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A lot has been said and written about twin flames. I’ve had friends tell me they believe they’ve met their twin flame when I can see that it’s really a toxic relationship. I think for many the idea of a twin flame is either an illusive dream or a mis-categorized past life connection.

Past life connections can feel very strong and there can be a huge amount of sexual attraction. In fact I think anytime there is immediate sexual attraction it denotes a past life connection. The thing about past life relationships is you may come together in this lifetime for many different reasons and not all of them are for a lasting love partnership. Some of them are fleeting – to right a karmic debt or to break an old repeating pattern. The break up can be devastating especially if one is not ready to learn the karmic lesson or break the old pattern.

Lasting love relationships can happen with past life connections and with persons/souls who are new to your circle – on a soul reincarnation level.

Twin Flames are more than that. They are two incarnations of the same soul. They know each other deeply – because they are of the same higher self. They have spiritually evolved over many lifetimes and are at the same level of soul evolution.

When we die in one life we come back in the next life at the same spiritual evolution level where we left off. This is why some wise ones recognize babies as “old souls”. They exude a spiritual wisdom of a much older being.

Twin flames are beings who are at the same level of spiritual evolution on a soul level. Like two peas in a pod. I like to think they are also good cosmic travel buddies – always incarnating together in close proximity from a time and space perspective. I believe there could also be reasons for one twin to skip an incarnation to help the other in some way from the other side. Not everyone has a twin flame incarnated now. Whether they are incarnate or not – the twins are close to each other. They are separate incarnations of the same soul. Connected in a higher dimension.

Meeting your twin can be a profound and even overwhelming experience. Especially if you are an intuitive person. The intuitive knowing of the other person upon meeting can be magnetic and at the same time confusing. Twins are like magnets in a way. Unless they are both facing the right direction they will repel from one another. They also see themselves in the other and may see the parts they do not like along with the parts they love.

Twin flames can never destroy the other. A certain cosmic respect exists between them. When living in the illusion of separation they still will not cross certain boundaries with one another. Always looking out for the other in a way. Maybe unconsciously. If the police are being called for a domestic violence situation – those two people are not twin flames.

If you’ve ever met your twin flame you’ve experienced a love connection that raises the bar so high – no other person can live up to it. It’s an unconditional love. This is problematic since the Tao or lesson of the Twin Flame is through separation. One almost always does not return the romantic love interest. One almost always becomes a runner from the romantic relationship. It can cause years of heartache until the lesson of the twin flames is learned. The runner may not want to pursue a romantic relationship – they feel the unconditional love but a romantic relationship may not feel right and in some ways it may limit the bigger potential of each one.

The lesson of the twin flame is that there is no separation. Once you break free from the illusion – you gain a new perspective that soothes the feelings of separation and heartbreak. You realize you have always, are always and will always be together. In fact you’ve never been apart. Even if you never exchange words again in this lifetime.

I’ve heard that twins sometimes re-unite later in life. While that is a beautiful hope or wish that some may carry. At the time of this writing, I actually don’t know that it’s true. The return happens on a consciousness level not a physical one. Once you realize that you were never separated the illusion of separation leaves and the physical longing subsides.

I know that my twin flame and I are forever connected. We sometimes go years without speaking to one another but as I evolve spiritually I see the impact on his life and I find he is the grounding and anchor energetically for the work that I am called to do. We are in a symbiotic cosmic relationship that is outside of physical “reality”.

Sometimes I share a dance with him in my minds eye or joyful embrace. We are close and we don’t need to be in the same physical space to be together.

One day when we are both 111 years old, I hope we end up next to each other on the same porch of a nursing home watching the sunset from our matching rocking chairs – his slightly more stylish than mine. Whether it happens in physical reality or just in my minds eye – that is how I see us together in this lifetime.

My current husband and my twin flame’s current wife are wonderful people. I think they know we have this cosmic connection and neither is jealous. We both have happy marriages with spouses who love us deeply. That’s how it should be. Full of respect and acknowledgement of the bigger picture each relationship holds from a spiritual and karmic perspective. I couldn’t be where I am today without my husband and that in no way diminishes the relationship I have with my cosmic twin flame.

Twins have a higher purpose. That purpose could be activated in this lifetime or it could not. I know for sure though that no one can achieve their higher purpose either alone or together if they aren’t doing the self work needed to raise their own consciousness to its highest potential.

For anyone out there pinning over their twin flame – if it really is your twin. Stop pinning and get to work – on yourself. The pain only stops when you transcend the illusion of separation.


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