I’m writing a book about when I was Helen. Ever since I became aware that I was murdered in a past life and then learned that there was a historical record of that past incarnation – I’ve been obsessed with everything about her. I’ve read the historical accounts of her life and infamy. I’ve read her personal letters that were printed in the first tabloids of the 19th century and I’ve also read the court documents and police reports surrounding her murder and subsequent trial. Intuitively, I know that the person charged,tried and eventually acquitted of her infamous murder is innocent. Which has left me to wonder – who really did it?

It was the unsolved crime of the century and the only one who was there when it happened was me. Well me, 200 years ago in a past incarnation. I was thinking that I need to solve this murder before I write the book. After all, my higher self holds the information – I should be able to access it.

I had asked my psychic if she could tell – she gave me clues but no name. She said he was prominent. Maybe a politician. I asked my husband who is also psychic if he could share any messages from my cellular memory – which he some times gets by touching my skin. He confirmed some of my own intuitive knowing. That it was someone prominent – not the young man accused. He said, his motive for killing Helen was that she had said or someone said, she was pregnant with his child which completely freaked him out and would have ruined his life – since Helen was a prostitute.

In Helens letters to her love who would later be falsely accused of her murder- she bragged about this client she was seeing. She said it was someone he respected. I need to go back to those letters and confirm but I believe she had used his initials in her correspondence.

So I’ve been working on my own psychic gifts to try to solve my own murder. I asked the Universe, my spirit guides and anyone from the unseen spiritual world who could help me to provide the answer. This is what many of my readers might call a prayer.

Yesterday my prayer was answered. I was packing in the morning for an upcoming business trip to Maine. Maine is where Helen was born and raised. (She was murdered in New York.) I was ruminating on how crazy it is that this girl from Los Angeles has been summoned to Maine for business not once but three times. The last time was 21 years ago. I had to go to Maine for underwriter training at the home office of a company where I had landed an important job. I went for two weeks, came back to LA for two weeks and then returned for a 2nd two week stay. So it was two trips in a 6 week window. Four very memorable weeks. I now realize that a lot of the kismet that I experienced on those back-to-back trips 21 years ago, was because my soul had spent a lot of time there in my past incarnation. That trip was loaded with experiences that I’ll never forget. One of the biggest memories I have from that trip is meeting a young man, my age, who worked for the same company I did – but was sent up to training from the Florida office. He was in a wheel chair, paralyzed from the waist down. He and I had an immediate connection. One of those connections that I now recognize to be a past life connection.

Since learning about Helen and wondering about who killed Helen – I’ve come to realize that my wheel chair bound friend – is the reincarnation of the man who murdered me in 1836. The universe put us together in a way so that my higher self would know that karma had come around. He stabbed me in the back murdering me in my past life which has caused scoliosis and severe back pain for me in this lifetime. And he, in college, was in a car accident that has paralyzed him from a spinal chord injury in this lifetime. What comes around goes around. At the time that I met him – I liked him very much and we kept in touch for years after returning back to our home states. In fact we are still friends on Facebook. Life happens, karma happens- our souls don’t hold grudges.

This all leads me to what has been a question for me for the last few months. I know who he is in this lifetime but who was he in that lifetime? Who was Helens real killer? I know from esoteric wisdom that people are born on the date they died in their past life. I was born on April 10th, Helen died on April 10th. So I looked up this old friends birthday (July 31st) to see if anyone surrounding the controversy back in 1836 died on that day. No one fit the criteria. I checked the falsely accused who stood trial and was acquitted – Richard. His date of death was August 8th. I psychically knew it wasn’t him and the death/birthdates confirmed it.

So who was it?

Yesterday after packing for my upcoming trip to Maine and wondering why the Universe was sending me back there again now – while I was driving home from dinner I remembered that on that trip 21 years ago, Clinton’s impeachment trial was going on. I remembered that our whole training class gathered around in the hotel bar to watch Barbara Walters interview Monica Lewinsky. That’s weird I thought – my meeting next week is on the day the Trump Impeachment trial will begin. And this client meeting was supposed to happen in December but got pushed out to January 21st. The very day the current impeachment trial will now begin.

Oh! That’s not a coincidence. That’s a message. Three presidents have been impeached. Who was the first? Was he alive when Helen was alive? I raced home and googled him, Andrew Johnson. He was born in 1808. Helen was born in 1813. He didn’t become president until long after Helen had died but I wondered if he could have been a prominent or up and coming political figure who, just maybe frequented a certain brothel in the business district of New York in 1836. Yes – he was elected as a representative of the Tennessee legislature. And New York, being the hub of politics at that time would have certainly been a place he would have come to many times. Oh there’s more, he owned a very successful Tailor shop in Tennessee and a very well made cloak was found at the murder scene, I remembered. As I scrambled to google his date of death – I found it was July 31st. That’s when my head exploded.

Helen Jewett was murdered by Andrew Johnson. And the madam of the house -Rosina (now incarnated as someone I’ve had the ill pleasure of knowing) covered it over and framed Richard Robinson.

Whoa – still letting that sink in. Andrew Johnson. Mind blown again.

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