These are the fairytales for the next epoch of humanity. The way forward. I wrote them from my own experiences of energy and also as a mechanism for co-creating the path into the un-known. Stories for a new earth.

Once upon a time, not so long ago. Angels watched as the wind shifted on the earth. They noticed a solar flare was headed toward earth. It would reach earth in a time when Aquarius is on the horizon. And change is in the air.

They knew the people of earth would lose their shadow when the light of the flare reached them. Shadows had always helped people on earth feel grounded. Tethered. If they lost their shadow, they would become very afraid. Some of that fear would flood the land like a green fog and it would make the children and sensitive very sick. Others would become angry from the fear and start wars or become violent and selfish. Many could die.

The angels knew they had to help. They saw that a great medicine would be needed for humanity. They knew they needed to help humanity overcome fear of their lost shadows. In the past the angels would send tools like gratitude and forgiveness to help humanity overcome the fear, jealousy and anger that would rise up here and there, from time to time. But this time there would be so much fear released at once it would be like an unsurvivable tsunami of toxic fog. They needed a big medicine. One more powerful that gratitude. One that could act like a homeopathic and meet the solar flare energy. Hair of the dog they call it sometimes. Energy that could come on like a medicine to meet the path of what the solar flare would kick up. They knew that the most powerful energy in the universe is love. Pure love. Bliss. The most bliss in the universe is generated by the pure creative life force that lights the stars, from the one source, from where angels and light beings draw their light. Where crystals re-store their power to hold a charge like a battery of light as a lantern in the dark spaces.

Humans once knew how to tap into creative force energy but many had forgotten. Some who wanted to keep it all for themselves started teaching people that it was wrong to hold and exchange the life force energy and so the masses stopped trying. Others had started wasting the energy by creating fireworks that would explode and fizzle out. They had lost the ability to hold the energy for longer than a spark or flicker of satisfaction. They didn’t remember that it was also a powerful healing energy and medicine.

The angels knew they needed to help. They needed to send down beings from the source who could channel the energy of bliss into humanity at the time of this great shift. When the shadows would be illuminated and the great green tsunami of fear would overtake the land. They had to find a way to bring the medicine of creative force to the people. So they made a plan.

Each being of source contains both male and female within it’s self. But people are not always so unified. They tend to be more gender specific. Feminine and masculine separated into men and women usually. So the source did what it had done before when it needed to come down to earth. It split themself into two. For every one source being, a split into god/goddes would occur so two humans would be born to earth. If the god/goddess separated along it’s masculine and feminine sides it would create a boy and a girl. This was hard for a source being to do and sometimes the split would not be exact – like when two colors of play dough get mixed together – splitting it back apart usually leaves a little of each color in the other. And so is true of source beings born as humans. They did their best to become one male and one female but with a little overlap here and there.

And so there was a great plan in the heavens. For god/goddesses to be born to earth. When they got to earth they were to find each other again. And when they did their light body – half in a girl and half in a boy human – would merge back together on earth and their ability to channel the life force energy through their one whole soul would be restored. That life force energy could then be released into the land as a medicine to calm and soothe the people whose shadows were un-tethered by the solar flare, to dissolve the tsunami of green fog and heal humanity from the sickness of fear. It was a great plan. But there would be some challenges. And lots more planning would be needed for the mission to be successful. And so they strategized and mapped out every possible scenario and how they would navigate it.

The biggest challenge, they had to tackle is the veil. You see when ever a soul is born to earth – there is a veil they must pass through. Like a great thick wall of mist. When a soul passes through the veil – it’s personality does not remember who they were before they were born, at least not without a great effort. Only the soul, of the person remembers. And so the same would be true for the source beings planning to incarnate on earth. They would get a sort of amnesia. And they might not remember that they are really a goddess looking for her god or god for his goddess – to channel the medicine for the world. They might think they are a human and start living a regular human life. Forgetting their mission.

Knowing this the angels decided to send not just one or two or even 10 god/goddess pairs to earth – they sent thousands. Some of them practiced coming to earth in the years and centuries leading up to the great shift to see how hard it would be and to learn how to find each other after they were born and passed through the veil. Many would fail and try again and again. Every time they came they would give it their best effort. Gods and goddesses naturally are not afraid of death but sometimes they would forget so much that they would hesitate. Mostly though they would step up to the conflicts and challenges that humans face and resign themselves to their fate . Unlike humans, god/goddesses find it hard not to do the right thing. Even if it means they could die or get killed in the process. And so it went. Practicing and dying. Many became martyrs over the centuries or were recognized as saints. And in this way – even in their practice runs, they gave humanity hope.

