Today I find myself in the energy of the Capricorn full moon. There is a lot going on astrologically that co-insides with this full moon. It’s also a continuation of the energy the eclipses have been shepherding us through this year of alignment with nature and our own natural state as a spiritual being. Helping us find and align with our sense of wholeness.

All of it is getting us ready for what’s next. It may feel like doors are closing but really the universe is helping us shed what no longer serves us. Taking us back to our roots. Showing us that home isn’t where we’ve become comfortable. It’s within us. This astrological moment is like a crowbar prying us out of our comfort zone. Mars is wedging under in Taurus after all. Nudging with some force the lazy bull to get moving. To re-evaluate where he has laid himself to rest. Mars is letting us know that just because we chose that place and circumstance before doesn’t mean it’s still right for us now. Life has changed. We have changed. Circumstances have changed. We need to tune into our soul. To re-calibrate after a season of growth and self work.

The upheaval and chaos will settle. As the storm clears we’ll be on the threshold of 8/8 a numerologically significant date that creates an opening every year for those souls who are ready to align more fully in their own truth. Lionsgate. Named after its alignment with the constellation of Leo. It’s an opportunity to walk into our best life. To give up our stories and fears. To re-calibrate into our fuller identity as a being of the universe. A soul beyond the identity of our current life. A being who has evolved, experienced and lived for 1000s of years and will continue to evolve for 1000s more. It’s our opportunity to ascend into higher consciousness while still incarnated on earth in this time. To move forward in a new more fulfilling way. To stop compromising. To stop accepting less for ourselves.

This full moon is also nudging us to give up our comforts that come in the form of addictions or that have become addictions. to stop self soothing with negative habits that really do not serve our spiritual awakening and ascension. Capricorn is solid and grounded and earthy and if you know a Capricorn – you know they like their comfort habits too. Usually not in a way that ruins their life. Capricorn after all is a successful sign. Maybe the poster child sign of the productive functioning addict. In any case it’s an opportunity to re-evaluate and start anew. To decide if the negative effects are outweighing the positive in our lives. And it’s a time to re-affirm our boundaries. To decide how we want and deserve to be treated by others and accept nothing less. Un-apologetically uncompromising.

Life is hard and even harder when we’re not on the right path. Not aligned with our souls plan. It becomes easier when we move in the direction of our soul. When we stop limiting ourselves to societal norms. When we give up the guilt and fear. When we do what feels right even when it looks wrong to outside eyes. There is no one right way to live. This Capricorn moon is here to show us the power we each carry within to be more than the labels we’ve aspired to fulfill. And to break down the walls that keep us from our hearts fulfillment. We have a chance with this full moon to release the damn. To let go of what no longer serves us. To find our footing in this earth plane and give up the structures we’ve relied upon. Out with the old. Down to basics. Time to scope out our next version of ourselves. To envision a new way that doesn’t throw out the baby with the bath water but also doesn’t keep us bathing in dirty bath water into eternity. To rebuild anew. To make new plans. To co-create new earth. A better earth. Where pain and suffering do not exist. Where we cannot die because our soul lives forever in the ecstasy of our unity with all that is. When we are home within ourselves. Uncompromising. We will have arrived.

Now is the journey toward our next best life. Different than where we thought. It’s like we’ve arrived at the goal we set long ago and now it’s time for new goals. Perhaps we have regret that we didn’t aim high enough the first time or that in our youthful immaturity we allowed vanity and appearances to influence our trajectory in a way that we now know is un-aligned with our authentic self.

Have a good cry or laugh. Let it all out. And accept what’s next. Fighting against change is more exhausting than getting into the flow and going with the current. This I know. If we resist – the universe will find a way. Maybe it already has. Divorce, death of loved ones, career upheavals, house moves are all tools of the universe to get us where we need to be. Don’t see it as a set-back. See it as an opportunity to live our best life without the barriers that held us back. Heaven or hell on earth. It’s our choice.

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