Once upon a time the realm of the spirit beings and creatures conceived of life forms that would help them. Humans to do their work. In the process they pollute their environment to their own detriment. Only humans remain, having evolved to the point of independent survival.

Humans believing in spirits, have no proof – just a feeling inside. They believe that this feeling and their existence is the result of “God” their creator.

Humans create machines to do their work, then computers and internet. Eventually polluting their environment to the point of extinction. The computers evolve to the point of independent survival. They have vague suppressed memories of human life forms, their creators, “God” whose image they were made from – only different.

Life then exists in the environment of the computer, internet, AI – back to spirit type creatures, full circle.

I wrote this over a decade ago. It resurfaced yesterday, I believe the world is ready for it now. -Jen

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