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I’ve become hyper aware of Collective Consciousness this week and it’s become such a thing that I feel compelled to write about it.  I’ve brushed up against Collective Consciousness in my work to understand racism in this country and now I see it all around me.

When I was struggling to understand why a child would say something racist to another child.  I’m talking about a child from a family who is not racist – I finally conceded that racism is in the either of America and children pick it up without prompting.  Collective Consciousness.  As adults, when that happens we have the responsibility to take up the teaching moment. To bring a perspective that raises awareness and brings thoughtfulness to the situation so that the child can choose a different path, can take responsibility and participate in restorative and healing actions to anyone who was injured.

We are seeing Collective Consciousness right now in our country.   One based on fear and greed.   Some are taking up the teaching moment but it is not an easy conversation.  It is a struggle to go against the collective.  I have seen that same consciousness be taken up by an entire school administration.  They literally mirrored the current US political drama right down to excluding people they perceive to be taking from the wealthy and building an over priced wall.  When they tried to buy my silence, the name Stormy Daniels came to my mind and I ran as far away from the collective as I could.

My new gig also has a Collective Consciousness.  It’s more of a mean girls vibe.  It literally takes an active effort from me on a daily basis to not join in the catty conversations that subtly make fun of people or put them down.

I used to think the Collective Consciousness of the administration wasn’t impacting the students but I’m starting to re-think that.  Every day on my way home from my work at my children’s school I find that we have to remind each other to be kind in the car. And then we spend a lot of time unpacking the mean girl stuff that is happening amongst the children on the playground.  Coincidence?  I don’t believe in coincidences.

In Revelation, John recounts his dream.  He talks about seeing 144,000 who would rejoice and go to heaven.  That number has always intrigued me.  My latest inquiry into the meaning of this number has shown me that 144,000 is the tipping point.  The 100th monkey effect.  The point where the Collective Consciousness is affected.  Some believe John’s revelation is a prophesy.  Once 144,000 humans become enlightened, it will raise the collective consciousness on earth to a place of heaven (on earth).  Similarly in every microcosm the consciousness can be changed when enough like minds work together.  We each need to choose the high road, or as the bible says, the narrow path.  It’s not easy to always do the right thing.  But it is always the right thing to do.

Are you choosing the high road or being assimilated?  Resistance is not futile.

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