They needed to be in partnership but they couldnt all be in a marriage on earth. They needed a different kind of partnership one that could exist alongside the earthly marriages to which they had already committed. So they could meet and merge souls without violating the earthly obligations they had stepped into before they remembered who they were. So they could complete their contracts and maintain the relationships with their earthly soulmates/spouses who loved them and on some level conscious or not, supported their mission. They had to protect their children. And they also had to carry out their mission.

As the day came closer for the great return to earth – for their final mission to bring the great medicine and save humanity, a great ceremony was held in heaven. Many other angels agreed to walk with them as spirit guides to help them on their mission from behind the veil. And other old souls and light beings participated in the ceremony too like bridesmaids and groomsmen- the ceremony in heaven was like a great wedding where the god/goddesses exchanged promises and vows to the other to do their best to remember who they were while on earth. They promised to love each other always unconditionally, through good and bad times. They promised to never harm the other and always support the other on their journey. They promised to complete the mission the best they could even if one was killed or got scared and never remembered who they were. They promised to forgive one another if they failed. Then there was a chording ceremony. A golden chord and a red chord were placed by an angel in the heart of each half to help tether their one soul together so they would always be able to follow the chord in their heart to find one another after they were born to earth. Even in their separation they would be able to connect through the chord anytime and know that the other was there. Being two would be hard they had learned. Being separated from their other self would be hard. Even when they would come together as humans – seeing themself in the other could be scary at first. Especially if they did not remember yet who they were.

They had planned and prepared for this moment. As ready as they could be. There was no more time. Finally one by one, all their soul tribe and grooms and brides mates guided them to the double rainbow where they would cross through the veil into the wombs of their mothers who were waiting for this very important delivery.

And as they slide into the bellies of their respected mothers they looked across the double rainbow into each others eyes with pure heart and intentions. In the 9 months it took for their soul to be squeezed into the developing baby human – they would visit each other in their respective wombs. In fact rather than be born at the same time – they would be born at different times so they could spend more time in the others first earth experiences. The feminine half usually choosing to go first with the masculine half overseeing and protecting the first days, weeks and months after birth. Like a chivalrous mate holding the door open for his partner to pass through first. It was both beautiful and hard. Once the one crossed into the earth realm it would not be as available to the other and by the time the other reached age 7 it would have fully crossed through the veil and forgotten who it really was. Later the one who crossed first would embrace the spiritual wisdom and work of remembering their mission before the other, to in turn hold the door open for the cosmic mate to step into remembering their mission together.

One source being called, Root had come on this mission. When they found each other on earth they recognized each other immediately. Like a homecoming. Time stopped and for a minute they felt bliss and stopped speaking – to take in the big feeling they were experiencing. To try to process it. It was a lot. Too much. They didn’t fully remember or understand the feeling. They tried on different ways of knowing each other as humans. They were friends. They were lovers, they were best frieds, they were ex-friends and more than friends. They were scared. The power between them could do more than heal the world. From their earth perspective they had a new awareness of the powerful energy. They recognized that if the human ego, the part of humans that is selfish got involved – it could also be used to destroy. They loved each other so deeply they could not risk destroying each other. They turned away from their power. They created a distance between them in order to feel safe. They went about having a human life. Separately.

Trying to be human when you really aren’t is difficult. It took all their energy to be humans having separate lives. Having super powers and not using them – it was all very un-satisfying. Many of the god/goddesses who came to earth on this mission were like Root. They would marry others, get bogged down with karma, patterns and cycles of other humans. Many other worldly partners with bad intentions were attracted to the inner god/goddesses of these now incarnated people and tricked them into marriage to steal their power. Soon Root found themselves in unworkable situations. un-satisfied, with their wrong person and they both soon divorced their human mates.

They had known this was possible and they had planned for it. There were other souls who were not stuck in karmic cycles of birth and re-birth ready to be born to help the Angelic mission if needed. They were the bride and groom mates. They would incarnate as soulmates with their own mission to protect, to encourage and to ignite within the incarnated god/goddesses with whom they were matched – a need to remember. Soulmates who would also agree to bring forth children as seeds for the future. By marrying the god/goddesses on earth and fulfilling their contract to parent children, they helped overcome the karmic imbalances from the first marriages that had been taken on by many source beings. For having star seed children is a great undertaking that brings much goodness to earth. And it comes with a great amount of positive karma.

