Every rose has its thorn and every Magdalene has a shadow. I’ve had a very big awakening this month to the Magdalene consciousness. So many incarnated now have lived many past lifetimes in the consciousness of Magdalene. And this time right now has called forward a vast fleet of Magdalenes. Not all will succeed which is why so many are needed. So that a few will remember who they are and carry forward their mission.

There have been many successful Magdalenes in past times not the least of which was the famous one who was the twin flame of Jesus – the successful embodiment of Christ Consciousness.

The Magdalene archetype carries the light of Isis and also the dark of Kali. She sees the beauty in both. She can traverse both realms. She can greet the darkness in appropriate attire and in this way of being able to show up fully in that realm – she can also sneak in the light. And bring balance to both realms. In this way a Magdalene is a beacon of light in the darkest of nights as well as a witness for the shadow in the realms of light. She can sit at the table of the powerful who use fear to control. She is both fearless and generous.

Like Persephone – the perfect, maybe the only wife for Hades, could dwell in the underworld. And why would she stay there? From the underworld it is rumored she would push up the flowers in Springtime.

Many Magdalenes mine into the underworld to tap into the vast resources that can be found there. To carry the light into the darkness. To witness the unseen. And while there she will find the Empire resources – that karmically belong to her for her past sacrifices. And if she remembers who she is – she will bring those resources to the surface to support freedom, goodness and beauty.

Many Magdalenes worked on the Underground Railroad in the abolitionist movement. Secretly tapping the empire resources to pay for papers and buy freedom.

Robinhood is a classic story of the twin flames Miriam and Robin. It’s a story of Miriam the Magdalene. To steal from the rich and provide for the poor – it’s a metaphor about working together and tapping into the empire money to help humanity.

In Jesus’ time Magdalene financed the ministry of the Christ. She was born into empire money and she risked her privilege to walk a path that was not popular, to push forward an agenda that she understood in the bigger picture of the cosmos – was absolutely necessary for the future of humanity. And there were many at that time who were walking in Christ consciousness, Muhammad, The Buddha – Jesus is one successful incarnation of the Magdalene twin flame. And the Magdalene stood by him. She watched the crucifiction as only a Magdalene could. She watched herself being crucified. Undoubtedly she had experienced death and persecution in many past incarnations. She understood the immortality of the soul. She stood as a beacon of light for Jesus during his darkest moments. Because she was him and he was her. They anchored each other. As all twin flames do – allowing the other to dive deeper into the realms of darkness than they could on their own or deeper into the light than they could without a tether to the ground – for the purpose of bringing up the vibration exponentially.

And what about Ghislaine? She carries the Magdalene archetype. Like Joan of Arc and so many before her. But she is not a success story. She did not remember who she was and why she was here. She tapped into the empire money. She fully showed up in appropriate attire to the table of the powerful and danced the night away – she financed her twin flame but did not hold the anchor or tether for the raising of consciousness. The opportunity to raise the vibration was lost on her. Instead she injured her sisters. And now as most Magdalene stories end – she is being persecuted and she will die a painful death either in prison or by her own hand. It’s hard to watch. So much potential but she did not witness the shadow.

This is the burden and responsibility of the Magdalene. And of the twin flame souls who walk the path of the Magdalene. We must do our shadow work. Or we will be reduced to a life in the tower, confined and persecuted until our untimely death. It’s the opposite of happily ever after in a paradise garden freely riding off into the sunset.

Balance is the skill. Balancing feminine and masculine as well as love and compassion. We carry the capacity for both love over fear and compassion over greed and only when we lean fully into both those capacities can we receive the sword of light that brings us victory, the crown, the clarity and connection with our twin.

It appears that Ghislaine did not provide the balance, the voice of reason, she did not intervene in the sexual greed and live into her capacity for compassion, instead she participated. So many women think they can be victorious over the masculine by being a better man. When really it takes a better woman. One standing fully in the Devine feminine, confronting the shadow and bringing the light to every situation she encounters in the way that only one who can walk through the valley of the shadow of death can. The way a Magdalene can. She was in the inner circle. She had the opportunity. She turned away from her Devine feminine responsibility and the empire won’t save her.

Ghislaine failed her mission, harmed children and ultimately lost her twin, her freedom, her dignity. Total fail. And yet she is a Magdalene. A Jezebel version of the Magdalene. She could salvage what’s left for her in this lifetime. She has been cast into a new initiation path, into a new kind of underworld, prison. She has the power to bring the light. She can raise the vibration. Accomplish a much smaller version of her mission. But will she?

I’ve died so many times, so many ways. Burned at the stake, tortured by my sisters, stabbed in the back, stoned. I see myself in her and I see my failures in her. I see my persecutors in her too. I am not her but I see her.

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