Sit with legs crossed and spine strait. (This position is optimal but not required)

Center yourself with some breaths. Relaxing shoulders and letting go of any tension.

Rest your hands on your knees palms up.

Now imagine that in your left hand on the side of your body where your heart resides is love for others – an agape or friendship kind of love.

Hold a mental image of a heart on your left hand, know that you have the capacity to love. 

In your right hand is compassion. The kind of conditional love that comes when you have empathy for others. The kind of compassion that breeds generosity.

Hold a mental image of a bowl or cupped hands in a giving gesture as a symbol of compassion there in your right hand. Know that you have the capacity for compassion.

Contemplate which is stronger within you.

The ability to love others or the ability to have compassion?

Take a few minutes to contemplate which capacity is stronger within you but know that you have the capacity for both. One lays dormant while the other is active.

Re-awaken both capacities. Allow your mind to know that your dormant capacity is within you.

Shift your attention to the ground beneth your body. Imagine you are rooted like a tree. Contemplate the energy of the sun coming down to the earth and the seeds burried within sprouting and reaching back up through your body.

Bring your two hands together at the level of your waste.

When your hands come to gether – both capacity for friendship and compassion keep them at your base where you are connected to the life force of the earth.

Now bring your hands together up through your center in the prayer hand position.  Notice that your elbows are down, relax your shoulders.

Fold your hands into a heart shape – imagine you have unconditional love now in your heart space, filled with light of the sun and germination from the earth bring both sides of unconditonal love together – both agape/friendship and compassion. Feel your heart space radiating.

Sense the crown on your head. The place where clarity resides.

Don’t allow any fear or lack to enter your consciousness. If these come in strongly you’ll need to renew your awareness of the capacity for love and compassion within your self.

Notice that you feel no fear or greed, also notice in this position your relationship to peace and clarity. 

Now as you bring your hands back down to your sides resuming the triangle position keep your palms faced up as a symbol of healing and feel your heart space continuing to radiate as unconditional-love (both love and compassion reside there together).

Tackle any thoughts of fear with gratitude for that which you fear.

Tackle any thoughts of lack with forgiveness for those who you percieve withhold or take from you. Maybe even employ radical forgiveness if strong feelings of anger are present.

Repeat this contemplation every day and take it into your sleep life. It may take a few days to seep in.  Keep contemplating – you’ll know when you’ve got it – it will hit you like lightening.


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