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There is a barrier between the spiritual and physical worlds. I’ve found access points and doorways through the barrier at different times in my life.  Recently, I found a new doorway in the sacred geometry of the Merkaba and when I opened it – I received a blast of light through my physical body so great, I became a beacon radiating like a searchlight into the heavens..something in my being was activated!

Let me explain, just like Einstein could figure out secrets of the universe by applying mathmatical theories to find what could not be seen; so can we find the doorway into the spiritual realm. By using certain geometric shapes and patterns to create a scaffolding in our mind, we can find a bridge that can cross time and space. Math and geometry belong to another realm. In his book, Love and Math, Edward Frenkel made a point that really resonated with me. He said, “The fact that such objective and enduring knowledge exists (and moreover, no one tries to own it) is nothing short of a miracle.” It makes sense to me that math not of this realm, yet it is with us. It has one end in the physical world and yet it seems to originate from behind the veil of the spiritual world.

Using sacred geometry patterns, I have become acquainted with a passageway. I have crossed it and read of others who have too. Everyone who crosses through is deeply affected. It’s like meeting Christ in his energetic body, not physical. It’s like filling with pure energy and unconditional love all at once while experiencing a complete Chakra clearing. It’s not an experience anyone soon forgets. It’s profound. And thrilling. Some who have the experience write of it to help others understand it. Tyra and Douglas Gabriel have written about their experience on their website and in the three volume publishing of The Gospel of Sophia. Some try to share the blueprint for the geometric pattern so that others may follow. I’ve recently been turned on to the drawings and works of John Bohme who also had the experience, in the 1500s. Leonardo Divinci’s drawings of man also convey a knowing.

I’ve always been able to access knowledge from higher realms, some call it the akasha. The layer of collective wisdom that resides in and around the Universe like a layer of fog resides over the ocean. When I make an inquiry into the spiritual realm, I often find myself engaged in study. Sometimes that study involves charting and comparing astrological charts, sometimes it’s following a lead down a rabbit hole to a book of spiritual wisdom and sometimes it’s working out a complex financial projection on an excel spreadsheet. In these moments of deep concentration, inquiry into the universe and active searching – I can raise my consciousness to a frequency that aligns with the akasha and then knowing will flood in. Sometimes only for a split-second, sometimes longer. When this happens it always paints a picture for me that is greater than what my research and intellect are achieving alone. It fills in gaps in what I am reading or studying. It starts as a claircognizant knowing or a feeling in my body and when I lean in to that it forms a clairvoyant picture. Once I see it – it becomes possible. If it is future oriented, I can then follow the path pit before me and in some way manifest it. If it is past or present oriented It forms the foundation for a future oriented strategy through whatever problem I need to solve.

Several years ago, I was in the middle of an intense work situation. No amount of study or research could solve the problem. To get through it, I turned heavily toward meditation. I would get up at 4:50 each morning (no alarm, I would just wake up at that time, repeatedly) once awake, I would get up and meditate for 1 1/2 to 2 hours before going in to work. During that time I received wisdom that was a framework for many days of contemplation. What came forward for me was a picture of what I’ll call, my inner constellation. I saw my own geometric pattern. It started as a simple triangle. Flat and one dimensional. Then through consciousness I bent it into a three dimensional shape. Then bam, all of a sudden the patio lights flickered on and off outside my bedroom window and a beam of light shot through me, up and out through my crown strait out into the universe. Like I was a vessel for this shaft of light that filled my root chakra and continued up through the top of my head and out connecting me to the layer of consciousness that resides beyond the akasha. Like a light saber through my soul. The knowing that filled me in that moment was that of Christ Consciousness. In some ways it felt like a sexual experience, like a consummation of marriage with an etheric being. I thought, this must be what nuns experience when they take vows to marry the Christ. It’s powerful and it provides great clearing of the chakras. I had complete clarity afterward even though I had no way to understand or assimilate this event. The opening in my crown chakra allowed other bits of wisdom to come in. I was downloading for days after.

This event is identified by mystics as the 2nd coming of Christ or being born again. It is a light code activation. We are in the age of the 2nd coming and more and more people are having this experience of witnessing Christ in the etheric realm. It signifies a time of consciousness raising. A collective raising of our vibrational frequency which is necessary for humankind to evolve with Gaia, the earth. While there is a lot of Christ talk in my and others description of this event, I don’t think Christians are the only ones with a language for this experience. It’s just the only one I am currently familiar with. As with all universal truths, I’m sure I will find it through another cultural or religious lens as I continue my research and inquiry (although, I can already hear the Christians arguing that point with me) – I’ll keep you posted. From now on, I’m going to call it the Light Saber experience.  4/28/19 UPDATE: Today I attended a Tonglen Meditation workshop, I believe I have finally found a non-Christian language for the same contemplation that resulted in my cosmic Christ experience.  I’ll blog about Tonglen soon.  Also Earth Star Chakra Activation, as is what many have described this same experience.

One of the things I did in the days after was journal my experience, journal my dreams and continue my inquiry into the framework of the bridge. The whole experience had started with a contemplation of love, compassion and clarity, then the Merkaba.  It is our inner constellation, the geometric pattern of (wo)man and it is the bridge from our physical existence out of the cosmic egg and into a spiritual realm beyond the Akasha.

When I wrote an excerpt on how to open this door, I asked my husband to proof read it and then, bam – in a meditative state, in our jacuzzi – he had the same profound experience. This was his first awakening. Whoa – this is exciting! Now he believes all my “woo woo sh!#”. Sort of. At least he has now had a spiritual experience so that his open mindedness can justify itself to his scientific masculine intellect.

I’ll share the Light Code Activation meditation/excerpt here and on my links page for all who are interested. Please write me if you have an experience. May the force be with you!

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