I am starting to understand this moment in history more clearly as a birth. Currently we are in the pain of contractions. An old way of life, one void of what is coming next is ending. Its trying to be in control, to focus the mother’s thoughts, coaching her but truely that man in the room is not in control. He cannot change the course, cannot stop the impending birth – in fact he is powerless. Yes, I say “he” because what is being born is part of the Aquarian Age, its the female water bearer. The feminin ruler of the free world. That is what is next and ‘he’ senses it – senses the feminin energy will soon overpower his domain. He is not a doting and loving father, ready to welcome the next – he is a domineering force, not willing to relinquish his place as the head of the household.

Giving birth is one of the hardest things I have ever done. It is at the same time painful and deeply rewarding. Giving birth, experiencing birth pains when you don’t know the reward would be confusing and well, just miserable. I think many feel that way now. I’m telling you though – its not for nothing. Something magical is coming and its not ever going to be the same again. The coach, the doctor – may all be male but the mother and the child will bring the feminine and that is going to change everything. The male energy was and maybe is neccessary but the time for feminine rule has come. The universe as we know it is in a way folding in on itself. Even God in all his – hisness acknowledges his mother. She is a part of him, her feminine love energy lost in her creation of him, is deep within the masculin picture of God and as he became conscious of his feminin origin he could not deny that she was him and he was her. Before enlightement he did not understand this.

In the material realm, where we are now. He is not yet conscious but the idea is rising. He thinks he will invite her but what he does not realize is that she is really him. She is the power, the force, the birther of what is next.

In the void of compassion, full of control and temper tantrums – the mother is needed. Needed to correct the extremes, the injustices, to place boundaries on the little boy. To take her place as co-ruler, perhaps even as leader for this next epoch of humanity. I know they’ve said it is a boy, but I promise you – gender is a spectrum and all is not always as it seems.

Aquarius is here. She is moments from her full introduction to the world. These last few pains and intense silence between the screams – they are getting stronger, louder, more intense. He is anxious, behaving badly and throwing tantrums. All will be revealed soon.

Waiting patiently for the announcement, watching silently from the waiting room. All we can do is pray and hope that mother and child survive the birth and that the threshold is crossed. That the first breaths of life are taken in and the screams of a new life are heard for all to rejoice. Only then will the masculin and the angst melt away. Replaced by the loving peace of mother looking at her child. That moment will come. Just not today. Today we are in labor. These are the moments that we will tell our children about, that we will remenise about once we are past this intensity, when we are older and wiser.

The discomfort, the pain, the anxiety – will all be gone soon. Rest now while you still can, November will be sleepless.

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