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I’m proud to mention that we’ve made the top 100 Spiritual Blogs list on Feedspot! We’re number 88.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this blog and listen to The Free to be Authentic Podcast & Youtube Channel.

This website is all about asking questions, seeking answers and leaning into the invisible and energetic side of life. I hope you feel supported to take up your own inquiry and inspired to look at the world through multiple perspectives.

I recently changed my Instagram bio to identify as a meditation junkie, abundance manufacturer, tea-aholic and enlightenment chaser. That is to say, in all my imperfection I strive to connect with the spiritual in life whenever possible. And I love that you all are connecting with my voice, right here on the web that connects us all.

Feedback is welcome – please subscribe and leave comments. Everything in life is more fun with friends.

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