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First, I knew some practical wisdom would help. Quinine would help those who get sick recover- not the Synthetic Malaria drug but natural quinine derived from white grapefruit. I also intuitively knew that high dose vitamin C and Zinc would help – I had my family begin a daily regimen in February to make sure our bodies had a good amount in our systems through this season of Covid-19 and my reading of medical recommendations and how the virus affects the oxygenation of blood have confirmed that those are good holistic treatment and wellness approaches for this virus. Practical remedies that are widely available.

All indications are that this virus is not like a typical flu. That’s either because no one has immunity or it’s- actually worse. Early on some scientists said they thought it could have been man made because it was so perfectly terrible. That idea has since been debunked and regardless – the point made is that this virus is worse than other flu viruses. Even with extreme social distancing measures as many people have died in a two month period as die from seasonal flu in a year. I’ve come to the conclusion – it’s actually worse.

Fortunately, despite traveling from Los Angeles to Maui twice in February and early March – no one in our family has been exposed to the virus. We took the antibody test hoping that we had and that we might be beyond it – but the test indicated we hadn’t even been exposed.

Today I’m reading that the common underlying symptoms for the severest cases are high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. This is important – it gives us a peek into the underlying issues. As I started to look into the spiritual, underlying reasons for each of these co-morbidities in an effort to understand what this virus is realy all about, I learned something curious. Each of these underlying conditions is rooted spiritually in hopelessness, expecting the worst, fear of things going bad. Distress about how bad things are. Obesity specifically is also about covering up secrets. Denial in a way.

Well that makes sense to me. If you are experiencing a pandemic – it’s a hyper state of distress. It takes everything I have to be positive, to know my family and I are safe and to spread that sense of well being to my friends, family and acquaintances. For anyone already so mired in a state of hopelessness and despair that they are experiencing chronic illness related to that state – then a pandemic is the tipping point really. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. The worst happens.

I believe there is a spiritual component underlying all illness. It’s either karma, past life experience, or an unhealthy belief pattern that manifests as a physical symptom. Those illnesses are real and require treatment but they will be chronic or re-occur if the underlying spiritual reason is not also treated and resolved. And yes, I also believe in germs and viruses although I don’t believe they are harmful unless we are susceptible. In most cases when we get ill – we recover and become stronger. But in the case of Covid-19 and perhaps a few other virulent diseases before – we have to be in a fairly healthy state to not be susceptible. We also have to be without fear and full of hope.

A picture of a knight in shining armor going into battle is filling my minds eye. Any gaps in the armor, any weakness or fear will become the advantage of the enemy. Knowing your own strength and readiness to stand up and hold your ground against this virus should determine whether you take the lead on the battle field or stay back in the bunker a little longer. Are you a warrior on the front lines or the cook who supports from a safe distance? Know yourself. Eradicate all fear, let go of distress, know that there is hope. Question those capacities within yourself – if you suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure or if you are obese – you have a lot of self work to do before you can face this virus. The military rejects those who are not in good health and for good reason. You won’t be a strong soldier capable of winning battles if you have a weakness. If you have your own demons to battle first.

On the other hand, if you are aware that your thoughts create your reality, that you have conquered fear. That you are a beacon of light. That you are ready with all the natural remedies as your energetic sword and have a strong and shinning suit of armor – then venture out when the time is right and know that you will be victorious.

Take stock of your underlying beliefs. Check your health. If you have health issues you have work. Stay home and do your work. Read a self help book. Stop looking outside yourself for answers and go within. Do not cling to denial as a strategy for heading into battle.

Wherever you find yourself on the battle field – practice being present. Don’t check out. Don’t binge on video games, don’t over eat, don’t drink to excess. Make a list and check it off. Meditate. Catch up on sleep, reading, self care. Try yoga. Organize your life, your pantry, your photos. Set up your home office. Take an online class. Call your neighbors and family – spread hope. Look for the new places where commodities and resources can be found. A doctor I met when getting our Covid-19 anti-body test (yes those are available if you look for them) told me he couldn’t buy any vitamin C or Zinc and that he really wanted it because he is exposed as a medical worker everyday. I said they have it on Amazon – you just have to check the alternate sellers. He hadn’t really looked into that – he just knew his usual grocery store was out. He had a story of lack and he was sticking to it. I’m worried about him. That’s not the way to win.

Winning means not just looking out for ourselves but the whole infantry. Battle is a team sport if you will. A friend of ours got pneumonia. We quickly made a pot of chicken soup and delivered it along with kombucha, a bottle of C, a bottle of zinc, and a jar of homemade quinine tonic. She recovered and repaid the favor with a bag of oranges and a pot of split pea soup. I brought flowers, eggs and TP to our elderly neighbor. My sister is delivering groceries to my elderly mother and sewing masks. We scored a Costco size package of TP in March and divided it up with our friends who were out. This is how we spread hope to the hopeless. We won’t win if our friends and neighbors die. We will suffer those losses.

Help your friends and neighbors to stay safe while they work on overcoming their fear and dread. Denial is what I see many clinging to. And this is not the way forward. Going into battle un-prepared because we don’t believe the enemy will show up or be capable of violence is not the way to win a battle. Strong and confident, fearless – is very different than denial.

Shamming is also not a winning strategy, have compassion for those in denial, for those who are caught unprepared. I was watching a National Geographic special for Earth Day about the work of Jane Goodall, a highlight for me was how she worked with the oil industry on conservation efforts. Many thought she was engaging the enemy. She saw it as the only way to make progress. How she worked with the NIH to help them realize that their treatment of the chimpanzees kept for medical research was un-ethical by connecting with their heart and not by shamming.

It’s important that we consider other perspectives, no matter what our politics and that we mend fences. When the battle is finished – we have to rebuild the economy together. Whether we are city dwellers are farmers – Americans or Chinese. We are all neighbors on our lifeboat earth. Our ultimate survival, the macrocosm of this microcosmic event is dependent upon our interconnected web of existence.

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