I like to think of astrology as a road map, like an old paper map that your grandparent would have had folded up in the glove box of their automobile.

When I put someone’s birth day, time and place into the software that calculates their birthchart what comes out is a map of the sky with the sun, moon, planets and lesser heavenly bodies all mapped out from a center point. That point is where you were on the horizon at birth. Its like how the space shuttles and rockets have to wait for everything to line up perfectly in order to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere from the international space station. Before we were born we planned our birth, we chose our parents – we may have even watched them evolve and develop over genergations – choosing a family line, not just parents or in some cases choosing a serogate or birth parent who we knew would get us to our intended adoptive parents. We chose to be born with a certain arrangement of planets, sun, moon and stars in a certain constellation so that we would be influenced by those energies as our soul crossed into our physical bodies and our personality would be molded by those influences in order to become the individual we need to be in this lifetime to accomplish whatever we set out to accomplish.

Like a great game of strategy we had to make sure our birth date which is already pre destined according to the date we died in our previous life is chosen in the perfect year for all the other influences in the cosmos to play out in a way that will benefit our objectives for this lifetime. In some cases a hundred or more years may have passed since our last incarnation before the right set of influences and chose parents were found and everything aligned for our birth.

I can imagine reviewing the last life, identifying the areas that need to be healed, the experiences that still need to be had in order to become more evolved on the spiritual plane and also the karma that we need to right. And then looking at the predestined birth date and where that date falls into the great karmic wheel of order. Once that is all layed out we would strategized with our friends on the soul level to choose the parents and the year, maybe not in that order and finally the agreements with our soul mates and guides to help us along the journey of life on earth. Once everything is in place – we go for it. Sometimes we might not make it, we might die in infancy, maybe we die in infancy in order to get a new birthdate. Like a do over – the predestined date from the last life wasnt going to serve us and so we chose a short life in order to fulfull someone else’s karma and attain a more desirable date for a longer life for ourselves.

It seems so calculated and un-emotional from this perspective and truly I believe it is. The feelings and emotions of pain and suffering we can feel as earthlings are unique to the earthly incarnation. As souls all we feel is love. We seek an earthly existence in order to truly know love by becoming separate from it, by experiencing separateness and from that perspective outside of unconditional love in unity with all – we can see the unity and love in the universe as something outside ourselves, we miss it and crave it. Like astronauts leaving earth in order to look back on it and see if from the perspective of space, outside earth. Until human astronauts left the planet to photograph it we could only imagine what earth was, but when we left it – we could see it in its entirity and truly know it as a sphere suspended in space.

Our maps, the ones our soul created before we were born are a bigger perspective. They give us an over all view of the life we planned before we were born. Our astrological birth chart, our life path number derived from our birth date using numerology and our name’s numerology as well as our destiny card are all different kinds of maps of our life from a perspective outside our current reality.

We can get caught up in the day to day twists and turns of life. We second guess ourselves. We hold back when we are unsure. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed or stuck. In these times when clarity is hard to find – meditation can help. Our guides who are silently along with us on the journey of life, watching over and helping from the spiritual realm are ever with us and meditation can help us hear the wisdom they have whispered to us. In our own silence we can fill up with the inspiration from the spiritual realm. But also, checking back to our road map can be helpful. I like to review the plan I created before I was born. Sometimes I also pay attention to what is currently happening astrologically and how current cosmic events are connecting with or pushing my cosmic buttons. Mostly though I like to be reminded of what I am here to do, to learn, to be.

Today I read the charts and road maps of a friend and shared with her a picture that emerged when I read through her numbers and planetary placements. It felt like I was peeking behind a curtain and getting an intimate look into who she is. I know her – from how she presents herself but the charts show what she struggles with. What lessons she is working on and where she gets caught up in her own nature. It also shows who she is on a deeper level and what she is capable of. Sharing with her the picture I saw in her chart – it helped her. It confirmed for her where she is. It reminded her of her strengths and what her work is in this lifetime. We talked about channeling the energy of overwhelm and frustration. Starting on a path toward manifesting her desired life and lifestyle. We also talked about starting where she is and letting life lead her. I loved doing her reading – it’s very gratifying work for me. It reaffirmed for me that my pisces moon is positioned where it is for a reason. That I am capable of reading the maps of the heavens and showing others the way toward their best life. The life they chose before they were born. This is my calling and I am grateful to finally have arrived at this juncture in my own personal evolution.

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