It took me a few days to find the thread of wisdom that would allow me to put words to an experience I’ve been having. It’s so, not obvious – that I couldn’t fully observe from the outside looking in. I had to step into the experience to see it. It was an illusion. And I knew that. But others were holding it as not an illusion. Very strongly. And so I had to question the intersection of my intuition, clarity and the space I hold for outside perspectives. And whoa, stepping into the intersection did not feel good. Like I got hit by a dust devil. It was physically dizzying. Like vertigo. I spent several days retreating inward to reconnect myself to reality. I even felt like time had somehow stacked up or jumbled. I had no sense of time until I got centered again.

What I saw is that there is a a shadow side to the New Earth Paradigm. And it was a shadow I hadn’t recognized as such before. I guess it’s a double shadow if you will. Or maybe different angles of visibility into the shadow.

I’ve experienced the misunderstandings and mis-interpretations of ascension that are filling up Instagram and YouTube channels that would have us believe we should expect to evolve into the ether and exist only in some etheric realm – no longer in 3D. And while I agree that we will evolve into a being that is what Steiner calls, super sensible. And Gary Zukav calls The Universal Human and Deepak Chopra the Meta Human. What they all describe is in contrast to the shadow industry that throws about the word ascension like we’re all going to leave our bodies in a rapture event. These wise teachers know that we will still exist in 3D but with awareness into higher dimensions.

Now I’m seeing another shadow. One that is so subtle that I didn’t realize it was related maybe inextricably linked to the new earth paradigm shift we all are experiencing. I couldn’t make sense of it at first. It’s more sinister than the mis-information shadow. The mis-information shadow, I’m able to observe and remaine detached from. I see that in time people will find the truth of their own knowing and discern for themselves. And in some ways I see that challenge as a good exercise for those just coming into their intuitive awareness.

This new shadow is dangerous. I sensed the danger right away. And I struggled as I saw friends, community members, co-creators in my sphere start to align with these groups that I viewed as so out of alignment with my core values. I couldn’t understand how anyone that I share so many values with could be in alignment with this movement. What seemed so obvious to me was not to many others. I had to reconcile this. Was it me? Did they have a perspective that I wasn’t considering? Could I share my perspective to illuminate the dis-alignment for them? I felt so helpless. I felt that no mater what I said or illuminated I could not persuade them to leave it. They kept bringing it back. And I couldn’t understand why. Now I see it. I understand. I’m looking at the illusion from behind. I see it’s an illusion – connected to the new earth. They are looking from the front. The Hollywood facade if you will. It looks so real to them. I can’t blame them for believing. But I still know it’s a facade.

So what are we talking about? We’re talking about peddlers of a pre-packaged already created new earth paradigm, presented with a bow on top. Served up ready for the taking. One that denounces the old patriarchal paradigm. One that appears to have some shared core values. It must be the new earth – or at least it appears to be to some. But not me.

Everyone is sensing that the old paradigm is gone. Maybe unconsciously. They sense the old patriarchy is crumbling. The way things were is no more. And they are looking for what’s next. They need to know where they can step and walk into the future. The earth beneath them is literally fading and they are falling. Desperate they are looking for a life raft. A way to continue. Some are looking back and hoping for the old way to somehow be repaired. The slogan Make America Great Again – speaks to this wish. To hold on to the past. I’ve been observing the chaos, the pain and suffering of the ones who weren’t ready. Who didn’t see it coming.

I however have seen it coming. This is why I chose to be born at this time. And I know what I have to do. I have to co-create new earth. I have use my words to form it. It’s the word, the language, Indaba that co-creates what is next. Coming together without preconceived expectations. Starting where we are now. Meeting in small groups and speaking together with intention, without agendas that are carry overs from the old paradigm. Focused on healing the divine feminine and masculine in the collective. And like Revelation 22 says for these chaotic times between the old paradigm and the new earth: Then he told me, “Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this scroll, because the time is now. Let the one who does wrong continue to do wrong; let the vile person continue to be vile; let the one who does right continue to do right; and let the holy person continue to be holy.”

To me this scripture is guiding me to observe with non-judgement all that is going on around me. Not to get caught up in the drama. To stay focused on co-creating the new paradigm. It will all be worked out karmically later.

So that’s where I’m focused. Healing. Helping lift up the healers who are sharing the abundance from the tree of life.

As I observe what is happening, I see we can’t co-create the new earth by dressing up the male patriarchy in new age country dresses and calling it the future. There is actual co-creation, creative processes that we have to call in.

Here is the illusion, the latest shadow that can distract us from our work: There is a movement in America that is as old as Colonialism that is co-opting the current empire shift crisis for their own short sighted and in-denial agenda. They don’t believe that the patriarchal society of the past is ending. They are still fighting a battle best known as the American civil war. They want a southern states confederacy. They want freedom to maintain the plantation era and the lifestyle that brought them. They want sovereignty.

Well don’t we all want prosperity, freedom and sovereignty? Yes we do. And so what could be so wrong with a confederacy that wants those things? The elephant in the room, is that free labor allowed that prosperity. Slavery. The prosperity of America comes from the unfair system and unfair advantage that slavery provided. And now we see at this intersection of looking back to the patriarchy, wishing to Make America Great Again, wanting to preserve a way of life that benefited colonials and also Looking forward toward being more conscious, fair and inclusive – we have a new conflict. There is a movement that is reminding us that Black Lives Matter. In direct contrast to the movement that wants to make America great again without any acknowledgment or awareness that what made it great for them made it a nightmare for others. As if this forceful collision of the right and left wasn’t enough we have another group. The spiritually aligned. The ones who want peace. Who see the old way isn’t sustainable. Who realize the old patriarchal empire is ending and a new earth is forming. This third group will say things like, “I dont watch the news. I’m not voting for the right or the left.” Maybe they’re libertarian. Or they don’t vote at all. Blissfully unaware. And so they look for what is outside the old paradigm. What is a way forward with all those things everyone wants. Freedom, sovereignty and peace. They welcome all. They are not racist but they are also not anti-racist which by default makes them a certain kind of racist. A less obvious one. One that looks like you and me. Maybe even was me at one time.

