I hold a mystical Christian belief about God. It’s from a woman who was married to a psychic and researched clues left through the ages by St. Peter and his reincarnations, most notably Sir Francis Bacon and others before him. She told another woman and that woman wrote a book. And I found the book – somewhere. When I read the notes and descriptions, I couldn’t understand everything. Which happens when I read complex spiritual wisdom. What I could take in though, on a soul level – I understood. I had that feeling like she was communicating something to me that I already knew.

I’ve long felt that God is feminine. Or that Goddess was more accurate than God. But also that there is a masculine aspect of God. I wasn’t sure if that was the influence of the God of my childhood or what? But when I read the book God As Mother, it all made sense. I’ll share what I envisioned from the reading. As really there is no simple way to describe God. And that is why metaphor is so prevalent in written works of wisdom.

Creatrix was the first consciousness of the universe. A divine feminine. Like the mother laying across a jar of vinegar. I imagine her filling up the void that is the universe. Pure love. That mother – full of potential. But flat and alone. Her love swelling up inside her, longing to share her vast ocean of love. A longing to give and reciprocate love. But finding she is all. From her longing and craving from a well of love she folds in on herself until something is formed like a bubble within. A bubble filled with time and held in space. She forms this bubble as another that she can experience and share her love. Her whole being though is used up like soap around a bubble of air that releases into the cosmos with a silent bang. She is no longer flat but now floating as the Creatrix in a new form. That form, the bubble is God, YHWH- the masculine version. He only knows his existence. He has never met or seen the Creatrix. He is three parts. He can create more bubbles from his one massive bubble. And he is proud of his creations. His creations honor and worship him as their father. Jah.

One part of the father, maybe that part closest to the space around the bubble or that part nearer to the time within. That part, we’ll call the son. The son realizes the existence of the Creatrix. The son melted into the love of the bubble and experienced his own oneness with all that is. Oneness with the feminine Creatrix. The son, that one part of God became enlightened. Then the wisdom was shared and the whole of God became enlightened to the awareness of Creatrix. Mother. Enlightenment is that experience of oneness with all that is. Awareness that we are love and we are creation, bubbles formed out of the one first mother through her first creation. And we all can create from ourselves just like a vinegar mother starter keeps on giving. Before God (the first creation) became enlightened though he formed many other creations who were also not enlightened. But rather taught that God was the creator. God even created other Gods who in turn created. In that respect and to the degree that we create – we are God to our creations.

With the awakening to the existence of Creatrix came the realization that never again can mother be whole. Always fragmented into millions or billions of creations. Bubbles. Mostly unaware of their connection to each other and to their source and the source of their God. But made from her just the same.

The son spreads the word – shares enlightenment. Even incarnates to sacrifice life for the karma of the world. Righting of karma is a necessary balance on the path toward enlightenment. God’s work shifts from creating to enlightening each one. Knowing that as each one becomes enlightened, mother the Creatrix is restored. Love is unified and amplified.

And as each one returns home to their true source, becomes enlightened. In love they in turn feel the responsibility to support the enlightenment of others. And raise the consciousness of all. And as the earth dies the sense of urgency becomes greater.

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