Morningside Drive

I’m a Reiki master. But I don’t work on people. I work on real estate. This is challenging because sometimes a property will call to me but I won’t be able to acquire it. In order to do my work I have to spend time in a house or building. Listen to it. Fill it with reiki energy. It’s like Feng Shui but different. I’m not trained in Feng Shui although I appreciate the practice of working with energy in a space and I employ many similar tactics.

I feel like this work I do is mutually beneficial. Once I shift the energy of a property, I can release it to its next owners and I usually make a large profit. The property benefits as well and sometimes the neighboring properties and neighborhood get a shift in the right direction too. Woo woo real estate investing is a good career. I enjoy it very much, but it’s not for the faint of heart. There are properties that have challenged me. Money pits. And ones I’ve refused to touch. We can only heal the ones that want to be healed. That can be healed. And we can’t let them drain us energetically. Strong boundaries and careful watch over the money – that’s where the energy of real estate can ebb and flow.

Maple Street

After I got my Reiki Master attunement, my work began in earnest. The home I was living in at the time, a home that I loved very much told me it was time to go. My psychic advised that the neighborhood was about to go down energetically and so it was time for us to get out. One day a beam of sunlight came in through the front window of the house and hit a crystal ball I had on a small antique table there which started burning a hole in the mahogany top of the table. The room filled with smoke and I realized if we didn’t go – the house was going to burn itself down. Sadly we complied. We still talk about that most favorite house, The Morningside Drive house. I even named my property management company after it. I’ve closed that company now and I’m grateful we took up the call to move on. That house has always been our benchmark for a good healthy, happy house. We moved 5 times in the next 5 years.

Altadena Drive

In those years we bought two properties. Sold two and rented three others. Each one has its own energy shift story. I’m still figuring out the best way to share their stories. Maybe it will be a YouTube video with before and after pics and stories from our recollection. I’m not sure yet.

Currently I’m sitting in a house on the island of Maui, a Hawaiian island. We put an offer on it before we saw it. Built in 1870, we courageously waived all inspections. Why? Because our psychic said it was waiting for us. Because it didn’t matter what was wrong with it. It was supposed to be with us and we were going to get it no matter what an inspector said. We wanted to make sure our offer was the best offer – no one else could get this one. I had been looking for it for months already. And once I found it – I was all in. Sight unseen.

The Doctor’s House, Haiku Maui

We’ve been here and working with it and understanding it and listening and transmuting so much energy – the shift is huge. The stagnant energy purge from the land has been huge. A week ago we had 80 foot tall trees fall over, completely uproot and force the foundation of an accessory building 7 feet into the air. It took three days for me to purge that energy as it shifted through me. And I’m still noticing the energetic effect on the land. The house is speaking to me more now than ever. It doesn’t want to be a bed and breakfast. It doesn’t want to be a school. It wants to be a place of healing. It’s true intention was to be a doctor’s house and office. That intention still lives in this property. We’re working on bringing it into alignment. Helping it heal so it can help others heal. Since we moved here – my husband has experienced miraculous healing of congenital heart defects. While here we were guided to state of the art facilities and doctors in Cleveland for a surgery that no one believed was possible. Whether we stay here forever or sell it soon, we will always remember this place for that effect it has had on our lives. The Doctor’s House.

My psychic called again last week and said my spirit guides had a message. Another house. This one in Cleveland. So we just put an offer on it. Again sight unseen. But so much kismet already. I can’t wait to get there and heal her. When I was putting my feelers out to figure out which house it was – I found it right away. It was on a street that has my daughter’s name in it and the address adds up to a 6. I like working with 6 houses the most. I’m a 6 life path. We get each other. This one we will video from start to finish. I can’t wait to share it with you. I don’t plan to relocate to Cleveland but I will need to spend some good time there, maybe next summer – to get this one aligned with its highest self. I don’t know yet how long we will keep her or if we will flip right away. I’m sure I’ll get a message when the time is right. I can usually feel out how a house fits with us or doesn’t.

We have a condo for sale in Maui – that one we knew would be a short hold. We used it a lot the past year and now it’s ready for a new owner. Although I’m still a bit attached. I’ll miss the way the light comes into that space. It’s such a warm and cozy spot near the sea. It’s a small space but somehow it makes me feel like I could live there happily without a lot of stuff. It has the perfect amount of storage for life at the beach. I know I have some chord cutting work to do in order to let it go – it’s taking a little longer to sell than it should and that’s all on me.

And for some reason I’m going to Spain in December. Curious. I wonder if real estate there will speak to me too. I can’t wait to check it out.

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