Recently I’ve been turned on to the teachings of a woman in the U.K. who presents herself as a channel and psychic. She goes by the name Magenta Pixie. Some people whom I respect in the new age movement follow her. She is a false prophet

She has fallen into the rabbit hole of QAnon conspiracy theories and believes Donald Trump who she calls, Mr. Tea tree in her coded YouTube messages to followers – is the president of the New Earth.

She called for her followers to vote for Trump in the November election and she has continued to tell her followers that he is the rightful king of the world.

Her rhetoric is steeped in mystical belief – that I too engage in. She speaks the language of the new age movement. She has 128,000 YouTube subscribers and is insanely popular in the New Age Crowd.

Rather than see president Trump as a manifestation of the joker archetype stirring up chaos, she sees him through the QAnon lens of savior and warrior of light.

I cannot tell what her motivations are. Whether she is a victim of false information and seeds of lies planted by a wanna be dictator and his followers or whether she herself carries a belief in white supremacy that fans the fantasy of a new world order where someone the likes of Donald Trump would rule the world.

She is a prolific writer and has gained the trust and confidence of many people in the New Age spiritual community from long before Donald Trump became the 45th president.

In her recent YouTube messages it is clear that she is confused about why Trump didn’t win the election and why some so called Justice and truth didn’t descend from above on January 6th as she had predicted or channeled from “the nine”. She is now leaning in on Inauguration Day January 20th and suggesting that there will be no leader at all after Inauguration Day, that Biden and Kamala will become false leaders or that Michael Flynn – chief QAnon conspiracy theorist will some how rise with Trump to be the true leaders. She wraps each of the possible outcomes up in the guise of New Age lingo that suggests – no matter what the outcome, Trump is the true leader of the world.

I’ve been watching this messaging play out within the spiritual community around me with some astonishment. There is a vulnerability or willingness to fully accept ideas presented in secret or code ideas that feed a natural tendency toward peeking behind the veil into the spiritual world and realizing that what we know as reality is really a facade. That ability or willingness to walk in the spiritual world leaves those of us who do vulnerable to false prophets. Our openness to the idea that there is a whole realm behind the reality of the material world can create an opening for ideologies based on lies to take hold of our thinking.

Many people voted for and love Donald Trump for many and varying reasons. This group though – the New Age spiritual community have surprised me with their allegiance to Donald Trump. At first I too was hopeful that his outrageous brand of defiance and willingness to change the status quo would be helpful toward some of my alternative views that are not always shared by democrats – with whom I share social Justice values. I thought perhaps, there would be a silver lining to his unusual presidency, but at the end of the day – I realized that Donald Trump only cares about himself and his own success. He is not a caring or compassionate man and the atrocities he was willing to commit against people of color and the environment could not out weigh any benefits I may have hoped for. He is not the rightful spiritually backed leader of the New Earth, or even one nation under God. He is a misogynist not a savior of children from an evil cabal of politicians and elites. He is part of the evil cabal masquerading as a God appointed leader of the United States and if you listen to Magenta Pixie, of the world.

I’m worried about the joining of the radical conservative right with the new age tree huggers under the leadership of an Artificial Intelligence parading as Q – a secret undercover government agent painting a very complex web of lies that is drawing in the spiritual crowd on all sides. While they, like Magenta Pixie believe they are the only awakened ones who really know what is happening. The rest of us watch what is unfolding in disbelief. Some clinging to science and me – a spiritual being, in dis belief of the level and willingness to blindly follow the pied piper that I am witnessing before me.

The false prophets used to look like televangelists. Now they look like Magenta Pixie, a New Age channel and psychic with a British accent speaking in a coded language of gnomes (The Capitol police) and squirrels and rabbits (the protestors turned rioters) and Misters Tea tree and Bumblebee.

This is dangerous. We have to be able to discern between truth and false prophets. We have to stay grounded and engage our common sense. We have to be willing to see the underbelly in the world and not shy away from recognizing that the world isn’t only good and light. That there is, for lack of a better word – a shadow side. One that feeds on fear and hate. When we choose only to see the good. Only to believe in the light and positive we become vulnerable. We can be mislead by the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

It’s important to stay vigilant. To check ourselves. To question our emotions and motivations and as AI rises up to play into our beliefs, behaviors and sensibilities – that we strengthen our resolve to lean into truth and not be mislead down rabbit holes where nothing makes sense.

15 thoughts on “Magenta Pixie and the False Prophets

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. Discernment is key on one’s spiritual journey. Thanks for writing this. I’ve listened to her over the course of the past few months (since the election) and I’m like…wow…

    1. Pixies use of nonsensical language is key, as if she alone has the inside track to the ninth dimension, or whatever its evolved to now. Her teachings are mixed with fairy lore and she seems to have been invaded by trickster entities. Fine if it was just her, but she has the power to damage many, including those on an authentic spiritual path.

