The holy trinity is a common debate amongst Christian religious sects. Is Jesus God or separate? Are God the father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit all separate aspects of the one God? This argument has realigned believers into various break out congregations each taking up their own belief in what is true on the matter and evolving into very separate versions of the Christian church.

Now I ask you what will we argue about when we shift into the new earth paradigm of divine feminine? Matriarchal society. Well I suppose it would be what is the true nature of the Devine Feminine. Mother as God. Goddess.

This week I received a clear picture of the Egyptian goddess archetypes and how they exist in my life. I’ve seen myself as Isis in a vision and also as Hathor. I’ve seen one of my friends very clearly as Sekhmet. The Egyptian goddess with a cat or lion head. When I inquired about our third friend who has come into alignment with us for a very important co-creative project – I saw her as the Egyptian goddess Bastet.

It makes sense that we each carry these archetypes within our lineage, our blue print.

As Hathor I feel her alive in my soul. When I remember my past lives as a prostitute, my ability to walk through the valley of the shadow of death and still carry the light. My liaisons with the sun god. My awareness of my own divinity. My astrological connection with the bulls eye of Taurus and my generosity towards and deep feelings of love for the suffering of others. Hathor was compassionate and giving. She had access to wealth and gave to the less fortunate. She became the lineage of Aphrodite in Greece and of the Magdalene. I know her also as Persephone. And as I remember my lives as Helen and rendezvous with prostitution through the dark ages of patriarchal rule, I know Hathor as the patron saint of prostitutes.

In the same way that I know myself, my archetypical lineage I also know my friend Sekhmet. She commands respect. She is the goddess. Compassion does not come as easily for her but she radiates love. She is a powerful warrior. A healer. She knows the weapons of pandemic and she knows how to heal the wounds. She is un-afraid. Fearless. Her lineage comes through Shiva and Kali. She is connected to the Pleiades. She is more rare. She is a lioness in human form. She walks the earth with her royal Leo traits. She is respected. She too has walked through the valley of death, perhaps she created it. And so she also can balance what has happened there. Or understand it. And in some way put it back together again. She holds the secret of life and death.

And Sekhmet knows Bastet. Her kinder gentler sister. The one who channels the knowing and sleek grace of the black cat. she is intuitively decisive and cautious. Curious and a protector. She tempers her sister Sekhmet by balancing death with rebirth. She cares about motherhood and childbirth. She puts out the fire and is the patron saint of firefighters. She soothes the heat and the afterbirth. The Bastet that I know grows herbs in her garden as a salve to the postpartum mother. Catnip for life.

These three are the trinity of the great goddess Isis. Each with their own way of connecting to the sun God in his many forms and each wielding the light. At different times they find Union with each other with their twin flames and as incarnations of the one mother. Bastet with her sleek black hair, Sekhmet with her blonde trusses of the lions mane and Hathor the red head.

We find them throughout common culture. Most notable for me is the 70s TV show Charlie’s Angels. I’ve bumped up against a Sekhmet and Bastet many times in my life. These opportunities were showing me my place in the trinity of the goddess archetype. And so many times I didn’t get it. Or the trilogy couldn’t form together perfectly. But this time we’ve each come together in power, in alignment. Each standing in our own authenticity. balanced co-creators. It takes all three together to create new earth. Each will carry the memory and the awareness. But truly it’s in the unity of the three that the great Goddess is complete and capable.

I hope in the future. In the matriarchal paradigm, no one argues about the constitution of the great goddess. I hope they don’t debate which one is isis or is not Isis. Or which is the daughter or mother. I hope instead to hear whispers and wondering about which archetype they see in themselves. I hope they feel the Divine feminine within and also a sense of creating something bigger than any one person when they come together to unify their archetypal talents, perspectives and their shadows too.

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