I’ve lived before. Many times before actually. I can’t die. No, I’m not a vampire. I’m an immortal soul. And so are you.

I’m not one for following the rules. I ask questions. I figure things out. I’ve always had a different perspective on life. One that includes the spiritual realm. I remember at the age of about 7 being aware that I was losing my ability to see light beings and angels when I closed my eyes. That I was disconnecting, unplugging from the spiritual realm. And with that, also the knowledge that everyone around me didn’t even know they were disconnected, I held on to that memory. The awareness of being sighted but now blind in a blind world. When I meet someone that I’ve known before. I mean before this life – I notice that feeling. I wonder how we knew each other then. I pay attention to my feeling and first impression of the person. I acknowledge the comedy of it all. How I could know someone so well just a few hundred or even a mere thousand years ago, my sister, brother, mother, lover, murderer. And now we meet and we can’t quit remember our past circumstance, place, time or relationship but there is a feeling. A deep knowing. Unconscious to our current incarnation.

When I run into someone who is a sighted, when I say sighted I mean either currently gifted with vision into the spiritual realm- like a psychic or medium. Or recently aware, awakened to the existence of a spiritual realm even though they cannot sense it. This is me. I’m aware. I know when I run up against something spiritual. I know when I meet a person from a past life. I can feel it like a bookcase in the dark. But it’s not clearly visible to my five senses. When I run into these people, we are like kindred spirits. Of the same tribe. Knowing and able to talk freely about our experience without fear of the disbelievers. Like meeting a fellow astronaut in a world of flat earthers. Refreshing.

This all makes sense when you read my astrological chart. I have south node of the moon 12th house. Really good psychics often have sun in the 12 house. That’s the house of secrets. Apparently in a past life (south node of the moon) I had the gift of seeing into the house of secrets. Maybe even as well as a psychic who has vision clear as daylight with the sun shinning into the 12th house. But in this life that’s not my path. It’s my south node. It’s where I retreat when I’m stressed, in crisis. It’s my comfort zone. It’s what I’ve accomplished before in a past life. What I already know.

So then in this life I bring the experience of being spiritually aware but I am working on my North node placement. To bring the spiritual into the mundane. Aquarius 6th house. Also the house of health and wellness.

I’m aware of several of my past lives. I’m also aware of my daughter’s past life. And my husband’s. Of two former co-workers and a neighbor’s daughter. When I say aware – I mean I know their name and birthdate and what has been documented about them in history. This is a lot of secret information. I’m keeping a list because I think at some point in the future when mankind readily accepts the truth about reincarnation and past lives it might be helpful. Like how ancestry.com helps people find their genetic dna relatives. I can imagine a platform where people can find their past life lineages. All the incarnations of their soul.

But people aren’t ready. They’re curious.

I’m writing this blog for the future. For a time when people are ready. I have no interest in convincing anyone. Or in entertaining anyone’s skepticism. I don’t need you to believe me. I just like telling secrets. And I’m dying to share this big secret that I know.

Also in my knowing that some historical figures are alive and well today, I find it comical that anyone thinks they can take a secret to their grave. Or cover up a crime by killing someone. I literally came back in this life from being murdered in a past life only to solve that murder. I’d like to scream it from the roof tops. “Helen Jewett was murdered by Andrew Johnson!” And then the people of America elected him to go on and become Vice President of the United States. And he is also alive and well today with a new name, new life, new personality and experience. I’ve met him. We’ve made up karmically. He doesn’t remember who he was. But I can confirm, he is currently a Republican living in Florida. Not famous. A no one really. Having a difficult life. Living out his karma.

The madame of the brothel where Helen was murdered, Rosina Townsend. Alive today too. Same manipulative and dishonest person she was then. I didn’t like her right away when I met her. Like we already knew each other. During the course of our work together in this life, we had lunch regularly. There is something so surreal about having lunch with an old past life acquaintance who was instrumental in covering over your murder. Ha! Crazy. I remember the day I realized we were weirdly cut from the same cloth. She had no qualms about driving her ex-husband’s new wife to the airport. Something I also had done before. Like we are both not jealous or possessive of our partners or ex-partners at all. Maybe that’s the lesson of a lifetime as a prostitute. I had to watch my back with that one though.

Anna Pavlova. And Victor D’Andre both reincarnated fairly recently. They are both young. And neighbors. One is my daughter. They haven’t met yet in this lifetime. But we mammas of these two beings who have so much history – we are aware. Waiting for them to decide to meet again.

My husband is the reincarnation of Vernon Leach an early auto sport driver. He crashed and died in Australia over 100 years ago. We don’t know too much about him. Except that he also came back the way he went out. In a crash- in this life. My husband’s mom was told she was pregnant after being x-rayed when she survived a car flip accident. Souls, I think, have a sense of humor or at least a sense of nostalgia.

Before I was Helen I was a politician in upper state New York circa 1700s. Johannes Schuyler, friend of the Iroquois. And before that there was a lifetime in Greece. And many others that I’ve been told about by psychics but don’t have direct knowledge of except that I’ve met people now that I knew then. I’m still piecing my soul’s genealogy through human incarnations together. Integrating my experiences.

Who were you? ask your spirit guides. They like to whisper answers. Check your birthdate and astrological chart for clues. Let the guides lead you down rabbit holes. Engage a seer, a psychic with clear vision into the secret world of who you really are.

Want to know some other secrets? In this life Anna Pavlova gets stage freight – over whelmed by the unconscious memories that flood her young being from all her past experiences on the stage. Andrew Johnson is confined to a wheelchair. And Vernon Leach still likes to drive fast cars but he has no interest in working on them. Helen, she is married with 3 children. Her writing style is the same. But rather than writing letters to her clients she writes a blog. And when she is in a room full of people, a party, drinking and discussing current events and secrets – she can hear all the conversations in the room at once and feel the room reverberating within her body like a hollow wind instrument bouncing the sound of music within its shell. She is at once present and in all her previous incarnations too. When she walks into a theater she feels important – for no reason at all except that she remembers she once was. And she wants you all to know that she attended Harvard until an untimely pregnancy had to be dealt with. While there she met Ralph Waldo Emerson to whom she owed a karmic debt (paid up now) for helping her with a writing assignment. Her real last name was never Dorcan. It was Wilder and the stories she told about her early life were true. She was actually born in 1808. Not 1813. Anna wants you to know she never married Victor. And Vernon also wants you to know that when his car first flipped – he was still alive. It was the subsequent impact by another car that did him in, not that anyone from then is still wondering now. They’ve all moved on to their next version of themselves, living on in perpetuity unaware of who they are.

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