The Water Bearer

I always looked forward to the Age of Aquarius as this light and airy magical age where the hippies of the 60s visions for free love and peace would manifest into a harmonious new era better than the Industrial Age of our parents and grand parents. Where the 70s soundtrack of the stage production of Hair would blast sing along lyrics in the background of life. Then as an astrologer I realized that Aquarius is also about science and technology. AI and DNA changing vaccines. Implantable devices. The Matrix.

How will we choose to live in The Age of Aquarius? How will we choose to educate our children? The last age brought about the factory version of school – with desks all in a row and information disseminated expeditiously by a teacher from the front of the room. Organized in classrooms by grade. Suddenly those classroom groups have disbanded and homeschooling on screens or in backyard pods has become the norm. One feels like a stone on the soul for some. The other is wild and innovative but also new and communal. Uncomfortable for others. Each challenging for all who are not ready for the draconian shifts that come with the changing of an age.

How will we work and earn income? We were just moving from cubicles to more open seating bull pen style offices in the corporate world but now all those offices can become housing as office workers transition to home offices and loathe to share germs with co-workers in an enclosed space.

How will we live? And where will we live? As life becomes more flexible – these are the big questions. I sense a great migration coming. From cities to rural areas. From urban centers to natural spaces. From organized school and work communities to chosen beloved communities where like minded people can find their tribe and support one another in working, educating children and becoming more food independent.

How will we become grounded as the earth beneath our feet dies and Mother Earth can no longer root us into our physical reality? How will we stay in our skin when the anxiety and stress around us causes us to want to check out?

There is a deep shift being asked of each of us. We chose to be born at this time. Our souls are ready even if we are not conscious of it. We have the tools. We cannot do what we have always done. We must walk into the discomfort. We must be brave. We must choose our place and our tribe but not isolate ourselves. We must leave behind all that is no longer aligned with our authenticity. Whatever is no longer working for us (this is important, take inventory) – let that shit go! Find your north node and walk in that direction. It’s on your natal birthchart. You did bring a map into this life. Find your way showers. Meditate with your spirit guides. Give yourself permission to turn off Siri. Throw away Alexa. Repair your dumb appliances – and not buy smart ones. Become the observer of the details around you, not reactive to the screens they show you. Stay connected but in control. When you feel like you’re floating – connect into the etheric realm above. You cannot see it but it’s your lifeline as you zip line through the chaos. Don’t be afraid. Be present. Notice the subtleties and choose your path. The last age was grounded and earthy. This one is in an air sign – the water bearer. It’s a very different way of being oriented. Like the ground has been pulled out from under and now as you are poured out of the vessel you have been resting in – you must fly. You’ve been prepared for this. You are ready. Your wings are strong and the air currents are there to take you away – even if you can’t see them.

Some souls will choose to leave their incarnation at this time. It’s hard for those of us who choose to stay. Be OK with it. Challenge your fears. Pour on the self care in a healthy and heavy dose. Salt water baths, chamomile tea, hikes into the Forrest, swims in the sea, fresh cut flowers in the house, essential oils, time to sit quietly in silence, yoga, art, music, dancing, fire – make time.

Most of all remember childhood. Remember that there are small beings coming into this world right now. Children who are vulnerable, impressionable, dependent on adults and fragile. Children who may never see the smile of a stranger behind their mask (neccessary as they are). Children who will become adults. Adults who may not have ever played make believe with others, who had no art or creative expression in school, who don’t know how to fly around on a merri-go-round to overcome their fear. Adults who have never baked a cake or grown their own vegetables. Adults who cannot read or write in cursive, who cannot sew or mend their own clothes. Let us protect the kingdom of childhood. They will be adults all too soon and we need these seeds to make it into the future whole and curious, strong, un-afraid, creative and willing. Able to fly and hang on the air currents of the age of Aquarius. Ready to go far, with enough strength in their wings to cross an ocean. There will be time for academics and screens but let us not diminish the work of the child. Play. The experiences of safety and joy. Let us protect these seeds from our chaotic adjustment to the new age. Let us observe and listen to these children who have been in the spiritual realm more recently than we. They have a wisdom and we should follow their lead not trample on their spirit or place stones on their soul.

Gratitude and Forgiveness will free us from fear and greed. Keep these two gurus close. And keep fear and greed closer – always aware of their presence, keeping an eye on those two enemies so that they don’t get away with anything, especially not directing us on our life path – they will always orient us toward the south node and that is no longer a viable route.

By Winter Solstice we will know that life is never going to be the same again. Like the birth of a child – we will be forever changed. Changes that are both wonderful and hard, beautiful and exhausting. Worth it in the end. Our best life awaits us.

This post was originally published in October 2020 but fell off the site and is being reposted for reference.

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