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If you are a Merperson who has incarnated as a human in this lifetime you have some qualities that are different from other people.  My mermaid name is Lucinda and this is what I know to be true for myself.  If you are a Merperson these traits may resonate with you.

Merpeople are telepathic.  Not empathic, that is different.  Telepathy is a form of communication that communicates thoughts without sound.   Empathy communicates emotion and is felt in the body.  Telepaths have it somewhat easier than empaths, in that they are able to put up a self-defensive screen that allows only thoughts to be received and not a total emotional flood in their body.   Dolphins also use telepathy but they combine it with a simple series of clicking sounds to communicate more information quickly.  Incarnated Mer-people also use audible sound as that is the way of humans.  I find that I tend to abbreviate words and sentences which completely frustrates my husband who is not himself telepathic and so he has trouble deciphering what I am communicating.  Since he doesn’t receive my telepathic picture he is only getting a portion of my communication to him.  My youngest daughter is telepathic, she and I understand each other without words.  My husband has had to learn to engage his inner dolphin in order to get us.  We’ve been together for over 20 years so I think it’s working.  At least most of the time.

Because I think in pictures I find that I am constantly receiving images in my mind that I then have to interpret into words and speak as a human.  This creates a delay in my speech.  I say, “ummm”  a lot and I pause in between thoughts frequently.  I’ve gotten better at this as I’ve gotten older but I definitely feel I am working harder to communicate through words than the average person.  For this reason I prefer written text communications which allow me to re-arrange words and thoughts on a page before sending.

The other thing to understand about Merpeople is that noise and extra words are bothersome.  There is a great amount of noise pollution that has accumulated on Earth.  Telepathic communication exists in sound (un-audible), light/color and vibration. Earth is surrounded by the dead and obsolete thoughts and visions of humans for quite a few centuries, and it is that which is cluttering up the transmission space of telepaths and other empathetically-receptive Beings.  I know this sounds strange to most humans but it is true.  For this reason MerPeople feel compelled to help humans complete their thoughts and learn to re-direct their thoughts in a healthy way.  Mer People are lightworkers who frequently feel called to the work of healing collective consciousness on the earth which is clogged up by thought debris currently.

When I was a child I would sit quietly and listen to adult conversations.  I once sat behind a rocking chair in my living room and listened to verbal conversations for an entire dinner party my parents were having.  My mother says, that is one of her strongest memories of me as a child.  Quietly observing this verbal way that people communicate.  I have a sense of my inner self as a mute and my human self is attempting to communicate through speech though it is not part of my innate nature.  Sometimes things come out wrong or I communicate too directly.  I do however, always complete my thought – even if no one is listening.

When I receive a highly charged written communication, I usually have to go back and re-read the communication in order to separate the image I received from the actual words, so that my response is to the words only.  I do usually keep the image in mind because that is the unspoken energy behind the words and it makes a big impression on me.  I use salt (salt soap in the shower, sea salt toothpaste and salt lamps), beeswax candles and palo santo essential oil to keep myself clear of negative thoughts that can land on me like a heavy weight and stay for days.  I tend to carry that weight on my neck and shoulders until I can discard it.

Telepathy also enables me to see from another’s perspective.  This can be a useful tool and create an understanding of people without a lot of verbal exchange.  This enables me to engage in small talk and be social with all different kinds of people – if I want to.

Merpeople are highly developed spiritual beings.  They come from the elemental realm and as such are incarnating into the human experience with a greater capacity for spiritual understanding.  The physical human of course evolved over time but the soul that enters at birth, may have developed up through the earthly realms or down from the spiritual realms, as in the case of incarnated Merpeople.  They have likely lived through many human incarnations as mystics or spiritual practitioners.  Most Merpeople today have had at least one past life where they were tortured or burned at the stake for their mis-understood spiritual talents.  This can manifest in many different ways in the current lifetime.  For example, I have a visceral reaction to the scent of cedarwood, my nose closes up and I just cannot tolerate the smell.  My psychic friend Laura tuned into that and told me that I had a past life as a shaman or mystic where something went wrong while burning cedarwood.  Upon hearing, I immediately received the picture in my mind of being burned at the stake.  So there’s that.  Some people may notice aversions to other things that are from past life memories stored in the cellular memory and for Merpeople it could be quit a strong unconscious memory or aversion.

The other thing to notice relates to sexual relationships.  Many Merpeople took vows of celibacy in past lives and those unconscious agreements could still have a hold over us on a soul level.  This can create a mental challenge of tug-o-war to engage in frequent and healthy sexual activities with our partners.

I’ve been told that Merpeople can come across as know-it-alls.  I believe they may actually know a lot because of their different way of perceiving the world, their old soul experience through many lifetimes and their innate understanding of the spiritual world.  Its a challenge for the Merperson to blend in.  Humility is a constant practice.  My last assistant said I had an arrogant confidence that she actually found to be quit childlike.  She was an empath who was sensing my inner Merperson.

