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If you are a spiritual person or healer this is an especially important message.  As we each reach higher in our quest for raising consciousness, increasing our vibration and aligning with our higher selves it is important for our health and abundance that we stay grounded.  Many healers that I know spend a considerable amount of consciousness into honing their grounding practice so that they may hold space for others.

As we raise up, it is easy to become floaty and if we are not careful we can become ill.  I’ve heard of healers battling all sorts of ailments including Vertigo, dizziness and migraines as the result of their higher vibration and challenge to stay grounded.

There are really two things going on, one that most on a spiritual or healing path are raising their vibration which creates a stronger need for grounding.  The other is that its not as easy to ground as it once was.  One intuitive whose work I follow has shared that the devastation of our earth has impeded our ability to connect with her.  She has less to share with us.  Where we once could ground through our root chakra simply by communing with nature we no longer can.  We have to go deeper.

We each came into this world as energy, pure energy.  You could say we are like a hologram.  Once the energy goes out – only the shell of our body remains in the material world.  That portal or point of entry is like the base of a flashlight that when turned on broadcasts light into the world.  We’re talking about an energetic flashlight here not a physical one.  Similar though to a physcial flashlight is the source of our life force – it is a chakra,  the Earth Star Chakra.  It lies below our physical body, below our feet under the surface of the earth.  It is the Chakra through which we can access the light of God.  Our portal to the cosmos.  As we constantly strive upward we may be surprised to find this place deep within and below.

There is an Easter story that I heard once in the children’s program of a mystical Christian church.  It told of the Easter resurrection from the point of view of the stone that closed the tomb of Christ.  In the story Mother Earth can be heard to be weeping and moaning.  In the story God heard the sorrow of the earth and sent Christ to die so that his blood would seep into the ground carrying replenishment.  This idea that Christ or Christ Consciousness is in the earth – stayed with me.  The idea that consciousness can be grounded and received from below as well as from above helped me to appreciate the balance of words like, as above so below.  And the idea of Christ as not only redeemer of mankind but also saviour of the earth.

With this story fresh in my mind I also reflected on the Christian / Biblical idea of the devil being cast down to the earth and Steiner’s theory of the two devils.  One red and one green.  One ruling with fear of death and the other with greed.  I imagined Christ coming down between these two to the earth.  I reflected on the story of Christ’s temptation to greed while in human form walking upon the earth and then this Easter story of how Christ went deeper – through his own death and blood seeping into the the earth.  All of these stories are metaphors I believe.  And once, contemplated as a metaphor I saw the picture and understood it.  We must reach higher for the lofty and at the same time seep deeper into the earth to stay connected to our source through our earthstar chakra.  To reach deeper it is imperative that we bypass the surface dwellers of fear and greed that plague mankind so that we can replensh the earth and achieve the balance needed to access our own source from deep within.

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