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I’m sharing this because it was brought to my attention this week that my practical application of esoteric wisdom could be helpful to others. I was talking to Astrosopher, Brian Gray (amazing human being – you should check out his Youtube videos). I said, “I myself never, if I can help it schedule meetings on Wednesday. Unless of course, Mercury is retrograde – then I’m good to go.” Being familiar with the energy of Wednesdays and my birth chart – that made perfect sense to him. Then later in the week, I was networking with an acquaintance on Thursday and she asked, how do you get so much done? Now I never feel like I’m getting everything done but truthfully, I do maximize the energy of the day to make the most of my effort.

You see each day of the week is named after a particular cosmic energy and for good reason.

Monday is Moon-day.

Tuesday comes from the Nordic god Tyr one of many cultural myths of the god of War a.k.a. Mars. In Latin, Tuesday is called Martis dies which means Mar’s day.

Wednesday form the Germanic god Woden, Woden’s Day. Woden or Odin is the equivalent of the Roman god Mercury. Wednesday in Latin is dies Mercuri or Day of Mercury

Thursday is Thor’s Day associated in Latin with Jupiter.

Friday is ruled by Venus and named after Frigga the goddess of love

Saturday is Saturn.

Sunday is the Sun

So you see each day of the week carries the influence of their corresponding ruling planet which is reflected in the name of the day. On these days the planet governing the day is exerting a strong influence over activities. Its like the planets are friends, team mates working together – each has their strength and their turn to showcase it.

In my experience, Saturday – governed by the task master planet Saturn (think strict parent), is a day to get things done. Catch up on laundry, tidy the house. Do the grocery shopping maybe or open the mail and pay bills. Run errands. All the things that you put off during the week because you were too busy with work or life. Do your chores and then you may reward yourself by going out, seeing friends or some other entertainment. The Ball in the Cinderella story was definitely on a Saturday.

Sunday is the day for reverence. Ruled by the sun which is associated with light and life. With God and Christ in some traditions. This is the day to be observant and contemplative. Church services are frequently on Sundays. It’s called the day of rest or meditation. The Sabbath in some traditions. I don’t try to fill this day with many other things. I keep it light and uplifting. I fill my self up with things that inspire me. I like to have family dinners on Sunday.

Monday is moody. Its ruled by the moon. It tends to carry over the mood of the weekend. If the weekend was chaotic, Monday will be too. If the weekend was calm, Monday will be too. For empaths, Monday can be overwhelming – even emotional. Tiring or tired from the weekend. I usually try to take Monday off to do whatever I feel I need to do. I don’t like to schedule work for Monday. I never know where my mood will take me. If I need to work, I do it from home in solitude with a cup of Chamomile tea. And never ever watch a Hallmark movie on a Monday – unless you’re really in a deep depression and need to wallow in a good cry. I just don’t have time for that kind of emotional drama – I avoid it. I also don’t schedule extra activities for the kids on Mondays – kids can be especially sensitive to energy and moods. I give them lots of down time on Mondays. We don’t go out to eat, we go to bed early. Sleep is a great Monday activity.

Tuesday is the day to go to war. Fight the good fight. Get stuff done. Make the phone calls, get through that stack of work on your desk. Catch up and maybe even get ahead. No time for lunch on Tuesday – too much to get done. I like to open mail on Tuesdays. The day tends to fly by but if used wisely a lot of clutter and piles of work can be tackled.

Wednesday is the day ruled by Mercury which rules communication including electronic communication. It should be a good day to talk, write, buy a new cell phone. A day for productive meetings and communications of all kinds. I’ll get back to this in a minute because it tends not to be for me. But I know organizations who purposely schedule staff meetings on Wednesdays because it is usually a very good day for communications of all types.

Thursday is a wonderful day. Jupiter is the planet of expansiveness, good fortune, good luck even. Jupiter expands everything for our benefit. Think of Thursday as a day for abundance and use it wisely. I like to have business lunches on Thursday, networking meetings. Send out invoices on Thursday or follow up on money making opportunities. I try to be careful about shopping on Thursday – I can spend too much. I love to go out to dinner with my family on Thursday night – its extremely fulfilling and with only one more workday in the week it makes the weekend feel like it starts on Thursday night – expands my perception of weekend.

Friday is just beautiful. Who doesn’t love Friday in all it’s Venus influence. Leave work early and buy something pretty. Pick up some flowers for the house. Light a candle at dinner, go see a best picture film. Fridays are also great for any kind of beauty treatment. Get your hair did, get a mani pedi – look great. No one gets mad on Friday – everyone is under the influence of love. When I had a housekeeper, I loved having her come on Fridays so I could come home from work with a bunch of flowers to a clean house, light some candles and enjoy a beautiful evening at home or change clothes and go out to a busy metro area and peer in galleries or window shop on the way to dinner or a movie. Even a neighborhood walk after dinner at home on a Friday is gorgeous. In the summer we light candles and eat outside or read in bed before sleep. I like to write or do creative tasks on Fridays. Sunset and dusk on a Friday evening – lovely.

Then around a we go again. There are colors associated with each of these planets and Rudolf Steiner indicated that certain colors could help balance the energy of each planet.

Sunday – white – this is my day to wear white linen to church or white shoes on Easter.

Monday – purple / a royal color associated with the crown chakra. Be royal – stay home.

Tuesday – rose red – helpful to stay grounded in the root chakra

Wednesday – yellow – solar plexis

Thursday – orange – sacral chakra, the expansive Buddha belly

Friday – green – love/ heart chakra

Saturday – blue – this is my day to wear blue jeans.

So in my birth chart Brian noticed that I have a very negative aspect by Mercury toward Jupiter in one area of my chart. He noted that this would be a challenge for me and I agreed that it is. He even described how it would affect my life – exactly how I experience it. He nailed it. That’s when I explained that I notice it more on Wednesdays when Mercury is exerting a stronger influence. On Wednesday my words come across stronger or sharper than I intend and people react to me in ways I didn’t expect. Because of this I don’t take meetings on Wednesdays anymore. Unless Mercury is retrograde because I notice the influence is weaker and I don’t have the same issue. Mercury is also retrograde in my birth chart so its more aligned with my natural state of being in retrograde.

Its funny that I’ve always hated the color yellow and I think that may be associated with my Mercury challenge. I’ve learned to embrace yellow and I try to wear yellow on Wednesdays now to temper the Mercury influence. I also ran my birth chart according to locational astrology (change the birth location to an alternate address) to see how my planets and aspects might change if I lived in a different part of the world. Wouldn’t you know it – the one place on the planet where the difficult Mercury aspect goes away in my chart is in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Maybe that is why I feel so comfortable and at ease on Maui.

So if you notice that on a particular day of the week you seem to have a similar or predictable experience, try balancing the energy of that day with color. Or notice if the energy shifts during a planetary retrograde. I read Susan Miller’s monthly forecasts regularly to keep up with what’s happening in the cosmos. She writes the best horoscopes. Shift your schedule to work with the energy of the planets rather than against it. Don’t try to clean your house on Sunday unless you can turn it into a working contemplation/meditation. Don’t try to take a day off from work to relax on a Tuesday. Don’t schedule a complicated conversation with a moody or challenging client on a Monday, especially after a crazy weekend or a full moon. Full moons amplify moods.

Go with the flow. Network and talk to clients on Thursdays. Leave work early, get your hair done and go out on a date on Friday. Get your housework done on Saturday before you play. You get it – harness the energy of those planets and you’ll accomplish a lot more. Surf the wave, don’t try to swim against the current.

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