Something is being asked of each of us now. To acknowledge and integrate our darkside. To acknowledge our shadow. Not deny it. and for those who live in the shadow realms – maybe there is an equal opportunity to walk in the light.

Balance is the key. If we feel ungrounded when the storms pass through we have to reclaim our belonging to the earth and our uprightness. And when we ascend so high into the spiritual realm – we have to anchor ourselves back into the here and now. Proclaim our want to be here on earth. To live with our shadow. To reintegrate the fragments of our soul that splintered off each time we experienced a trauma or pain in the past.

We’ve been experiencing storms of darkness here on Maui. They pass over the land blocking the sun with storm clouds and calling forth the winds of change. The land fights back with fires. Smoking out the negative like a good sage burning. Seven fires within an hour and a half here on Maui today. The storms aren’t particularly strong. Certainly nothing like a Hurricane but these storms recently have carried a cloak of darkness that is energetically far bigger than what the storm would suggest. It’s an opportunity. To work in the dark realms.

This storm it’s coinciding with the astrological eclipse season now in 2022 as I write this. A time when out our personal and collective shadows are revealsed. Everything we hide and shove under the rug can become visible during eclipses which bring chaotic and destabilizing energy.

One thing I’m learning from navigating this energy is that the darkness will sometimes block my intuitive knowing. Also, that there are entities, beings, souls, ETs that traverse the earth under this cloak. They think we can’t see them but some of us who are really tuned in – we feel their presence. It’s important to recognize what feels are ours and what are not. What ever does not belong to us we can also block and mentally send back to where it came from. Keeping unhelpful energy at bay is important. Calling on our spirit guides and angels to assist is also available to us. It’s not the best time to manifest, better to observe and se what is being revealed. I also wouldn’t charge my crystals during eclipse moon and energy storm times – keep them safe and burn bees wax candles for clearing. No sense in drawing chaotic and destabilizing energy into our energy tools and manifestations.

More and more I’m noticing that people who know me well. Even those who are just acquaintances in this life but have known me well in a past life – they are able to energetically enter my body. Some people come in and hang out. They might not even be aware they are doing it. Like they are Astro projecting in their sleep life. The time difference here on Maui means I’m conscious when many on the mainland are sleeping. So I’m noticing. It’s a subltle feeling. I’m not sure if it’s happening more now or if I’m just more aware and tuned in. I find myself constantly reclaiming my personal space and boundaries. Using my own power to call in the light and leave no space for other agendas to hang out in my personal space. And this feels especially important when the energy is eclipse or shadowy.

And as for my own shadows. I’m seeing those more clearly now too. They are coming up for review. I’m having to take responsibility for every unwanted situation in my life. Recognizing that all that I’ve let in is my responsibility to let out. Every pain, trauma, wound, unhappiness – I have to heal from within. I have to choose me. I have to stop denying the part of myself that has left energetic doors open to outside influences. When I deny the shadow – I don’t see the connections my shadow makes and the pathways for darkness to come in. I don’t see how full my dark basement has become.

When I take responsibility for the things in my life that aren’t great – I heal. When I acknowledge the shadow – I can become more aware of what is being let in and what is mine or not mine. And when I do the work. The shadow work – I traverse the in-between realms. Where past life memories and traumas, deaths and sadness are stored. It’s in the in-between that I can clear blocks and baggage that no longer serves me. But I must reclaim my shadow, my footing in the earth, my place in the sun. If I don’t, I risk losing the ground beneath my feet. I can easily slip into the distractions that lay in the in-between realms. Like shiny pennies – I can go too far and not find my way back to my earthly body. If I only embrace the light – I’ll be in the light. Not of the earth where shadows exist. I’ll leave this earthly existence. I’ll die. I have zero fear of death and so for me – it’s really important to be conscious of where I am or I could check out early, unintentionally.