  2. This is a breath of fresh air to read. My sister is so entangled by her and I’m incredibly confused by it. It is very difficult to reconcile. 🙁

  3. There are a number of people out there who make claims of Trump’s uber-man, superman status. And they cannot see how stupid and deluded it looks to the rest of us sane people. What I find interesting is that Ms. Pix and others make all sorts of claims that never, ever happen, but that doesn’t seem to bother them at all. Either they cook up some kind of excuse, or they speak in such vague terms that it’s impossible to pin them down to actual real events, or they usually just ignore what they just claimed and move onto the next batch of nonsense.

  4. I have tracked a wide range of teachings from the spiritual, New Age, and traditional religious systems, including the esoteric levels, for 33 years. Of the dozens of popular intuitives/psychics active on the web today Magenta Pixie is one of the most clear-sighted and useful.

    1. Thanks Karl! I would have agreed with you before she went off the rails into Trumpland. It is reminicent of Dorian Virtue’s flight into born again Christianity. After years of sharing wisdom and intuitive knowledge of the angelic realm she now denounces her own work and spends her days reciting biblical scriptures on Youtube.

  5. I just came across your comments and have to express my strong agreement with your assessment. Lorie Ladd was one of my favorite spiritual leaders until she fell under the influence of Mag Pix. It was like a corruption of her work. I couldn’t get past it. For people who stand for the idea that there is no wrong answer, these two (and more, like Phil Good) become strongly opinionated on Trump being the only true answer. I think it helps us all remember to follow our own guidance. These influencers are, after all, human and subject to corruption of thought and purpose. Stay true to your own heart and follow only what resonates. Grateful for this post. Thank you for speaking out!

  6. I have worked professional clairvoyant 28 years i am a healer grounded down to earth. I totally agree with the above. Waffling about trump got loads wrong i dont see any truth or common sense at all. Damaging to us truly gifted genuine helping people.

  7. I agree with and thank you for blowing the whistle. She transgresses in another way that I would like to call out and that is mixing her false representation of the Great Goddess, her “Divine Feminine Roundtables”, with her false narrative re Drumph. She does not speak for the “Divine Feminine” in any way, shape or form and it is ignorance at best and deliberate deception at worst that she conflates the rise of the sacred feminine with this sociopath called Donald.

  8. Thank you so much!!

    I fully agree with everything. She advises people to divorce partners who got the jab and avoid hugging anyone who ‘drank the poisoned apple juice’ (aka the jab), as the codes can ‘jump’ onto them and somehow screw up their soul. She claimed first that 90% of people here in Earth as of 2020 would ascend (claim in March 2020). Then this dwindles to far fewer once the jab came out–she claimed at best, people who got the jab might partially ascend but would not reach ‘stargate ascension’ (Fall 2020). Then in the spring of 2021 when i quit listening to her, she claimed from a channeling of the 9 that anyone who got the jab would have their soul recycled (Spring 2021). So, her channeling somehow changed. How does this work? I mean, she said that everything in March 2020 was ‘set’ and there was no going back, but then, the 9 say something different eadch year. Totally inconsistent, and clearly, fake. Lee Harris and Darryl Aka, and other legit channelers, ahve consistent information in all of their channelings and this is how you know that they are the real deal.

    A bunch of my friends who had 3 jabs and were not at all consciously spiritual have now awakened in 2021-2022. Clearly the soul is much stronger than any 3D ‘treatment’ and how absurd to say a physical treatment could somehow, destroy your soul. How absurd when one understands anything about reincarnation and ancient theories on this process. Your soul transcends anything physical.

    Magenta Pixie seems like she is not an empowered woman. She seems very timid, overly fragile, and not at all a divine feminine energy. She clearly just parrots Q Anon as well. I don’t think she channels at all, but pirates others works and pulls it off as her own. A meditation that she claimed to ‘channel’ a Rose Gold Flame meditation, was shown to be directly plagiarized from Delores Cannon, and a commenter on her video brought this to light.

  9. Trump us a crook, a liar, a Tax dodging sexual predator who has no respect for Democracy or truth, he belongs behind bars. Magenta Pixie is in my opinion a false prophet. I once asked her if the “nine” had ever mentioned Christ and had she ever asked them if they come in His name and if so what did they say. She didn’t answer my genuine questions just blocked me from her channel. That told me all I needed to know.

  10. While I appreciate your assessment of Magenta Pixie’s work, I am somewhat taken aback by your spelling of the word ‘profit’ instead of ‘prophet’. While it may sound trite of me, an error like this somewhat undermines your message about being clear and accurate!

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