I have experienced some major healing this week, like a Viking sword has been removed from my spine and all the bone shards are starting to go back into place and heal. A huge energetic wound is on the mend.

It started with an invitation from a woman who I know but who I didn’t know as a healer. She said she wanted to offer me some energy work. My spirit guides screamed yes, and so I took her up on her offer. Still not quite sure what to expect. I’m a reiki master myself and am skeptical when others tell me they are an energy worker but it’s not their career or I haven’t come accross them from a referral. Psychically though I knew we were supposed to support each other’s work – I just had this great feeling about her. So I was curious to see how this would unfold and I accepted the invitation.

I show up at her home, she had set up a massage table in her laundry room. I laid face down on the table. She began some pressure point releasing in my back. I had already shared with her that I have scholiosis and that it’s related to some past life trauma that I haven’t been able to fully clear yet. She worked on me in this way. Finding the root of my muscle tension and holding pressure in those places until my body released the tension. It felt great! She also moved some energy through my body without touching me. Being keenly aware of energy myself – I could feel the movement. The heat. The tingling in my feet. As she stood above my head I began seeing through my third eye, an energetic opening with purple light moving up and out through my crown chakra. Then she came toward the middle of my body and did some energy pulling work where she wasn’t touching me but I could feel my hands, which by this time we’re resting on my abdomen while I lay on my back, I could feel them become buyant and floaty. By the time she was done “creating space” within me – my hands were floating effortlessly a few inches above my body.

When I left I felt great! I asked her why she isn’t doing this work all the time for money and she said she used to do that when she lived on other Hawaiian islands but since moving to Maui has only offered it by invitation and not for compensation. Something about offering it as a gift and from her own impulse, not by request – felt more aligned for her. She didn’t identify with the work as who she is. Just as a capacity she has, an ability, a gift she can choose to share or not.

This was on a Friday. I felt good for several hours after the session, then over a period of time my usual back pain settled back in but overall I felt more clear. Like a lot of stuck or old energy had moved out.

That weekend, I get a text from a powerful healer on Maui (she is probably reading this – yes! You know who you are, powerful 😉). She reminded me, I was on her schedule for Monday. Feeling super lucky almost guilty to have two energy sessions so close together, I went into my sleep life Sunday night imagining how great it would be. In my sleep I saw us set up and working in the Doctor’s Suite at Hale O Kauka Healing Garden. When she arrived Monday she had assumed we would be in a different suite where she had worked with my daughter before but to honor my vision we moved into the Doctor’s suite. I’m not sure what difference it made but it seemed right.

We didn’t speak during the session. She pushed and pulled energy through my body. Differently that the first healer’s session. A lot of time was spent where she wasn’t touching me at all but I could feel where her hands were above my body and I could feel energy moving within me. As I visualized what was coming into my awareness while she worked I began to see a sword in my back. Then I became aware of a time I had been killed – it was quit vivid I was wearing a Middle Ages style helmet, I was female, I had been held in a convent type place leading up to my execution. The mother there had been kind to me and so I was surprised when she did not stop the execution. In my consciousness there was a mother figure watching and she did not save me. I stood fully in my awareness of sacrifice. I felt the mother’s unwillingness or inability to save me and my own determination to stand in my truth and face my fate. Then I started hearing myself saying the words in my head, “I forgive you” over and over. Then I became aware that I had fallen or been reduced nothing, like ash. I felt I had been standing on a platform in the dark but was now looking up into a tree canopy from below and light was shinning through. I no longer had a body and night had become morning and I was aware only of the view from the ground of the trees. Somehow the experience connected me back to my own mother and sister. I was aware of death and sacrifice. I was also easily able to forgive and not let those experiences hold any power over me.

After the session my friend and practitioner left the room so I could slowly come back into my body and presence. When she re-entered the room we sat and talked about the experience. She had felt into my energetic field. She shared first and also had scenes of death come in for her during the session. My death. Many ways. She acknowledged my experience of death and a deep well of grief. Something that I have learned to tap into like a root that runs deep into the earth and sustains me as a being of compassion and understanding. Something that does not cripple me but allows me to work energetically with those who are experiencing suffering and grief. I work with it and understand it. This is a secret super power. My own experience of the Persephone archtype. I felt a little bad that she had experienced me on this deeply personal level and witnessed grief as I experience it but truly it was a gift for me to have someone else acknowledge my true essence. I’ve had healers sense this side of me before and usually it is overwhelming for them or they feel strongly that they need to cure this dark side of me. For this reason I don’t usually seek out energy work although I know I need it. I had gotten the intuition that this particular healer could help me and that is how the session came to fruition. She is also starting to work by invitation but accepted my request to meet with her.

