My favorite psychic, Laura Powers, shared a news article on her Facebook page about a French woman named Jeanne who lived to be 122.

Now, me being a spiritual seeker and astrologer – when I read about Jeanne’s life I was so curious to know if there were any aspects in her birth chart that might portend a long life. I also noted that my psychic friend had called out her savvy business acumen as her favorite part of this woman’s life story. Apparently in her late 80s she had promised to leave her apartment to a business man in return for him paying her 2500 francs per month until she died – a sort of privately arranged reverse mortgage except that she out lived him by a lot and then held his widow to the contract. Ballsy.

I have never heard of anyone living past 115, For this reason I’ve been using 115 as my own life expectancy when setting goals and making financial plans (cause I’m crazy like that). So 122 – whoa! She is my hero – I want to know everything about her. Here begins the investigation ….

I quickly Wikipedia (yes, that’s a verb now 😉) her info and get her date of birth. February 21st. Then I search for a western astrology chart in her name – surely someone has already figured out her time and place of birth and run it. I review. Pisces sun, Pisces rising and moon in Virgo. BSince I didn’t run this chart myself or know if the astrologer who calculated it had the right time and place of birth – I decided it wasn’t terribly reliable. I moved on to cards of Destiny. She is a Four of Diamonds. What I know about Four of Diamonds is that they have to work hard for everything they have. No free rides for Four of Diamonds. Her life story didn’t scream Four of Diamonds. Curious, I Googled (actually Duck Duck Go, but I digress) more about her.

I find a hypothesis made by a mathematician and geriatrician that her daughter born in 1898 assumed her identity when she died in the 1930s in order to avoid some hefty inheritance taxes. Hmm. The daughter, named Yvonne is a Capricorn, 8 of diamonds. All 8s are connected to abundance and especially an 8 of diamonds – they see the value in everything. This woman’s life story resonates strongly as an 8 of Diamonds. Not a 4. And a Capricorn!

I share my findings back with Laura, my psychic friend – she gets chills and agrees.

Not only is it interesting that with spiritual tools we can solve a mystery but to me – Yvonne Calmet who arguably assumed her mother Jeanne Louise Calmet’s identity to turn a profit and lived a long and comfortable life (age 99) by finding value in being 23 years older than she was – is the perfect example of an 8 of Diamonds. Birthdays that are 8 of Diamonds are January 19th, February 17th, March 15th, April 13th, May 11th, June 9th, July 7th, August 5th, September 3rd and October 1st

I imagine this Capricorn woman loved the jig. Found her secret and the attention privately humorous. That dark humor that a Capricorn exudes with a air of confidence. When asked on her “120th” birthday what kind of future she expected to have, she replied, “A very short one.”

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