn’t want to be called in on the holiday or risk not getting paid if the on-call doctor delivered me over the holiday weekend.   These questions still arise for me from time to time but I have to remember she was born when she was.  There are no coincidences.  Circumstances put us in the doctor’s office when her heartbeat became irregular and so in some way she came when and how she did.  That is her day and it can’t be wrong!

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