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In 2020 Pluto and Jupiter planned to meet in the sky for their every 13 year play date. This year though- being a numerology year of 4 (foundations and groundedness) was different. This year Pluto, ruler of huge financial matters, masses of people and apparently also viruses – decided that there was a problem with the status quo and threw out a radical idea to his friend Jupiter. Let’s try something different like that time in 1918. Lets upend this mess and make it worse to see if that makes it better. Jupiter, one of those gregarious and very generous friends who multiples everything and makes it bigger – agreed and together they went to work.

I remember a play date once when I was a child of about 8 or 9, my cousins (4 sisters) were staying at our house. A friend of our family with her 3 younger girls who were close to our age were also visiting. And then there was the family of 5 brothers from our congregation who lived next door and came over to play. We were told to clean up the playhouse where we had all spent countless hours playing in our back yard. As I looked out the window of the playhouse I saw a kiddy pool we had left full of mud on the patio and a glorious idea came over me – let’s clean the play house walls with dirty water – it might actually work better than clean water. Like that time we cleaned the flatware with sand when we were camping. Somehow I convinced everyone to get on board with this genius plan and before my mom could stop us we had a mud brigade and many hands scrubbing down the white playhouse with muddy water. It was great fun but the end result was disappointing. It didn’t work. And that my friends is a lesson I have carried with me my whole life. The rest of my childhood was played in a playhouse with mud stained walls. I didn’t mind really though but it was never as grand again as it once had been.

When I think of what is going on around us from the eye of this pandemic storm – I appreciate the impulse of Pluto and Jupiter to shake things up, to try a different approach. To overturn the money tables in the temple.

Had the playhouse not been dirty, had the kiddy pool not been left idle and full of mud for days within our sight, had the parents given more clear instructions or even paid attention before our plot could be carried out – those playhouse walls might still be white.

But it played out as it did and really there was no stopping us once we had the idea. The radical new approach took on a life of its own. We all became a collective hive working together to spread the mud. And so it was.

At some point my mother did come out and see what we had done. In her own way she said, “hell no!” And we were sent to clean up for dinner while she washed out the playhouse with the garden hose as best she could.

I expect this play date between Pluto and Jupiter is approaching its peak. Soon Saturn will scold them both and send them off for a retrograde nap. Maybe not before fiery Aries gets into the mix this month – but soon it will be time to go in for summer and the mess will be washed away as best as possible. Though the reminders will always be with us – life and play will go on and the experience will not be forgotten.

Those planets involved will feel some remorse, just as I always did for staining the walls of our playhouse. They will offer some apology, a silver lining. A lesson learned. A half promise not to do it again.

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