I love astrology. I always have. I’m drawn to it. It’s connected to my soul’s purpose in a way that I cannot explain. It appeals to my analytical side. It’s where my intuition kicks into high gear. It’s a language that I’ve felt compelled to learn because somehow I already knew it and learning felt like remembering to me. I get energetically high when I do a reading for someone.

Whenever I embrace new philosophies I go through a process of connecting the new ideas to established ideas that I already recognize as truth. Universal truths can be found in every tradition and culture. Although a philosophy or idea may come to me through a teaching or book – I know that if it is truth it will not contradict other truths but will compliment and support them. I look for this connection from new to old to see how the new puzzle piece of wisdom connects and supports the big picture of truth I already hold.

When I started to delve into numerology and birthdate and name life path numbers I found a synchronicity with my beloved astrology. The same was true as I learned about an ancient astrological tool – The Cards of Destiny, that we all now know as a regular deck of playing cards. These different modalities all fit together neatly to create an expanded multi dimensional map of the life path journey we are each on. Using them separately is helpful but together I find a message that each soul left for its incarnation to find. A love note from our higher self. A road map to life and also a blueprint of where one has been, the road we came from and an arrow toward where we must head if we are to cover new ground, evolve and grow our experiences.

I usually start by calculating the life path from the birthdate and comparing that to the Pythagorean system of life path calculation for names. Then I read the card of destiny. Once I’ve soaked up those two influences I calculate a western astrological birth chart. By the way, any method of calculating a birth chart will work – they are each just different perspectives of the night sky at the moment you were born. No one is more right or wrong. Just different. I will sometimes run a different chart style depending on what I or a client is seeking in the reading. Astrosophy is an orientiation of chart calculation loosely based on the work of Rudolph Steiner that provides a different and powerful perspective that I have also appreciated.

I first look at the semetry of the chart in picture form and get an idea of fullness or not. Of a lot of aspects or just a few. Of whether most activity is at the bottom of the chart (youth) or top (adult). I notice grand crosses and star formations through the chart – these can be indicative of great drama, grand life aspects and the fullness of experiences one desired for this lifetime. Alternatively a simple map can indicate a laser focus on a specific skill or experience desired in this lifetime.

When I review the birth chart in detail, I first look to see what the sun sign is, the outward expression of personality and then the rising, the inner life of the personality and finally the moon sign. When reviewing the moon sign – I consider the house it is in also. The moon sign to me is like a point of gravity. A magnet within the individual that effects the emotions like the moon effects the tides of the sea – it tells me who you attract and also where your center is. Sometimes it points to a calling or shows where you are pulled in this lifetime. I also take note at this point of what elements are prominent. Earth, air, fire or water. If I see a predominance of one element, I’ll usually inquire into the life mate’s sun, rising and moon to see whether the individual is supported by the mate or not. Earth supports fire but water not so much, air fuels fire but can also put it out wheras earth and water create mud – a great blend. This elemental relationship with the spouse or parents can be a big influence in the individuals life and can be the back drop or foundation for everything else in play.

Once I have the astrological constitution in mind, I look for the arrows on the road you are walking. South node tells me what you have already worked and what you have accomplished in past lives – likely talents and strengths you were born with. Then I look to the North node – this shows me what your purpose and life path are in this life. Most people are struggling to do south node things and finding things aren’t falling into place or that there is an amount of struggle. It’s like they are walking down an up escalator. Walking toward what feels familiar and easy, I usually have to turn them around and orient them toward their north node. Intuitively I find most people say, “oh” like there is an awareness that they were walking the wrong direction and they are happy to be given permission to turn around and move forward into the unknown.

The south and north nodes don’t always make a lot of sense to me when I ‘m reading for someone else but they seem to make a lot of sense to the person I’m reading for.

I like to read through each planetary aspect in the chart. I’ll read for each planet, what sign it’s in, what house it’s in and which other planets it has a relationship with from a mathematical perspective. Some aspects will contradict each other so it’s important to know which planets have greater influence to understand which conflicting aspects will prevail in the personality. Using the earlier reading of the numerological life path and card of destiny can also help to know where there is emphasis and weight. Someone with a strong creative talent in their reading might also have a lesser planetary aspect that suggests a creative block – and by combining the perspectives an astrologer can determine if that lesser aspect will even be felt at all. Perhaps not. Because so many stronger influences are in place to compensate.

I usually read through all the aspects before my reading with a client and only share the ones that have a noticeable influence in the subject’s life. I especially note when multiple aspects point to the same trait – those will likely be stronger. I like to focus on the strengths of the individual and validate aspects of themself that they may feel but not understand well. Like if someone has a need for solitude. It’s good to help them see that as an essential part of their being, something they planned to have in this incarnation and not a character flaw that others may have pointed out to them in a criticle way. It may be different than other people but absolutely necessary for their own being for some reason.

In a life path astrological birth chart reading I feel honored and respectful that I have been given permission to peer into the world of the soul. Permission to peek behind the curtain and review the cosmic map inclusive of the North Star and messages about the life each planned before their birth. It’s a sacred text written in the cosmos. Like looking up a word in a dictionary or subject in an encyclopedia – we can each find our place in the book of life by referencing our birth date, place, name and time. Our life path number and destiny card sort of tells us which definition we should use in the interpretation of our map through life like the varying definitions of some words. Adding numerology and destiny cards can give us context that helps paint a more full and complete picture. Also the spouse’s element and if there are children that can add another dimension to the family dynamic. I like to read for the individual and then for each family member as it relates to the primary individual at the center of the reading.

If the person has lived in multiple locations or is considering a big move I will also run a locational astrology chart which compares the aspects of the birth chart to those of the new location to see if the resulting influence is altered in a positive or negative way.

Wedding date selection can also be done by running the chart for various dates in consideration to ensure positive aspects for a long and prosperous union and children if so desired. I chose my own wedding date astrologically and it has worked out well. We had to be married after 9 pm in order to have the best aspects so we reversed our wedding and held the reception and dinner first with the wedding ceremony right after dinner and before cake and dancing. It was lovely and everyone enjoyed being well fed and with a drink in their hand as they witnessed our hand fasting ceremony under the light of the moon and surrounded by guests holding lanterns to light up the circle around our coming together to tie the knot.

If you would like to know what you wrote into your birth plan before you were born, to be oriented toward your north star or reassured of the benefits of your next re-location or the date and time of your marriage – I would be honored to read the messages from the cosmos based on your place, date, name and time of birth, destination or marriage.

Check back often to find more information and astrology classes coming soon. I’m currently dreaming of a children’s class to get to know the personalities of the planets and qualities of the numbers. My children love learning astrology and I know it will help them understand their own road map better. If only we all could be given the map from our youth – how much easier would that make life? And if you are grown and lost, it’s never too late to pull over and ask for directions.

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