There is a place where people with wealth attune their energy, it’s a higher vibration than where most of us feel comfortable.

That may sound counter intuitive to many readers here. Many people carry the belief that people with wealth are greedy and therefore can’t be attuned with a higher vibration.

When someone who is used to a more comfortable vibration receives wealth they can become un-grounded, uncomfortable and eventually they lose that signal, spend the money and come back down to their comfort zone. I remember getting my first real car. One that I had to finance at a dealership. It was a much nicer brand than I ever imagined I could afford. When I left the dealership I was thrilled but by the next morning I felt sick to my stomachs about the purchase. It took me a little time to realize what I was feeling – I had a feeling that I didn’t deserve it. That was the first time I had to wrestle with a block, a deep rooted belief that was keeping me from abundance. I had to sit with the uncomfortable feeling for a good long while until it became comfortable. It is an acquired taste for anyone not raised with wealth.

If we want to reach for for the signal of abundance we have to be aware of and keep our distance from the beliefs that attune us to lack.

With the Corona virus pandemic I am noticing a huge swell of lack and scarcity stories surfacing all around me. Lack of protective equipment, lack of respirators. Lack of Clorox. Lack of toilet paper. Lack of comfort foods – like bread.

If we feel into the lack energy we bring ourselves down from abundance. We lose the higher vibration of wealth. We feed the pain body of our soul, we crave bread and we lose sight of the abundance energy high above.

Lack and abundance both exist in our space. I like to think of it as one is above us like a rainbow and one is below us like quick sand. Yes, there is a lack space. But there is also an abundance space. Those who tune into one over the other will have an experience of this pandemic, very different than the ones who choose the opposite.

If the higher vibration of wealth is an uncomfortable place to attune to in the first place – even more so now we must guard against lack. It’s hard to be aware and not get caught in the sad and frightening stories of people experiencing lack around the world.

Find the abundance. There are lots of abundance stories too. Shut out the lack stories. I am finding that many of the lack stories serve no purpose. Like if it gets worse – we might run out of respirators in some locations… that isn’t helpful information for most of us. Then I see a response with abundance – manufacturers making new respirators by the thousands, companies sharing their proprietary plans with competitors freely – there is the abundance. That is where we should attune. Not with the lack.

This pandemic is testing our fear of death ( all fear is fear of death). Once you can give that up – you are fearless. It’s also testing our ability to tune into abundance – notice which stories are really about lack and realize they are all part of the one same story. Don’t give it more attention that it requires. Actively seek out stories of abundance. Know that you will not be caught in quick sand – reach for the rainbow. Energetically and financially. Seek safety nets, actively manage your accounts, ask people for what you need – abundance is available to you. Sharing is aligned with abundance. Hoarding is aligned with lack. And I’m not saying being well stocked is hoarding – it’s not. Being well stocked is abundance. Hoarding is a very different thing – they make TV shows about that and it resembles quicksand filling up a persons space.

Even the stories about the stay in orders lasting 18 months are stories of lack. We are all agreeing to help flatten the curve for a few weeks maybe even two months. We are not agreeing to stay home indefinitely – just until the hospitals and doctors can meet the current crisis sufficiently. Disease is part of the human experience. Overcoming disease is part of our evolutionary and genetic strength.

I heard an explanation of anxiety recently that really resonated with me. It’s an imbalance between resilience and stress. We are all under a huge amount of stress right now and so anxiety is rampant. We have to find ways increase our resilience and reduce our stress if we are to stay out of anxiety. Fear of death and alignment with lack undermine our resilience and increase our stress. Create healthy boundaries. Notice when fear and lack are in the room and decide not to make decisions, not to react from either of those perspectives. Love and abundance have not been quarantined. They are out there – you just have to look harder right now because there is a shit storm of fear and lack pounding down on us right now and clouding our view. The sun will rise again.


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