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My energy immune system has been weak. Maybe it always was weak but I’m noticing it more now that I live on Maui. My headaches have gone from 2 times a month for a day or two to always with only a day or two here and there where I don’t have a headache. I’m having both tension and migraine headaches overlapping with occasional nausea and light sensitivity. My head frequently feels like I have a vice grip on my forehead (tension headache) and then also a behind the eye stabbing headache (migraine) will come in too. I’ve learned to power through. Peppermint essential oil and an ice pack helps sometimes. And when I get desperate I turn to ibuprofen.

At first I thought the headaches we’re hormone imbalance related. And it’s true that hormone shifts were happening and triggering the headache but now I realize the idea of a headache being “triggered” is all wrong. It’s more like my energy shield becomes weakened under certain conditions and that makes me more sensitive to energy that I perceive as a headache. My weakened energy shield makes me vulnerable or sensitive to energy and I feel negative energy as a painful headache. My daughter feels negative energy as confusion. We’re all different and understanding how we perceive and are able (or un able) to channel through the energy is important to pay attention to.

It’s like when your immune system is weak and you get a cold. We don’t say eating sugar and not getting adequate sleep “triggers” the cold. A weakened immune system allows the cold germs to overwhelm the body. Because the cold germs are all around us. The only reason We’re not having a cold all the time is because either we’ve successfully hermetically sealed our environment and purged as many cold germs from our space as possible or our immune system is hard at work fighting off the germs as fast as we encounter them. They say once you have a virus – you always have it. Your immune system just learns to keep it suppressed. So when the immune system is weak – you get a cold. Stress, sugar, lack of sleep – anything can “trigger” it, if you will.

Same, I’m learning with headaches for me. When I’m around negative, toxic, heavy, unclear energy – if my energy immune system is weak, I get a headache. My daughter has the same issue but for her it manifests as brain fog or confusion. It’s like our energy shields are low or our armor has a crack. Negative energy is all around us and keeping it out of our environment is a practical strategy. Just like we wash hands and cover our mouths when we sneeze to avoid getting or giving new cold germs we also need to keep our environment as free from negative energy as possible. Misogynistic music, horror movies, alcohol, cigarettes, junk food are all low vibrational things and can contribute to a low vibe energy. Dust holds negative energy, so does clutter. In fact if you notice clutter is accumulating in your house that area, corner or room probably has a negative energy or an energy flow issue that needs to be addressed. Keeping our shields strong is also important. Healers have to deal with this all the time. I remember knowing from a young age I could never work in the medical profession and for someone with the north node of the moon in her 6th house that’s a conundrum. Thankfully I found a way to work in healthcare that didn’t require me to be around sick people. As a sensitive-to-energy person, consulting on health benefits was far safer.

I’m working to keep my space more clear now, to invite in fewer people who I don’t know well. I sage after visitors and guests leave, have tourmaline in every room of the house, diffuse Palo Santo, purification and geranium essential oils. I burn bees wax candles. I practice energy chord cutting. I vacuum and sweep. I run air purifiers too. And all these things do help. But still I get headaches. I’m convinced that ice and peppermint oil work on headaches not just by reducing inflammation but also by evicting negative energy vampires. Negative entities don’t seem to like peppermint oil or ice packs and detach as soon as I apply either.

So after months of working through these headaches with doctors and remedies and energy clearing – I’m finding they are less but still regular and intense.

Digging deeper into the underlying issues I’ve become aware of another factor. I’m feeling nausea a lot from the headaches or the energy I’m exposed to and that makes me not eat. I’m also not eating out as much since the start of the pandemic and relocating to our island home on Maui so that is another contributing factor to my less frequent eating because I do not enjoy cooking and preparing meals. When I don’t eat, eventually I start to crave sugar and when I succumb to that – it spirals even further and my headaches worsen. I always noticed the correlation to eating sugar especially a glass of wine and my headaches but I thought it was a blood sugar thing. Even though I always do really well in glucose tests. Now I realize, it’s really more than that.

I’m realizing I haven’t been keeping a healthy energy immune system. Clearing chakras, meditating and clearing my house are as important as eating healthy and avoiding sugar and especially when my energy immune shield is taking a hormone hit. Not just for the immune system we all know and talk about but for our energy immune system too. Even if we feel generally healthy and like we have a strong immune system, our energy immune system could be taking a hit. And that leaves us vulnerable to negative, chaotic and toxic energy. If we let it go too far it can effect our biological immune system too and we will find ourselves also in a state of dis-ease. I haven’t been physically sick in years, I think of myself as generally healthy but I do get energy sick. I get headaches and nausea . And my super empathic daughter gets confused and struggles with her school work when our environment isn’t clear. We’ve been eating low vibration processed foods and skipping meals frequently this past year coupled with relocating full time to a more energy dense locale with literally thousands of tourists passing through daily dropping all their burdensome heaviness and returning home more relaxed. So our environment, while beautiful and full of life force is also a source of energy toxicity and our physical biology and diets may not be supporting our defenses. We’re feeling it and working toward creating energy wellness on all fronts.

I wish they had sage stations like metal detectors at airports so people could sage themselves before arriving – but they don’t. Cold plunges are all the rage and one of my energy healer friends regularly indulges in an unplugged deep freezer of ice water – I don’t think she fully appreciates why this feels good to her (like a full body ice pack) but I appreciate that she knows she needs it. So I’m not jumping into a freezer of water just yet but we do need to shore up our defenses and strengthen our shields at my house. Healthy energy immune systems require healthy and regular meals. No skipping. And as I uncover foods that specifically strengthen my energy immune system – I’ll keep you posted.

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