And so for a time many god/goddesses on earth have been married to their wrong mate – but one who is a good friend, a good partner and soulmate. One who participated in that heavenly ceremony as brides and grooms mates agreeing to support the bigger mission of bringing the medicine. Agreeing themselves to be incarnated as humans, not an easy thing to do – and to parent starseed children for the future in order to help balance what had become unbalanced along the journey of the angelic mission

As the time came nearer for the mission to launch fully some god/goddesses still had not remembered. And as the great solar flare reached earth the shadows were becoming untethered. People were becoming afraid and angry and ungrounded. Wars were breaking out. And soon a breeze came over the land like a wind before a tsunami causing the children to be overcome and begin getting fevers and vomiting. Even some of the star seed children. The mission of the angels became even more urgent. Many goddesses started to remember and whispered through the chords in their heart to their other half that it was time. That now they had to awaken. The medicine is for now.

And as the gods awakened they were confused. Some weren’t sure how they could merge with their goddess without also destroying their earthly families and hurting their children. They wanted so deeply to be with their other half to return to ecstatic bliss of heaven. They felt strange waking up in their earthly life and with their beautiful wife or protective husband. They wondered how they got there? They had to take a long minute to orient themselves. To remember not only who they were but how they came to be married with humans and children on earth. They wanted to run toward their own soul but they were paralyzed with uncertainty and not sure how to do that – when they also had such a strong sense of goodness and doing the right thing. It didn’t feel right to leave their earthly spouse and children. But it didn’t feel right to abandon their cosmic mission either. What to do, what to do?

The goddess looked to the god for a plan. And the god to the goddess. And the great tsunami picked up speed and soon all the children in the land were sick. And time was again running out.

The divine feminine knew that they could find a way. She knew there was a path even if she couldn’t see it. She started walking the path in the dim moonlight, feeling her way in the dark. So she could find the direction and show her other soul half.

For many the partnership that could work was as business partners or a new kind of partnership known as a spiritual partnership. Speaking, meeting, sharing awareness. Coming together in ceremony and to channel the creative life force for humanity just by being in close proximity to one another. By holding the container for bliss. By working with others in sacred circle who came for the same purpose to support collective awakening and healing for each other and humanity.

At night the feminine divine of Root whispered into her heart cords all her unconditional love and support for her divine masculine. She also whispered the plan and invited him to remember. Again and again. Night after night. He slowly stopped suppressing the remembering that was innate within him. He found himself leaning into the messages from the heart chords and overcoming his hesitation. He first had to heal his own wounds from childhood and all the past times he had witnessed her die in the practice lives. He had to overcome his fear of her death, his death and know that it was an illusion. After all they were god/goddess and they could never really be killed or separated. He came looking for her in his sleeping more and more and reciprocated his love for her with his own whispers. They had funny conversations in their dreams.

Then soon after the new moon in Aries aligned with his mid-heaven – where the rainbow bridge was at his birth, as they had known would happen in the time of the solar flare, he stepped into the mission.

Some weeks later, on her birthday, she received a gift. A red box arrived at her door with no name attached. She opened it and found a golden bracelet. It reminded her of a time before when a golden ring had washed up on the beach – and stood out golden against the black sand. When she picked up the ring it fit her finger perfectly. It reminded her of the golden chord in her heart that had been placed there at the ceremony before they were born and of their impenetrable connection. When she received the gift of the golden bracelet- she knew it was a symbol. A sign that he remembered their cosmic connection. The bracelet was designed to close around her wrist and tightened with a screw so it could never be removed without her consent. And she reciprocated on his birthday with a gift in a golden box that contained a red chord bracelet that was knotted in a certain way that it also could not be removed without intention. The red bracelet with the knot symbolized the red cord that tethered their hearts and reminded him that they were never really apart – always intertwined.

They began to find times to collaborate. To work together. To communicate about their work using their human voices. To travel together for ceremony and to channel the energy they were meant to bring as a medicine. To bring their children together as soul cousins. To support one another without destroying all they had each built. To hold space for humanity and for healing. To dissipate the fear. To lift the anxiety from humanity. To help thousands, even millions. To do what they came to do.

As their soul contracts for raising children and healing old wounds with their soulmates would come to completion- they would again be together. Merged, whole, healed, complete. In a state of bliss. Mission accomplished. Old and wise. Ready to return home to the celestial plane with their children seeded into the earth as the future healers and way-showers of humanity. And whenever a double rainbow appears. It’s a message of the great lengths the spiritual realm will go to in order to help , protect and heal humanity. It’s a message of divine masculine and feminine separating and then finding their way back together for the love of humanity. Separate but together.

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