Books by color arranged on the shelves of the old Doctor’s Office

Many of my friends and followers already know that I’ve recently relocated my family from Los Angeles to Maui. It was always our plan to move to Maui in 2022 but that timeline was pushed forward when a global pandemic took all our reasons for staying in Los Angeles away.

I couldn’t be happier about the shift and expedited timeline. I almost feel guilty about how helpful the global pandemic was toward reaching my ultimate lifestyle goals, knowing many have lost their lives or lost loved ones during this difficult year and are having quit a different experience. I sometimes can’t believe how the universe has held my hand through the entire transition. I feel in total alignment with my truth. And humbled by the chaos of the world around us.

Coming to Maui has felt like a calling and at the same time it’s rather hard to explain. As a white person who truly believes the Hawaiian islands were stolen from their native people, the last thing I want to do is perpetuate colonialism or any harm on the Hawaiian people. I’ve felt an Aloha welcoming vibe from most of the genuine and kind people I’ve met on Maui but I’ve also experienced local natives who are not happy with the presence of people like me. I’ve been called “haole” (a deragatory Hawaiian name for non-natives) while in line at the DMV and at other equally benign occasions as I go about my every day island life. Yet, when I had to remove the window tinting from my vehicle in order to get my new registration at the DMV, it was a local native from Hana who owns the local window tinting shop that offered me a ride to and from the DMV while her husband worked on my car. She said, “that’s how we do it here. We take care of each other.”

I wonder how I can feel called here and at the same time be so unwanted by some of the native people who I completely respect. What is the truth of my being and alignment with this place? Or is my privilege clouding my discernment?

I’ve also found curious the deep and profound spirit of aloha and love that is the native religion of the islands juxtaposed with the stories of a violent tribal culture from long ago. There exists both a love culture and an aggressive territorial ego here. It’s something that I’ve witnessed and observed but only recently understood from a different perspective.

There are layers of culture here. The tribal and proud Hawaiians who perceive that their land was stolen are one layer. Another layer, a deeper layer is the Aloha spirit – more of the ether or consciousness of the place and that I sense has been here for much longer than known history of the Hawaiian people and their beloved Kings Kamehameha.

The consciousness in the ether is deeply spiritual and peace loving. That is the attraction to this place for many outsiders. But what is that consciousness that overcomes anger and why does it resonate in such a big way for many of us? While off putting others who can’t get past the surface layer of hostility toward outsiders?

I’ve known that my relationship to the 5th dimensional water elementals (merpeople) is part of why I’m here. Every experience and encounter with mermaid energy has Been here on Maui – even when I’m having the experience in a deep meditation retreat in another locale – I’m shown Maui.

When we moved here I unpacked my large collection of spiritual books and organized them on the shelves of the old doctor’s office that is a room in our home – a home built around 1870 for the first plantation doctor. I decided to re-organize the books by color. (Don’t give up on me here, stick with me – it worked out great after my husband’s head exploded. The books are all in the same category after all). This project required me to look at the spine of each book. Low and behold my copy of Tao of the Mermaids by Kitty Bishop, re-appeared in my life. A book that shares a message from the mermaids as well as a history of ancient Lemuria and Atlantis. I was reminded that Maui was a part of the content of Lemuria before it sank (or sea level rose) submerging most of the continent leaving only the mountain tops, now islands, the ruins of Ester Island and the outer most edges in Los Angeles and Mount Shasta in California, Australia and New Zealand at the other side as places where remnants of ancient Lemuria can be found. Traces of memory of Lemuria are found in the Native American, Maori and Aboriginal stories that speak about the people who came from accross the watery continent that now lies below the sea. The beings of Lemuria were peaceful, deeply spiritual, intelligent pre-humans who could manifest in and out of the third dimension (material reality). They could enter the 5th dimension of the elementals. The water elementals were especially connected to Lemuria and some Lemurians may have been or may today reside as merpeople.

What is all this waxing poetic and mythic about? It’s about the call to return to Lemuria. We find ourselves today (although there is no time) at a juncture of human evolution where the 3rd dimension is close to ascending and capable of reuniting with the 5th dimension. Many of us have had experiences of the 5th. Some of us remember that we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience and we recognize that our true self is not our name or occupation but rather a core of being, connected to the creative force that has incarnated many times.

So when Lemuria was destroyed on the physical plane many dispersed, some ascended into the 5th dimension and others escaped on reed boats in the third dimension joining tribal humans evolving on earth at the same time. Atlantis on the other side of the globe existed simultaneously and had its own fall after Lemuria. Those souls fed into the ancient Egyptian cultures and became a source of wisdom on that side of the physical world. Lemuria also still exists in the 5th dimension. Just as Atlantis does. Twin flames came from the Lemurian beings as they were both genders – split apart to each experience different genders in many incarnations before reuniting in some future non-binary incarnation.

Some places on earth carry the remnants of the vibrational frequency of both Lemuria and Atlantis. That familiar home coming feeling that any one of us who has lived an incarnation in Lemuria, Atlantis or in the 5th dimension of the elementals can sense in certain places. Ive sensed it both in England at Stone Henge and also on Maui. While England did not call to me as home, Maui has.

So all this is to say that it’s the ether of Hawaii, the resonance with the vibration from my connection on a soul level with Lemuria and the merfolk that have called me here.

It was predicted long ago that there would be a re-uniting. A homecoming. For those who suffered through the loss of their beloved Lemuria to again reunite with the souls of the same experience. As light workers and way-showers to usher in the age of Aquarius, the ascension from the lower vibrations of material back to the 5th dimension.

This may not resonate with everyone. I’ve met people who I know were cats in past incarnations. It may not resonate with the cat souls. I’ve met fairies and gnomes too. As well as people of different races and ancesteral desent who feel strong kinship with other cultures. Others tell me they have a knowing that their origin is from another universe. Not all have crossed paths with either Lemuria or Atlantis in any dimension. There are new souls and old souls. All are on their own path.

The call to Maui is real for me as it is for many others like me and this place is my home. A home that I share with the descendants of those natives who may have been here all along or who came after the descendants of Lemuria dispersed.

That remembering that I am more than this life, that I have within me experiences of the things of mythology is my foundation. My truth. It’s why I’m here. Why I’ve returned to Lemuria. It’s the healing journey of my soul. The place where my heart chakra can feel the love.

Aloha. One love. Walk in peace with an open heart chakra.

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