This year Halloween falls on a dark moon. Three days before the exact new 🌙 moon. This is particularly auspicious because Halloween marks the time of year when the veil between the worlds, ours and the spiritual realm are very thin. When intuitives and seers can notice, sense, feel the spiritual realm of Tirnanog. Samhain in the Celtic tradition, Dia de Los Muertos in Latin America and All Hallows’ Eve with a Catholic lens. This year though, for the sensitive – we will be extra sensitive. Maybe a bit tired. It will be the cycle of the moon where we feel called to retreat inward to tune into our intuition. To honor our rituals of selfcare. It will be dark. The stars will be more visible. Our vision will be more attuned to that which we cannot see. We will feel our way in the night. Aware of our own inner light in contrast to the darkness without which there would be no awareness of light. We can feel the safety of the cloak of darkness like a warm blanket fort sheltering us from visibility and insecurities.

The dark moon cycle on Halloween is a gift. Rather than the parties and mayhem we craved and looked forward to last year when the moon was full on Halloween, this year we can appreciate the reverence of Halloween. The beautiful glow of a Jack-o-lantern still flickering long after the children have called for treats and the streets have quieted. The magic of fairies in the garden at night. The closeness of ancestors long passed. On this night in our dreams we can remember. Remember the land where we planned our life before this incarnation. The land between times. The place where we belonged to everyone and everyone to us. Where we felt connected to all that is and not separate or alone. The place where we communed with angels and our most beloved soulmates. Where we know who we are and we feel satisfied and held and happy Where we have clarity and can access both our capacity for love and our capacity for compassion equally. That place we remember in our dreams where fear cannot go. Where greed does not exist.

What will we gain from truly being present this dark moon? Replenish, get ready, listen to your spirit guides. Say your prayers in the garden. Reduce the noise. Don’t fill the evening, let it unfold. Stay grounded with a soup of root vegetables. Eat sweets but not too much and whatever you do – sit in the garden and get a sense of it. Feel into it. Ask it to tell you what it is. “Tell me what you are”. It will answer you. If you listen intently.

Upon waking the next morning, before you move or speak – recall what you sensed. Remember your dreams. Make mental notes of the feelings and sensations. Imprint those notes into your awareness. Imprint your awareness and biggest picture of your best life into the cosmic awareness of the vast dark sky from your knowing of it. From your sensation of that night when Halloween fell on the cycle of the dark moon.

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