Merpeople have a different understanding of time.  We know that time is not linear.  It moves forward and backward as well as up and down.  It is also related to light and gravity.  Time exists in abundance and when a Merperson remembers this knowing it makes life easier for them.  The sense of limited time is from the limited human perception of time.  They have the ability to do a lot in a short amount of time and magically they are able to do more in less time that other humans but this can also contribute to being chronically late.  Managing time is a lifelong challenge for Merpeople and once they truly master it – they are able to enter a space where there is no time.  All flows as it should and they can swim through life with relative ease – in their own time.  Merpeople tend to prefer the present moment.

Merpeople are like fish out of water.  They don’t truly belong to the human realm.  They are pretending to be humans.  They tend to crave a lot of alone time and quiet. They find joy from within and like spending time alone. Bonding with humans does not come naturally to Merpeople.

They are sensitive like fish whose skin is not protected by the sea would be sensitive.  I tend to always wear at least a thin layer on my arms even in summer – I get cold quit easily.  

Merpeople connect with others on the astral or etheric plane.  For centuries Merpeople have communicated with humans by raising and lowering their vibration to transcend planes of existence.  Think about all those myths that tell of human encounters with mermaids and sirens.  As incarnated humans, Merpeople are able to connect on a soul level that is extraordinary.  They connect with others on a level that some call, “soul touching.”  It doesn’t really involve any physical touch at all – it is a way of feeling in to touch the soul of another.  Because they engage with people on this very intimate soul level they can be hurt quit easily and are vulnerable to unkindness.  When they perceive rejection from someone they have opened their self up to, their disappointment can be great.  They have to be careful about over-reacting and withdrawing from the relationship completely.

Merpeople tend to seek the flow of life.  We have a way of trying to go with the flow although the humans around us don’t always flow in the way we expect.  When I can find the flow, whether with finances or commuting I tend to get to my goal quicker than others expect.   I tend to get annoyed and lose patience with others who are swimming against the flow, especially if they are in the way of my steady progress in the flow.  Merpeople tend to have different rules for living than others, they are swimming through life rather than walking and tend to stand out from the rest as different.  This can be annoying for some humans.

Merpeople sense the energy current behind actions and communications.  Sometimes I can feel or sense the energy that is propelling someone to act, re-act or behave in a certain way.  I am also starting to notice collective consciousness in a bigger way.  Sensing the energy current behind an action can be a blessing or a curse, it becomes easier to see where things are headed, where they will end up.  When things are headed toward disaster I tend to know before anyone around me.  This allows me to jump out of the situation to save myself but others are often perplexed by my switch in direction.  The more a Merperson starts to trust their instinct and act on their intuition –  even if no one else is, the farther they will go in life.   Conversely I can sometimes know that a situation will work out even though I can’t prove it and I sometimes can’t even explain in words how I know – I just sense it and see it.

My awareness of the space and situations around me comes through an extra sensory capacity for noticing all things in my peripheral view at once.  I can feel the entire room and I can expand myself out to dwell in the entire space.  In this way I can also transmute a space with my presence and change the energy of the entire room, without saying a word.  It is easier to change the energy if there are no other beings in the room who will be affected by the energetic shift on an unconscious level.  I enjoy creating space and flow for events to maximize everyone’s enjoyable experience.

Merpeople are able to over come fear.  Fear is a human experience.  Merpeople do not naturally encounter fear in their natural realm.  Incarnated Merpeople are susceptible to fear in their human incarnation but with a little effort they can overcome it more easily than most.  All fear is really a fear of death and Merpeople are not afraid of death.  They know it is just a transition from incarnation to spirit.  That is not to say that they do not experience a sense of loss when someone dies – they most certainly do and I believe maybe even more deeply that others since their emotions run as deep as the ocean.

Merpersons are particular about the quality of their water.  Merpeople can perceive the quality of water.  They know when it is dead or living.  I personally prefer Mountain Valley drinking water to any other, I have it delivered in 5 gallon glass jugs to my home.  Yes, glass.  I don’t like my water to be contaminated by plastic.  In fact I avoid most plastic at all costs as I am all to aware of the deep impact of plastic on our sea and sea creatures and I certainly don’t want any seeping into my drinking water.  I also love the research of Masaru Emoto – he has proven the idea of living water that can hold memory and messages.  I tend to infuse my water with a positive message by placing it in a glass container with an image of a heart for love or currently I have a container with a mermaid on it.

The other thing that Merpeople can do well is mimic the surface of water creating a mirror around themselves, its how we hide.  When the mirror is engaged you can only see through it when the light is just right, usually at dusk.  I occasionally find that people do not like me or react badly to me and then I realize it is the reflection of themselves they are reacting to.

And of course all Merpeople have an affinity for sea creatures.  Nothing breaks my heart more than some fish in a small tank.  Every time my son had a fish tank and the water ph would get off or the fish would be sick and the whole tank would die, I died a little inside.  I didn’t love the fish, I just couldn’t imagine why we needed to go through this process of placing them in captivity only to have them come to an untimely end.  They should be free in the sea to swim with the flow and expand throughout time.

One spiritual seeker whose work has impressed me talks of the elementals being integral to the evolution of life on earth.  Helping to shape the plant and animal kingdoms as they evolved in matter.  Merpeople were a part of that shaping of the sea creatures.  We know sea creatures and respect them – they are not a curiosity to us in the same way that they are to others.

Additional recommended reading on this topic, Tao of the Mermaids by Kitty Bishop

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