Many movies have tried to prepare us for the idea that Aliens exist. That there are multi planetary beings who visit and likely inhabit earth. And it’s working. Aliens are mainstream. We are more open to the idea now than ever.

Let’s go back in time. Before Aliens we’re mainstream. What would the President of the United States do if the CIA brought him news and evidence of actual Alien beings visiting earth? Now imagine this happens in the 1940s. Of course, his head would explode! Nothing can prepare him for this. Then he would come to terms with the awareness that as earthlings we are extremely vulnerable. With no capacity for travel outside our atmosphere and no way to protect ourselves from the unknown. The fear would be incredible. The possibility of an Alien take over or human enslaved population would be front of mind. After all, World War II just showed us that we humans have the capacity to commit horrible atrocities against our own people – of course we would project those same barbaric possibilities onto an unknown Alien race. And then he would call up the world leaders. Some of them might already know and some would gladly take a backseat and allow the bolder leaders to take charge of reacting.

This fear would be even greater because the predominant spiritual wisdom did not and does prepare man for this truth. Judeo- Christian scripture, Muslim Scripture does not speak to the existence or non-existence of Aliens. Our collective belief in God does allow for or prepare us for encountering other beings in the flesh.

Fortunately now, fast forward, we have Star Trek and Star Wars to bridge the faith gap. Our world leaders, knowing what they know have raced man to space, created an international space station, funded and sponsored the invention of technology. Beyond NASA we now have the Space Force. As each American President has become aware of this knowledge they have contributed to greater contribution in this area and sometimes to our confusion – because we don’t know – there are aliens.

Now we have billionaires – who know. Yes they know. And they want to be ready. They are planning for their retirement – and it’s not on earth. In the 1950s people were building bomb shelters. In the 2021s people are building space rockets. My how times have changed.

Aliens have actually been part of spiritual awareness for sometime. Many people have had direct experience. Many philosophers have shared their knowing and awareness in esoteric texts. But the mainstream weren’t taking it seriously. Even I was a sceptic. Becoming open, hearing first hand encounter stories, finding reference in Steiner’s works and now I know and I also know that soon everyone will know.

Why? Because the government and world leaders need us to know. They can’t continue to sustain the Illusion that we are alone while also taking action knowing we are not. We have believed that the US raced to space because Russia launched spy satellites and Sputnik. I know this is illogical but we had no other explanation for each presidents successive action toward putting man in space. If we raced to the moon in competition with Russia why do we now share space and technology on the international space station? They pretend to be at odds. The US and Russia. Presidents like Trump found himself confused by reality when he came into office and had trouble keeping up the illusion. He was ready to make business parters out of Russia – but he didn’t know what he didn’t know. Animosity with Russia is important to the facade. If we have peace on earth we have no reason to create a space force. Then what will the people think? In fact both world leaders (maybe one only recently) know the tooth fairy isn’t real and aren’t sure how to break the news to the kids who are nearly grown. We know but we haven’t actually been told. We’re still holding on to the tooth fairy version of existence that says we’re alone in the universe and that Aliens are only a mathematical possibility.

The panic that such knowledge could ignite would topple governments. And undermine the authority of our world leaders. But now the jig is almost up. More and more people are having direct experience. Native Americans have always known. Silencing those who know is becoming more challenging in this Information Age.

And so the new strategy has emerged ….to help us know slowly over time. To acclimate us through media, to normalize the idea. We’re nearly ready. We can almost be told we’re not alone and feel OK with that news. We might even not panic or topple the governments.

The aliens are ready. They’ve set the timeline. They are inspiring people to relay their stories of encounter. To share what has been downloaded to them. Having seeds who know planted in our communities will help hold the shocked when they find out.

Get ready. It’s going to be a wild ride. You think 2020 knocked us off our treadmills randomly? Now that we’ve all taken a year to catch our balance and realign our selves, to settle into new homes and communities. Now we are almost ready for the come to Jesus talk our world leader parents have been wanting to have with us but didn’t know how. Brace yourself. Aliens are real.

I feel like the adult child in the house spoiling Christmas by telling the younger siblings that the parents have been lying about Santa. I have no allegiance to these parents. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Santa. And I will miss these times of ignorant bliss. Of knowing but still not being told. These days before we KNEW. Sort of a time of innocence. And still we must grow up. We cannot stay children in our evolution forever. The old age of Piscean illusion is winding down. The great revelation is upon us.

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