When we’re not balanced. We can become overwhelmed. I’ve seen it so many times. People living in the light. Not acknowledging their shadow. Becoming blind to where their shadow dwells. Ignoring, refusing to see what is building up and being let in – until they cannot not see it. because it’s so big. And then they run in fear. Sometimes back to religion. Sometimes deeper into the matrix. Work routines. Sometimes to prescription medication that numbs them from the awareness. Blocks the perception.

This is all an unhealthy way of being. When we have darkness in our personal space and realm – because we’re afraid to look and acknowledge our own shadow, then we cannot clear out what is not ours. We cannot keep out what we don’t want. We cannot keep track of where we are in time and space by using our shadow as a barometer or sun dial. We lose our bearings and allow in more darkness than we realize.

I’ve been walking in the in-between as I clean and clear the shadows and blocks while they are more visible during this eclipse season. The eclipse is hitting my 12th and 6th houses respectively – the 12th is my astrological house of all things unconscious and hidden. Like going deep into a basement to clean out the clutter and things that I no longer need. If I get turned upside down. If I float off the floor like the basement is a water tank. I can lose my bearings and not find my way back out before I drown. If I swim into the next closet and the next – I could get distracted in the in-between and accidentally lose my way back to my earthly person. Have you ever gone into a closet, basement, attic space with the intention of cleaning out and organizing only to find yourself drawn in to a pile of old letters or photos and succumb to memories, completely paralyzed and unable to sort and clear out. Everything suddenly has sentimental value. This is what I find shadow work to be like.

Imagine going into your shadow and happening upon that one time in a past life when you were burned at the stake as a martyr. Feeling your own deep passion for your rightness and your willingness to sacrifice even your life for your cause. Feeling your Joan of Arc archetype. it’s easy to become attached to the inner martyr. To the memory in the unconscious that may have been with you for lifetimes. It’s easy to blame the others and want to hold on to the victim hood. I say – it’s time to go. That victim hood, that martyrdom – it’s in my get rid of pile. I no longer need to die a horrible death in order for my killers to feel vindicated. I’m not keeping that shadow. I’m giving it up. Proclaiming my freedom from that scenario. You see. This is the hard work. Shadow work. Clearing out the limiting beliefs, protections from a past time. The basements of our past. Basements we haven’t entered in many years or lifetimes.

Grounding, going into the in-between with purpose and intention. Not staying longer than necessary. Eating well, sleeping well, caring for my physical body – these are all important precautions. My last foray into the in-between swept me into an energetic storm that came on with a wave of nausea, ungrounded me and made me motion sick. The new moon solar eclipse and energy storms on Maui created a perfects situation both for healing and clearing but also for getting caught up in the agendas of unhelpful entities also traversing the dark realms. Fortunately I was able to come back. Fortunately my husband was there to call me back. I awoke from a moment of unconsciousness (he says I was unconscious but I was in the basement reviewing a past relationship), when I awoke, I purged physically and energetically. I felt the compartments within my body release. Blocks that no longer served me and that had always made keeping my chakras open a challenge – they are gone now. I’ve faced my shadow. Followed the connections into the in-between and cleared some rubbish. And Come back. Wiser. More balanced. Clearer. Not blind. And also more intensely aware of the importance and anchor that my shadow is. More aware of what’s mine and what’s not. Less afraid.

I recommend first to acknowledge your shadow. Not deny it. To acknowledge the bowels of your being and not ignore it with matrix distractions, drugs or other things outside yourself. To fight back against the darkness that does not belong to you. To keep your personal space energetically clear. To have strong boundaries around your own body and Energetic body.

Then, do the work. Notice the things in your life you do not love. Stop choosing to include them. Start aligning with your own authenticity. Your own purpose. Give up martyrdom and compromise. Choose your own path. Do no harm but do you. cut out what no longer serves you. Work with the light and shadow energy to clean out your blocks and energetic closet but don’t get turned around and lose your bearings. Keep track of your shadow. It’s there to anchor you. To keep you balanced. Acknowledge it. See it. Get out of denial. Put it in perspective. Ascend. Bring heaven to earth – don’t lose your connection with earth before you’re ready. Do what you came to do.

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