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Mythologies are ways for a group of people to understand a shared experience and write about it in a way that provides context for an energy or a feeling about the unseen realms that could have influenced that experience. They are also a way to teach. They can teach others about the experience in a non personal way. They help identify archetypes and patterns that can be shared learned from. Learning from the experience of others is always preferable to me especially when the situation may be difficult. I don’t need to experience a hot stove as a burn to know I shouldn’t touch it. A story about how a hot stove burned someone else is good enough for me.

I’ve also learned that mythologies like pedagogical stories for children are a way to write or re-write the ending of a story or experience so that it has a favorable outcome. I recently had a very big experience. I got pulled into a spiritual/karmic play and I am not sure how the story will end yet – but I know I have a roll in determining the outcome. I also know that if I do nothing I may not like how the story ends and I may find myself in an even more intense experience if someone else creates the rest of the cosmic play.

Some of my sisters who were in the experience with me may or may not have experienced it as I did – we may all have had our own very unique perspective of the experience and as much as I would love to talk about my experience like, talking about a movie after – I know that some of us are not ready, may not want to talk about it. May have a completely different take on it or its impact and so I find myself alone with my process. Processing the experience. Feeling exhausted by it and also feeling my role in it. In some ways the experience happened because I exist or because I exist the experience happened – I am part of it not just an innocent bystander or disappointed movie goer.

So today I wrote the experience as a mythology for the future. One with an ending that I can live with. A favorable outcome. Medicine for the cosmos. I hope you enjoy it….


Once upon a time, not too long ago – five witches met in the kitchen of the 5th witch and her husband, who was a powerful water dragon.  The first witch had organized a great community gathering and the 5th witch had agreed to host it.  Her husband the water dragon went along with the plan.  The 2nd, 3rd and 4th were some of the many invited guests.  But the 4th witch had a dream before the gathering that she should have her own party and in her dream she knew exactly who should come.  So she invited the 5th witch, the 3rd, the 2nd and the 1st.  They agreed.  She said it was for her birthday, so how could they not. 

What they didn’t know was that they were all witches.  Well actually some of them did know and knew that they were also goddesses and queens in past lives too.  But the 4th witch only knew herself as a princess who was raising a baby dragon.  The 1st witch knew she was a good witch but she didn’t recognize that dark things existed.  When she saw her own shadow – she thought it was someone else.  The 2nd witch was just learning that she was also a witch for she had known herself previously as a queen and the 3rd witch knew everything and channeled her inner goddess well.  The fifth witch also knew everything but had only recently met the other witches and was still making friends.

When the 3rd and 5th witches cautiously arrived at the 4th witch’s party.  They could tell that the 4th witch lived on the edge of a dark forest and that a raven’s nest was in the old trees there and also that a Cheshire was living in her house.  They weren’t sure why the 4th witch kept a Cheshire cat or if she knew about the ravens but they continued in noticing as they went and brought their gifts to the party.  Soon the 2nd witch joined them.  And awhile later the 1st witch showed up.  They had noticed the Cheshire cat too but only whispered quietly to each other about it.    The 2nd witch had a bad experience with a Cheshire cat recently and was a little afraid of them but she bravely walked past the Cheshire to arrive at the party. 

The party was fantastical – with very pretty decorations and delicious food prepared by the 4th witch for her friends.  She offered tea and cakes and even brought the Cheshire Cat’s hooka to the table but none of the other witches partook.  Thinking it strange the 4th witch removed the hooka and offered sparkling water instead.  Then she helped them make an essential oil roller with ingredients that were especially good for healing Cheshire cat scratch fever.  The witches all went along and were grateful for the potion to cure what might come.  The 2nd witch thanked the 4th for such a thoughtful party favor.  The 1st witch seemed nervous and spilled a little of the potion on her clothing – meanwhile the magic amethyst stones in the potion kept jumping out of her bottle.  The 2nd, 3rd and 5th witches had already completed making their magic potions first and watched as the 1st witch finished hers with help from the 4th witch. 

Soon the 4th witch announced that some beautiful birds lived in her garden and thought they all might like to see them to try to identify what kind they are.  Now the 3rd and 5th witches thought, surely she must know that these birds are ravens.  Surely she must have seen them there before.  But the 4th witch carried on in her princess dress and offered only binoculars to the other witches for bird watching as they walked toward the dark forest which the 4th witch believed was her garden. 

Once they entered the dark forrest the 3rd witch was taken up with a burst of wind into the tree where the ravens lived and she saw that they knew who she was.  They recognized each of the 5 witches and shared that they had met before, in the between land.  The ravens were surprised to see all of these five together for some of them had not known each other in the between land and the ravens had not met them together in this lifetime.  The 5th witch approached and right away felt it was a trick.  She recognized that these weren’t just any ravens but they were the ravens who followed the one who was the fire keeper for the ancestors and who slept at their graves and kept watch over them until they could cross the bridge to the between land and these were her ravens who kept watch over her house which was also the entrance of the bridge, on the edge of the dark wood where she watched for those she needed to help.  The 5th witch stepped back and felt it was time to leave because she did not want to knock at the front door of the fire keeper.  She preferred to venture into the forest at the invitation of the trees, at night, under the full moon and with a large offering of light for the dwellers of the forest.  Not with a pair of binoculars at the front door unprepared and without her husband to protect her from the fiery threshold of the fire keeper.   