She shared a particular vision she had of me being stoned and of the whole family being part or witness to it. Child sacrifice came in for her about the event I was holding energetically in my body and that she was sensing. This reminded me of a childhood re-occurring nightmare where in my dream, my sister had participated in lobbying large heavy stones at my trapped body and a small fragile light being spoke to me throughout my experience, the tiny woman made of light could not save me but stayed with me and comforted me while I endured physical death and crossed into a spiritual realm.

The healer also shared that my back was full of energetic shards. She wasn’t sure exactly what the material had been. She said she didn’t think it was metal. She had tried to remove the shards energetically but wasn’t able to resolve it completely.

Over the next 24 hours a series of events unfolded that brought complete clarity to me about my own gifts for the world and also a deeper awareness of my own physical pain. She and I emailed each other over the course of the next few days and kept in each other’s spheres.

After the session with her, I was so acutely aware that I had a large sword down my spine – it’s all I could feel day and night. I needed to get it out. The handle of the sword was up the back of my neck. The hand shield bar was across my shoulders and the blade down my spine. I realized this was an energetic carry from a past life execution. There is a vignette in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland that popped into my consciousness. It’s of a skeleton being held in a sitting position because of a sword staked through the back from the top of the shoulder and down with the tip in the ground. This is how I felt and suddenly I also knew that the shards were bone. When I spoke with the healer again, and said the shards were bone, she immediately replied, “that’s right” and confirmed, “they were bone,” she said it in a remembering sort of way.

Many of my readers know that my husband is very psychic but in denial. He gets messages from his spirit guides but his logic tells him it’s not real. He is desperately trying to hold on to his atheist beliefs while also sensing the spiritual realm. It’s his conflict. I find it amusing.

Yesterday morning upon waking and feeling so much rigidity in my neck and back and knowing exactly what it is from now, I asked my husband if he could remove the sword. Without hesitation, he started putting his hands on my back to see if he could get a sense of it. He did. He could tell that the tip of it was all the way down at my hip. He tried pulling it up from the handle to no avail. It was stuck. He sensed that he could push it up from the bottom just by holding his hands and attention near the tip and then he sensed that where it came up an inch the shards of my spine moved back into place. He kept working in this way pushing it energetically up from the bottom until it came out at my left shoulder and fell on the floor. He said he could hear it land on the floor. And it laid on the floor for awhile until it slowly faded away. He stepped over it several times as he walked through our room.

Immediately I felt mobility in my back. I also had the sensation of some wounds and bruising sort of pain. It was different than my normal pain. I took it easy that day, rested. Drank lots of water. I’m still sore today – the next morning but enjoying the lack of rigidity and the ability to fully open my chest and push my shoulder blades back farther than usual. This is an openness that I feel for a short time after a yoga class. It feels great!

I know my body holds other energetic wounds from past life trauma and I am so excited about healing myself in this way. One at a time. Leaning into my collective soul experience. Releasing for me and also for the collective. The sword in my back represents all the deaths from the Middle Ages. All the suffering and grief from a dark time in the world. Suffering and grief still carried by many reincarnated now. My healing is healing for the collective.

I’m excited to notice the subtle shift in other places. I feel Helen’s murder weapon is in the collection of her murder- at his presidential library in Tennessee. I believe the release that I am experiencing may allow it to become found. Perhaps DNA tested. So curious.

I had other knowings about my familial relationships that all came from these consecutive healing sessions. So many layers to unfold. It’s amazing what can happen when energy workers get energy work. It magnifies and amplifies and ripples out.

We’ve been feeling this message to work together. To create a ripple out. And for some to work by invitation – using their gifts in a way that supports those who can multiple the effect out into the world. The energy healers and light workers who support the powerhouses. The Erin Brokovitch archetypes (I made that up). But you know, whatever that archtype is. The one with great capacity to cross thresholds. If we can energetically support those workers in the world – we can accomplish so much!

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  1. OMG Jen this is incredible. I know I am in desperate need of energetic healing, I am so stuck. I was told something happened in my 20’s that has me paralyzed unable to move forward. This is so amazing. I too find it hard to to open fully to energy work.

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