I love how the younger generation is redefining everything from their tech perspective. Growing up with video games and mobile devices has colored their perspective and given us a new way to relate and understand the spiritual realm.

Cheat codes, common in video game circles are now available for the universe – life. Adulting. Made easier if you will.

Numerology has long been a recognized wisdom and math along with sacred geometry is a spiritual language. It makes sense that if there are cheat codes to life – they would be a series of numbers. Numbers, a language our soul or higher self understands that our human incarnation may have trouble grasping.

Mathematicians are special people, able to fully grasp both the quantity and quality of numbers. Able to recognize the patterns and formulas that count and calculate the material realm.

I read a book called Love and Math, by Edward Frenkel a Russian Mathematician. He said,

“The fact that such objective and enduring knowledge exists (and moreover, no one tries to own it) is nothing short of a miracle.”

This is direct evidence that math is from the spiritual realm – I’m convinced.

Our own Einstein knew that only through math could the laws of nature – the spiritual unseen realm of nature be made known. Documented in a language that transcends all language. Another Mathematician from Khazakstan, Gregorio Grabovoi has gone one step further than most mathematicians. He has had a spiritual awakening. He has grasped an aspect of the spiritual realm that he almost can’t explain although he attempts to in several books. His own deep knowing and understanding of the sacred, the essence of God as love and the pure potential of the universe, made manifest through creative thought – is amplified by his awareness of numbers and the language of the spiritual realm. His work continues the field of radionics that lives still in esoteric holistic health circles but is not widely recognized or known.

The idea of dowsing, remote healing and other forms of inexplicable yet seemingly successful healing methods now come to a crossroads with number sequences. Numbers that hold a frequency or feeling. The same frequencies that attune our bodies to healing though the use of herbs and essential oils – that also carry the healthy frequency within their plant properties, can be whittled down to a row of numbers. Grigori has identified through his psychic talent and deep connection to the universe of numbers – number sequences that hold the frequency for healing many dis-eases of the body. In his books he outlines how to hold a mental image of these numbers and communicate the frequency telepathically with our own soul or higher consciousness as a way to manifest health and success. A way to attune our physical body with the frequencies of healing. A way to align our consciousness with pure potential, including the potential to overcome our limitations and blocks to financial success.

Grigori has developed a device that can amplify the mental telepathic ability of individuals to amplify the frequencies of numbers. Others have also created similar devices. I’m familiar with a device called the Healy that amplifies frequencies generated by the device – it was created by physicists also from a similar scientific background as Grigori. To the extent that their work may have overlapped or influenced the other I have not discerned yet. this idea that dis-ease can be identified by a tool and a healthy frequency provided back to the dis-eased organ or tissue to create a curative and healing environment is not knew. Albert Abrams and subsequently his student Ruth Drown used techniques of radionics to heal and cure the unwell. And for their efforts Ruth and Grigori have been persecuted and prosecuted as frauds. I see them though as fierce alchemists on the cutting edge of physics seeing into the spiritual realm and interpreting as best they can an understanding of frequency. The quality of numbers. The frequency of the universe. The healthy frequency of life.

Grigori has said that he can resurrect the dead. This is maybe too much for us mortals to accept. I picture him in his mad science lab of alchemy turning iron into gold and speaking it out loud for the world to hear in excitement when we aren’t ready to believe yet. Our collective consciousness is still immersed in the material realm to such a degree that we cannot understand what is being communicated to us in words about things that cannot be spoken.

In the meantime, we are all free to experiment with the number frequencies provided by Grigori through his website and books. I wish us all the success of the universe as we cheat our way toward wellness and wealth. These are some codes I’ve been meditating with today:

Cure for heart failure 8543214

Cure for heart defects 9995437

Cure for vascular insufficiency 8668888

Neutralizing the Coronavirus 4986489

Attracting unexpected money 520 7418

Cash flow abundance 318 612 518 714

Like with all healing work, we should not try to heal others without their permission. Use these frequencies for your own well being and only with others who have expressed their desire to be healed in this way.

This idea of repeating numbers consciously to benefit from their formulaic or collective frequency makes me wonder about what we bring to ourselves through our phone number or social security numbers (in the US). These numbers have become synonymous with our own frequency. it’s a chicken or egg question maybe. Is my phone number effecting me or has my phone number evolved because of me?

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