Meanwhile the 4th, 1st and 2nd witches stayed a bit longer and looked for birds through their binoculars.  When they all came back inside where the party was set up they sat around and drew pictures of what they had seen.  The first witch drew a picture of herself as Alice in Wonderland, looking through a glass at a  beautiful and majestic bird sitting on a throne.  The 2nd witch drew a picture of the inside of a raven’s egg where the birds had hatched from.  She also drew herself inside the egg or maybe she was the egg.  The 3rd witch waited for all of the other witches to finish their drawing before she shared hers.  The 5th witch had gone first and drawn the fire keeper’s front door, wide open with flames around the threshold and beams of light radiating out from across a bridge within the house like light at the end of a tunnel.  The 4th witch then shared her drawing and revealed that she had crossed the threshold and the bridge within the firekeeper’s home once but became scared and ran out – she only looked into the forest from that time forward with binoculars and never close up.  She was glad to have all of her friends with her when she returned this time.  It felt safer for her.  And then the 3rd witch shared her picture  – it was a full picture with many layers, very accurately drawn of the nest and the ravens within sitting above the fire keepers abode on the edge of the forest.  She also drew all five of the witches there looking up at the nest and the fire keeper was pictured spying them all through her window but really the 3rd witch’s picture was a mirror so they could all see their own reflection again. 

Just then the party music came on and it seemed like it was time to eat.  They ate all the lovely dishes the 4th witch had prepared and then they had tea and cake.  The tea was a special blend that the 4th witch had made for the occasion and it contained very fragrant rose petals.   

The 4th witch’s child stopped playing with the Cheshire cat and came to the party to have some tea.  He was wearing a t-shirt with a dragon depicted on it and it was understood that he was being raised as a guardian of the dark forest.  Soon the 4th witch’s husband returned from his work and he brought in a rose bush with large thorns that he intended to plant at the edge of the dark forest to keep the cat from entering there and killing the birds who lived within.  Secretly he didn’t like the Cheshire cat and hoped it would run away but his wife the 4th witch saw how much her son the little dragon enjoyed playing with it and didn’t have the heart to turn the Cheshire out.

The first witch who had left a little early because she had another party to go to – didn’t want to pet the Cheshire but tried to believe it was a good cat.  She wasn’t sure why her shadow was following her out and thought maybe there was 6th witch whom she hadn’t met who was also walking out at the same time, confused she danced her way out with a flutter of butterflies toward her car to leave. 

As the other witches began to leave the party the 4th witch expressed her gratitude that they came and also tried to make light of the hooka she had offered earlier at the party.  She said something like she hoped the Cheshire cat would stop smoking the hooka and become a regular house cat one day.   Shaking their heads the 2nd, 3rd and 5th witches tried to be polite and at the same time express how unlikely that outcome would be. 

Finally, they all left and each one went home to their cozy beds to read and sleep and reflect. That night the fire keeper visited them in their sleep and asked for their help to get rid of the Cheshire that bothered her ravens.  Upon waking they each felt their responsibility to help the fire keeper although only a few actually remembered the dream.  After all it was they who went to the fire keeper’s house first and so it was only reasonable that she would in turn visit them.  The 5th witch felt a little tricked into going there by the 4th and was irritated that she now felt she had to help too. 

And so the problem of how to help the fire keeper began.  It seemed impossible to help the 4th witch to see that she was not a princess with a garden but was a witch who had magic powers and lived next door to a fire keeper of the dark forest who needed her help and, and that the Cheshire was not a house cat.  The 5th witch knew there must be a way to help that didn’t require her to change anyone else.  She needed to consult with the other witches and her husband to figure it out because she couldn’t figure it out on her own. 

The 2nd witch, the 3rd and the 5th met several times over the next few weeks.  They decided to encourage the 4th witch to place crystals in her garden to create boundaries for the Cheshire.  They also whispered to the spirit guides of the Cheshire and asked them to assist.  The 5th witch called her friend Metatron who has known the fire keeper for a very long time and set up a meeting for Metatron and the 4th witch to get acquainted so that he might assist in the situation.

When Metatron met the 4th witch they had a friendly exchange and Metatron spoke directly to the 4th witch about her relationship with the Cheshire.  He explained that the Cheshire was not ready to quit the hooka and that she had become an enabler – it wasn’t good for her, her child or the garden.  It wasn’t even good for the Cheshire.  He spoke to her about tough love.  He also explained to her that sometimes cats can give their owner’s a virus that makes their owners want to care for them no matter how bad they behave.  And she had the virus.  He prescribed a medicinal tea to rid her of the virus and after drinking it she began to see her responsibility to turn out the Cheshire.  For everyone’s good – she had to embrace tough love.  Before he left Metatron gave the 4th witch a merkaba that was actually a key and in receiving the gift she felt so much gratitude that the key turned the lock and removed all of her fear she felt before and made her courageous. 

When the other witches heard that the Cheshire had left the 4th witch’s house they were relieved and sent kind wishes of support to the 4th witch.  She never again allowed a Cheshire into her garden or home and she learned that she shouldn’t be afraid of the fire keeper’s house because her capacity for love was her secret power that allowed her to cross through the scariest thresholds and especially the one made of fire at the door of the fire keeper’s house, without fear.  She learned to have tea with her neighbor and keep all those who liked to play at night away from her land and she taught her little son to protect the raven’s nest.  She wore the merkaba on a chain around her neck to remind her of the gratitude she felt and to never let fear back into her life.  The fire keeper felt acknowledged and seen for her work, she knew who she was and became happy that others respected her and her boundaries now too.  The fire keeper began to find affection for the little dragon who fiercly protected her ravens, she had much to teach him about his own fire and this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. 

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