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Have you ever felt compelled to hug someone?  Someone whom you barely know? It happens to me all the time.  I live in Los Angeles and we tend to be huggers.  Perhaps superficial huggers but huggers none the less.  The thing about hugging is that it creates a direct connection between the Solar Plexis (yellow chakra) of two individuals.  It is through this action we create energetic cords to one another.  These cords can be positive or they can be draining.  It depends on the people, the situation, their relationship.  More on Energy Vampires later.

Some people can see these cords.  I’ve seen them on occasion and my daughter has seen them between her and one of her friends.  Its sort of like when people can see auras – some people have that talent and some don’t.  Whether you see the cord or not – it’s there.  The cords are usually golden and they are thicker/stronger with people we connect to regularly.  Sometimes cords can become strong with people we don’t necessarily want to be connected to.  I’ve found strong cords with people who I have relationships with in this life that I also have a past life connection with.  They may only be work relationships but they can have a strong cord attachment.

I recently watched the movie The Matrix – I hadn’t seen it in years.  Such a great metaphor for this earth school we live in.  In the Matrix they talk about glitches.  I like to look for glitches in the matrix of life.  When I run into someone I know on the street or in the market – I pay attention.  With the amount of people in Los Angeles I should never run into someone I know.  I’ve even run into people I know in airports on lay overs in random places.  These are clues.  Glitches in the Matrix.  I’m either being guided to run into this person for some higher reason, or I have a cord attachment with them.  Cord attachments don’t always serve us.

Think about every family member, co-worker, friend, past acquaintance or random introduction that you may be corded with?  Every person you’ve ever hugged.  Hugging is not the only way but it is a common way.  Then imagine you can see all those cords you have with people – across the city, state, country, world.  Now add in the cords you have with past lives of your own soul and the people that your former personality maintained connections with, whoa!  What a web!

I highly recommend practicing cutting cords with people who don’t support and inspire you.  Especially with people who exhaust you.  These connections with random or even negative people can really drain your energy, not to mention creating unnecessary complications in your travel plans.  For me, sometimes a cord cutting just spontaneously happens but mostly I have to consciously wield big golden scissors in my mind and cut cords with intention.

One time I was standing in my living room looking out the large arched window of my house toward the back of my children’s school, across the street from our home.  Just then my former boss, a person who caused me much grief over the past year, drove out the back gate of the school – facing my house.  He actually had the audacity to waive at me (standing inside my house) from his car.  Keep in mind, he is the reason I quit a job that I loved.  I also later found out we had a past life connection – not a positive one.  I chose not to return the nicety.  I chose to stand there like a stone, unwavering and un-waiving.  That conscious decision to stand firm in my belief that he didn’t deserve my attention spontaneously created a very vivid picture in my mind of a giant (I mean giant) chord that I saw connected me to him, laying like an enormous golden bundle of cords across my front yard and across the street.  Before I could even process this vision a giant ax fell from the sky and severed that cord.  As his car turned and drove away I saw the cord attached to him shrivel up and retract with him down the street.  It was a powerful and motivating experience.  Soon after that I read Energy Cords by Denise Linn.  I recommend it to everyone.  She outlines a practice for cutting energetic cords that do not serve us, daily.

When someone tries to hug me or I feel compelled to hug someone I consider what we are really exchanging.  Its not just a nicety, its an exchange of energy and like spiders connecting their strands and weaving a web to and from each other.  I take note and ask myself why would I want to connect with this person or vis versa?  Is it positive? Or is it a power play?




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