When I look into someone’s astrology, the moon sign is an important part of their picture. Like the heart is an important part of the human body. The moon is a pendulum that swings with emotional tides and also finds its center like a pendulum in a large old grandfather clock eventually settles down from swinging. And at the same time I find the moon has a magnetic quality – it can draw us towards or repel us from one other. I have three major planets conjunct in Gemini and both my ex husband and current husband have Gemini moons. That’s my type – Gemini moon. Haha! I attract them or rather they attract me.

I have a Pisces moon and so I also attract Pisces men. I learned this long ago and because I am an Aries with Leo rising (fiery) I also learned that I very quickly overwhelm Pisces men. So in my early 20s I decided just, not to date them. It wasn’t worth it. It would be two weeks I could never get back – every time.

Once you know your magnetic attraction it can become a super power. I know I have a lot of pull with Pisces and although I’ve chosen not to be in a committed relationship with one – it’s kind of fun to know who secretly is a fan of mine. Which parent I can always ask to help with carpool or sponsor a play date. They just can’t say no to me. Of course, I have to be careful – with power comes responsibility. Pisces are so sensitive – I do feel a special responsibility not to crush their soul or take advantage. I always try to reciprocate when I’ve asked for a favor.

Likewise, my husband has many gemini fans – I always know when a new “friend” is hanging round and then I find out they are a Gemini. It’s like a cat to catnip. They don’t even know why they are attracted. But something is calling them.

For these reasons it is very common to find couples have moon signs that align with their mates sun sign or like me with both Venus and Mars in Gemini – marrying a Gemini moon twice.

I know one couple where the husband is an Aries moon and his wife is an Aries sun. And her moon is his sun sign. It’s a perfect magnetic attraction. They have been married for a very long time.

The house of the moon is also important but not as important to relationships as the sign it is in. My moon is in my 7th house. The house of relationships and partnerships. The moon is a great reflector of light. It can shine light where the sun cannot reach. In a way you could say that my moon is shining light into the house of relationships – the darkside of relationships, the parts that are hidden in the shadows. I’ve been in relationships with people struggling with various addictions. I also tend to be very much a people watcher when it comes to how people relate to one another. Cultural anthropology was my favorite subject in college. I once wrote an essay, the assignment was to visit a subculture and to write an anthropological essay of the experience. I chose a strip club in Los Angeles. I found the exercise surprisingly fascinating. I got an A. My professor appreciated my insight into the dynamic world of masculin and feminin domination and power struggle. I rarely watch television but when I do it tends to be reality TV where relationships are at the center – like Married at First Sight, The Bachelor, or 90 Day Fiancé. I was also fascinated by shows like Big Love and Sister Wives that highlight unusual poligymist relationships. My moon reflects light into the 7th house of relationships – it allows me to see through the darkness and understand what others may not see.

My husband’s moon is in his fourth house. The house of early childhood, roots, parents, home and family. Where and how we live is extremely important to him. He insisted on buying his first house before we moved in together. He holds his own childhood in high regard and is very nostalgic about his childhood home. He says, becoming a parent has been the single most meaningful thing in his life. He has a knowing about how our children should live and a high bar for their home life. He is always rearranging the furniture and has insight into how to make our home more functional or more comfortable, more visually pleasing. We have friends who are living out of suitcases with kids and whose home, although large is empty of furnishings and artwork – he doesn’t understand this, intuitively he knows it’s not a warm home for children. He also likes to entertain at home and we frequently host travelers who visit our sanctuary space on Maui.

Most people don’t know there moon sign- it’s worth finding out. And the house too. I just did a reading for Scorpio moon in the 10th house. She has a propensity to understanding 10th house things – like what will make a business successful and she has a spouse who is not a Scorpio – I haven’t had the honor of charting his birthchart yet but I’m willing to bet he is a Scorpio rising or has Mars in Scorpio. I’ll let you know. 😉

The nodes of the moon are the most important aspect of a birthchart I think. These are more like arrows on a road map. This roadmap that our soul tucked into our pocket before we were born. The north node of the moon points toward a house and is also in a sign, this is ones true north. The area in life where they planned to do the most work, to learn. And when they take up this work they will find success. Of course it’s always easier to do what we already know – the south node points us toward where we’ve been. Either in this life or past lives. The talents we’re born with. The things that come easy to us – these are south node endeavors. When you find out what house and sign your south node points toward, without fail you will resonate with those themes. Sometimes people are striving toward south node endeavors and not finding success. That is when I turn them 180 degrees and give them permission to stop pursuing those things that they feel connected to but that aren’t working for them, where they are struggling to succeed for no apparent reason. I let them know they’ve already done that, in a past life – it’s OK to let it go. And then I push them toward their north node. So many times I get a call or a message several weeks after a reading with a client telling me they have had a breakthrough and found success or empowerment from a north node endeavor that they hadn’t really pursued before.

The moon in this way, with its magnetic quality and its arrows is the compass of our lives. Learning to read it is helpful. It’s a multi- tool in our tool box that we need. A reflector of light, a magnet for a mate, and a compass showing us the direction in the night. Without it we would be lost, ungrounded. Like a balancing pendulum keeping our core from going too far in any one direction- it is the weight that pulls us back to center. The moon.

Steiner talks about the spiritual beings who live on the moon and how they used to reside on earth but moved out to the realm of the moon. In part to aid our human evolution toward individuality. He said that when they were on earth they imparted wisdom through telepathic means to tribal people living on earth then. I was so fascinated by this writing that I wondered if an astronaut who walked on the moon ever had a spiritual experience a telepathic download of wisdom. And I found that one did and it profoundly affected his life. Steiner says that when we die our soul expands out until we are so large our sphere includes the moon and then we are imparted wisdom to help us in our after life journey by these souls that reside there in the realm of the moon. When I look up to the moon, I think of these beings who call the moon home and I wonder how many times between lives I’ve knocked at their door. Until we meet again. Good night moon.

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