If energy healers were a band…

American Heritage Dictionary defines Alchemy as,

al•che•my ăl′kə-mē►

  • n.A medieval chemical philosophy having as its asserted aims the transmutation of base metals into gold, the discovery of the panacea, and the preparation of the elixir of longevity.
  • n.A seemingly magical power or process of transmuting.
  • n.Medieval chemistry; the doctrines and processes of the early and medieval chemists; in particular, the supposed process, or the search for the process, by which it was hoped to transmute the baser metals into gold.

Remember the fairytale of Rumplestiltskin? My son loved that one. The thing I remember most about it was that a poor girl’s own father put her in the most impossible situation – to spin straw into gold. He presented her as an alchemist but actually she was a manifestor. How else could anyone explain the appearance of a strange little character who could help her out by actually transmuting straw to gold? She manifested that – because her life depended on it.

There is nothing like a deadline or impossible financial hurdle to make us dig deep into our powers of manifestation, to summon a solution. And there usually is one. But what if we could move beyond manifesting? Or at least manifest an alchemist named Rumplestilsomething.

I’ve learned there are steps to initiation. First, manifest stuff, then manifest money – exactly how much we need when we need it and then learn to manifest without the panic of a hurdle or deadline. And manifest more than just enough to cover our needs.

Then for some, we feel into the still present dissatisfaction of just manifesting and we hear the call – the call of our inner alchemist. The desire to transmute straw or base metal into gold, not just for ourselves but for everyone. Some are never ready. Some don’t believe in alchemy. But the Alchemist is relentless. I am relentless. Rumplestiltskin was an alchemist. The girl whose father set her up for failure – she was a manifestor. There is a difference.

I’m still working on the alchemy of spinning straw into gold. And I’m actually serious about it. There is a way – when we live our lives in the way our soul intended. Learning the lessons our soul intended, un-doing the blocks and limitations we carry with us from childhood and past lives – the path to wealth can become illuminated. Like a road paved with golden bricks. The universe will conspire to show us the way.

I remember holding Oprah as my example. If she could become the wealthiest self made woman – then anyone can do it, because she didn’t come from privilege or a perfect family and she overcame many obstacles. She is showing us that it can be done. There is a wormhole. A way to get through life with out financial struggle. A path to financial abundance. I’ve found the flow. But I couldn’t stay on the raft at first. Now I’ve mastered staying on the raft and I’m learning how to be Mickey in Fantasia – commanding it like water. Money is currency. It flows like energy. It can be repelled or drawn in.

Part of my energy work is this thing called alchemy. I’m an alchemist and it’s time to get to work. I feel the universe is conspiring for my wild success. My success is everyone’s success. We effect each other, inspire each other, activate the inner knowing within one another. I’m remembering how to be the sorcerer who transmutes the straw into gold.

My success will ripple out. When the invitation comes to join the collective ascension work, know that the work will be supported. That the money flow will carry it. And the alchemists have a role in this work. An important and supportive role to keep the raft afloat – maybe even upgrade it to a yacht or better, a fleet of yachts.

Are you an alchemist, are you trying and failing but not giving up? Do you feel the latent and dormant gift of alchemy within you aching to get out? Can you feel the vibration of the money coming in like a stampede of elephants off in the distance? I once watched a group of elephants quickly move out of a pond of water where they had been playing a bathing. The elder sounding the alarm and each moving quickly to dry land. confused about what was happening I watched curiously and then I felt it. An earthquake. These large beasts had felt the vibration long before I did. They had made the move to a safer location and sounded the alarm. That’s the kind of knowing I have about what is unfolding. I can see the color changing in my metal smith’s cauldron. Gold is coming and I’m ready to receive it. Tapping it, honing it, directing it into the cups of many who will share it out through their vibration in the world is where it’s going.

It’s time for the healers and energy workers to stop being solo artists. Solitary witches of magic and sorcery. It’s time to get the band back together. We are more powerful together. We’ve worked together in past lives. We each chose to be born at this time so we could band together. And we each have our instrument, our role in the group. I’m the alchemist and maybe you are too. Or perhaps your role is entirely different – as the shinning star of the performance, out in front healer, intuitive or doula of the birth of a new earth. Every band needs a diverse array of talent who can work together. Are you with me?

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