I saw a friend’s post on social media that suggested there are two camps. The wear a face mask, keep your kids home from school get the vaccine as soon as it’s available camp. Or the don’t wear a face mask, send your kids to school, refuse the vaccine camp. And the latter camp also happened to look like a MAGA hat wearing gun toter. Well, I thought- neither of those camps is completely me and why are there only two camps. How did we become so polarized? What’s with all the dualism?

In numerology we know that 2 is always followed by 3. The iconic couple, the twosome usually becomes a little family of three eventually. It’s a creative force that comes from two. From dualism a new dynamic of three unfolds.

For anyone who can’t see the pregnant moment for what it is – just know that there are more than two camps. And there is definitely a new form on the horizon. The future is coming toward us- I hope we can meet it.

I’m of the wear a mask because the side effects aren’t great and the benefits potentially are. I’m not sending my kids to traditional school because I stopped doing that even before the pandemic but especially now I’m choosing a small community of parents who will homeschool our children together with the help of teacher. I also tend to be skeptical of the efficacy and impact of vaccines on our immune systems – so while I can’t say for certain we won’t get a Covid-19 vaccine when one comes out – I’m thinking I’ll need to do a lot of research before making that decision and it’s not likely from what I already know that we will jump on that bandwagon.

Generally in America, I believe we have a dualistic view of everything for some reason. We are either black or white, Democrat or Republican, gay or strait, male or female, rich or poor. And lately pro Trump or anti-Trump. Pro- vaccine or anti-vaccine. Environmentalist or climate change denier.

When the brown libertarian transgender youth from a middle class family shows up in our life we may realize that we’re old. That the dualistic view of life is retro.

We need to stop sorting ourselves into camps and start applying our critical thinking skills. We have to stop choosing sides based on face value and look deeper. If something seems like a convenient storyline because it explains away a difficult subject we should really question that storyline. We should read all sides of a story, check our gut and challenge any discomfort we feel. Watch both CNN and Fox but don’t choose the story that is most comfortable – choose the one that is true. Not sure? Watch BBC and NPR too, fact check- then check in on intuition again. The truth isn’t always easy. In fact discerning the right thing frequently means choosing a harder path.

One of the founding fathers of this county, who himself didn’t always do the right thing said something that was wise and applicable today, “Let us trust God, and our better judgment to set us right hereafter. United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs.” I’m sure Patrick Henry has been reincarnated and maybe is even alive today in a different form working off the karmic debt from his past incarnation. I hope he is leading marches for Black Lives Matter and that his words from 1799 inspire us to remember that we’re better without divisions.

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