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Many of my friends are praying to stop the Corona Virus (Covid – 19). 

As with all things in life, I’ve learned not to panic, to be an observer – especially when it comes to acts of God like earthquakes, tsunamis and now pandemics.  I’ve noticed that with tragedy usually arises a counterweight of resilience or strength.  When Thailand experienced a horrific tsunami a few years ago – there was a worldwide outpouring of compassion.   It was an outcome that arose from the suffering and loss of many but that benefited the whole world.  One psychic and pre-life planning expert has suggested that the souls of the tsunami victims planned before their birth or through their meetings with other souls in the sleep life – to participate in this catastrophic event in order to benefit humanity.   Although they likely were unconscious of their willing participation in their waking life.  Their loved ones may have also agreed to suffer the loss.

I was at the Conscious Life Expo last month where I sat in on a talk by a panel of astrologers including some that I highly respect and follow.  These astrologers mentioned the Corona Virus – still early in the outbreak, they noted that the virus had come while the Corona Australis constellation was passing over Wuhan China.  An interesting coincidence of nomenclature.  Another added that Wuhan was the first city to fully implement 5G, with many other cities around the globe following.  Another coincidence.  They also mentioned that there was an astrological aspect  that was occurring when the virus started (unfortunately my notes have been lost so I don’t remember which one) and that aspect isn’t going to finish its influence until this fall.  The astrologers suggested we won’t see the end of the Convid-19 pandemic until then.

Intuitively I don’t feel that praying will stop this virus although I do believe in the power of prayer and I don’t want to upset or deter anyone who feels strongly that this is their superpower to affect the current situation.  The blood of the lamb on the first Passover comes to mind.  Perhaps those in prayer will protect certain households or their own from the angel of death.  Esoteric wisdom suggests that the blood of the lamb is symbolic of our transformation or transmutation beyond ego to free us from the slavery of the ego and cause of sins, aka karma.

I do believe that this virus is here for a reason and I don’t believe in coincidences.  I believe that some souls are suffering for a reason and that some will die which may provoke fear in the rest.  I have no idea what the reason is and I don’t know that it’s a good reason.  I do know that it is our lot in life as humans to overcome fear and strengthen our capacity for compassion.  Here’s our chance.

Several spiritual reasons for a pandemic have crossed my mind:

  • It could just be a natural consequence to sloppy science as some have suggested this virus may be manmade and released from a lab by accident. 
  • It could be a natural consequence for human exploitation of animals. 
  • Or it could be a catalyst for world cooperation – much needed.
  • It could also create a break in the global chain and lead communities back to locally produced products which would have a beneficial effect for the planet.  In fact, Steiner said that the global economy is a bubble – that once all the third world countries are evened out with first world countries there will be no financial benefit to import and export from across the globe and that in the future the world will return to a local economy.  Perhaps a pandemic is just the spur to turn the global economy beast around. 
  • It could be a thinning out of an overcrowded planet and an opportunity for those affected to wipe out any Karma that they had – this doesn’t mean that those who die had particularly bad Karma.  Just that we all have some bad Karma and just as Christ (who had no bad Karma aka perfect) died once upon a time to wipe out the Karma of humanity at that time, some souls now are seeking the same opportunity.  Steiner indicated that diseases were very beneficial in helping souls to earn good Karma by overcoming the suffering of the illness. 
  • That leads me to another reason that this could be happening, Steiner said that diseases exist for a reason.  They are a wonderful vehicle for souls to overcome bad Karma.  When diseases are wiped out, esoteric wisdom indicates that new diseases will arise to take their place.  With the advent of vaccinations and anti-biotics we’ve seen many common diseases removed from the world scene.  Just as people die and are reincarnated.  Diseases too need to find new ways to incarnate and interact with humans – it’s part of the human experience in the earth school.  I’m actually a believer in some Western medicine – I believe that vaccines and anti-biotics have their place but I also recognize that the greed of drug manufacturers may be overwhelming the natural balance of human ingenuity in medical breakthroughs and the natural laws of cause and effect. 
  • Lastly, this could be a repete lesson from the early Hebrews. A means for the ultimate separation of mankind from slavery to the ego through sickness, suffering and death. May we all transform ourselves from slavery to our ego and allow death to pass us over having done our self work, choosing love over fear and compassion over greed. Protected by the metaphorical blood (life) of the lamb (meek).

It may be a long time before we have the hindsight to understand what this pandemic has brought or might teach humanity.  In the meantime, use the opportunity to battle fear when it arises, stay in gratitude, free yourself of ego and be prepared to fight this virus with a healthy immune system and available resources so that you may immerge protected and with strength and good Karma for the work. 

I’ve stockpiled our pantry in case of quarantine and beefed up our supply of herbal tea and holistic remedies for our family.  Check my Instagram for a list recommended holistic remedies.  I hope that we are able to avoid hospitals, ventilators and death.  I know that if we are impacted its all part of a bigger perhaps obscure picture, although painful – it will be just one experience of our soul on a long journey through many lifetimes.   

Stay curious, be observant, reserve judgement and know that you are being called to meet the challenge, to resist fear, to let go of ego and be prepared to help others.  Stay free even in your confinement or isolation. Meditate. We will survive, if not physically – in spirit.  Our souls never die.  Be well.

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