Oh and here comes the Confederacy also with a desire for freedom to live their lives and rebellion against the government – which the spiritually aware do not differentiate from the old earth paradigm. They don’t call themselves confederates anymore. They’ve moved on to Patriots or Freedom Fighters. But still flying the confederate flag or the MAGA flag – which represents the longing for the old way that benefited the descendants of colonialism.

What?! You say, no! Freedom Fighters and Patriots – they’re not confederates. They are good people who love their country and want to keep America Great with freedom and Liberty for all. Hmmm why is it so obvious to me that – confederates never conceded. They kept the ideologies of colonialism alive by hiding in plain sight. Erecting statues of their heros in public places, naming monuments and military bases after their confederate leaders. Openly sympathizing with and humanizing the men and women who simply wanted to hold on to their plantation lifestyle. Some would even say, they treated their slaves nicely. What?! I say, that’s a load of white supremacy. They only conceded to separate but equal. They acknowledge that slavery is a thing of the past but they don’t acknowledge the harm, the generations of trauma that must be healed. And these ideologies lived on in the patriarchy. Some say the civil war never really ended. It just became sort of a shadow in our society.

When forced de-segregation of public schools created the controversial solution of busing in the 1970s – people pulled their kids from public schools and placed them in private schools. I know because I was a public school kid in Los Angeles during those years. When racial justice issues bubbled up, the dialogue shifted into concerns about neighborhood safety. Or Property values. Or how hard inter racial marriage is. This way of speaking about race in a not obvious way formed. Racial bypassing. Dog whistles we call them now. I see this even here in Hawaii where I live now. The locals talk about invasive species and how they should be eradicated from the environment. Some of these invasive species cause no harm. Of course the ones that do are being dealt with. But I’ve had children repeating these conversations tell me that one color of hibiscus flower on my property is not native. It’s invasive and apparently they think I should eradicate it. I had to stop this dialogue around my own children. And make them conscious of what was behind it. I had to remind them that not all non-native species are harmful. And that we as non-natives who have relocated to Hawaii are also perhaps “invasive.” I’ve had tourists repeat these stories to me about how terrible the invasive species are for the island. They were told by a native tour guide. And I have to laugh because they don’t see the messaging in plain sight that this local tells them without their full conscious awareness that they as tourists are invasive. Many locals despise the tourists who visit these islands in droves. And they’ve found a way to convey that message with a parallel dialogue. A dog whistle that only the dogs can hear.

Freedom, sovereignty. These are words that mean good things. Desirable things but now somehow they’ve become dog whistles too. They are the code for a group of people that is aligned with Make America Great Again. Which suggests it was great for them before. So they must not be the same people experiencing prejudice and in-equality before. Here we have it. Confederates reinvented. Still about states rights. And wanting to live outside the Federal Government’s control – re packaged as something new. And presenting itself and it’s ideologies as not the patriarchy. Not the old paradigm. Not the stodgy and corrupt politicians. “These are not the droids you are looking for”, comes to mind.

And this is where it gets interesting. Confederates re-packaged as not racist freedom loving sovereign rights fighting good guys meets new age spiritual community who knows the old earth is done and a new earth is coming. looking for the way forward, the way through. A lifeboat. Just then a white man offers them a lifeline. A way to challenge the status quo that would create a parallel country that values freedom, sovereignty and also the end of the former government. The government that claimed victory in the Civil War. The end of the Union. Should we not value the end of the Union? Should we try to save it? No it’s done. The patriarchal empire is shifting into a new earth, a feminine divine is rising up. But should we grab a lifeline sent by the other half of the patriarchal society- should we accept a lifeline from the confederates? No we shouldn’t because Union or confederate, right or left, Democrat or Republican, vaccinated or anti vax – it’s all part of the old paradigm. None of it is new earth. In fact accepting the lifeline from the confederates parading as patriots is especially problematic. Not only is it an illusion of a new earth. It’s a distraction. It’s a way to get us pulled right into the mosh pit of the civil war – the one that still rages on today. We cannot co-create new earth, honor and raise up the divine feminine from the middle of a civil war that isn’t even aligned with us. It’s another’s agenda. And as the titanic of the old paradigm splits in half – I’d like to remind everyone, both halves are going down. A line thrown from one side to gather support toward their side is a lifeline to the other half of a sinking ship. What we need is a lifeboat, completely untethered from any old paradigm agenda that can take us to dry land. New hard surface. New earth. Right now we’re all swimming. And some are distracted. But on either side of this river flowing from the throne of God are two trees, each bearing fruit with leaves that will heal the nations. And I assure you the healer, the lion, who can unseal the scroll of light activation codes that will help you heal, ascend, become the universal, meta, super sensible version of yourself is not a PMA lifeline presented by a white man ranting about his constitutional rights and blowing a dog whistle. Let’s stay focused. Discerning. Let those distractions and illusions not deter us from co-creating new earth and intentional communities for the future. What he is offering is a sinking ship. A shadow. It’s not new earth. She is still ahead of us.

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