And this is the time for pivot. All the planets. ALL of the planets are retrograde this month. A rare event that comes maybe once or twice every 100 years when from the earth’s perspective all of the planets in our solar system appear to be moving backwards. We’re used to experiencing this one or two planets at a time. Like when Mercury retrogrades every few months and our communication electronic devices and travel plans go haywire because they do not have the support of the planet that rules those things.

The best analogy I have for this time is the story of The Tortoise and the Hare. We are on the page now in the story when the hare sleeps. And the tortoise passes the hare and makes up much lost territory. The hare didn’t go backward but the slower moving competitor made up lost ground because the hare took a nap. That can happen now in our lives. All the planets are napping. And so from our perspective they can appear to be moving back. Which we call retrograde.

Ukraine has taken advantage of this phenomenon and planned their offensive to take back their lost ground at this time when Russia has less momentum and no planetary support for moving forward. Ukraine is easily taking back its territory this month. With many nations cheering them on. Now that won’t last forever. Because as the planets start moving direct again – I believe we’ll see Russia also making some gains again toward their goal. But they have an opportunity right now to pivot and change their direction – if they want. And as in the story of the tortoise and the hare – it is possible the tortoise will win because of this planetary nap advantage. They may make enough gain that Russia cannot catch up.

That is what I believe this scripture is telling us. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. There is a time for everything. A time to win and a time to lose. A time for war and a time for peace. Even when that didn’t seem possible in another time. This scripture pre-dates the compilation of the books and psalms and proverbs that complete the Bible and is one that points to an ancient wisdom of astrology. One of the few passages in the Bible that supports astrology. As an astrologer – it always has held a special place on my list of favorite scriptures.

This time of total planetary retrograde is also a time of pivot. It’s like the wind is still and we can easily steer the boat in a new direction before re-furling our sails. This is an especially important consideration for any boats we put into motion under the old paradigm. Before the pandemic.

In 2020 the old paradigm, the old system ended to make way for the new earth. And as we’ve been laying new terra beneath our feet the old ways continue to deteriorate and fall away. We’re walking through a tumultuous time. A time of extremes and distractions. A time of tribulation as Revelation says. Many have clinched on to the old paradigm and are hanging on for dear life. The patriarchy has seen much chaos in this attempt to keep it going. Many have held onto the edge of a cliff – in denial that the land beneath them has fallen away. Hoping it will come back. Searching for the bits of footing that may still exist. While others have begun to find new ways of moving forward. Taking flight, creating new earth like stepping stones across an ocean of the unknown. Following a narrow path with laser focus while the world falls into chaos all around, discerning the next stepping stone like a blind person using their sense of discernment and feeling their way forward.

And so this time astrologically, September 2022 is an opportunity to shift our focus. To let go of the old ways that not longer serve us. To make up ground that we lost in 2020 and 2021. I’m filing my back taxes now. And the government in the United States has recently said they won’t charge late filing fees for 2019 and 2020. The universe is supporting me to do the things that got put on hold. I recently had a minor surgery to address a health issue that I had back burner Ed during the pandemic. My girls are getting established with new dentists where we live now – letting go of the relationships we had from before our move in 2020 and beginning new ones in a new place. There are many positive ways to use the current energy. It’s a great time to re-evaluate and re-imagine our lives.

I married my husband in the old paradigm. I had a vision of how my life would be from that perspective and vantage point way back in 2007. This year is being called the great re-set. It’s a time of renewing our commitments and deciding if they still serve our highest vision of our selves and our best life. We’re going through this process now of recognizing all the ways we compromised our selves under the old paradigm. All the hopes and dreams we gave up to adopt the path we chose back then. I find myself saying, no. No I’m not willing to give that up anymore. Or no, I don’t like how this has turned out and I want a re-do. It’s a time to stop clinging to an old goal for the sake of follow through and to re-imagine and visualize our best lives now from this new vantage point. A time to pivot. A time to release all that is no longer aligned with us. To re-align with our goals for this life from before we were born. To evaluate if the path we are on now is the path we chose because it met our needs or goals from an old paradigm and re-evaluate if those are still our needs and goals or if with time and growth our priorities have shifted. The old solutions to old paradigm realities may not fit our new earth future.

Queen Elizabeth II, head of state over more than half the world’s population has died this past week. That is a paradigm shift. I read that her greatest legacy was the commonwealth. A female leader in a time of male patriarchal paradigm. Her life and legacy was part of the old paradigm of colonialism but also a female role model for the future time after the patriarchy. In many ways for an American woman who has never in my lifetime had a female President to look up to – the Queen was a place holder for female leadership. It was subconscious maybe. But she was an important icon for the end of the patriarchy. I heard her son use the word, “love” in describing how he will take up the crown. Will he begin reparations to the people of the common wealth, especially those nations where BIPOC gave up so much ground that he and his family benefits from? Will he begin dismantling the commonwealth? Something will shift for sure but how easy or hard that will be is yet to be seen. I believe as the US has had a shake up with recent leaders and much controversy. We will now see similar chaos accross the pond. It already began with Harry and Andrew’s choices and the drama of it all. The Brits won’t do drama the way Americans can – but it’s coming. Perhaps with more tea and politeness than in the U.S.

As we watch this energy playing out on the world stage, let’s not forget that we each also have our own stage. Our lives are being re-directed, pivoting, moving in new directions. We’re able now to re-group. Pick up some pieces we lost along the way and make seemingly huge progress in a race toward our best life. One where old paradigms don’t have a hold over us. It’s important that we visualize heaven on earth for ourself. That we re-align our goals and direction, our relationships and partners with a refreshed higher vision. We have a chance now to achieve what we thought was a fairytale in the past. A chance to be who we came here to be. Visualize it. Speak it. Create your best vision board right now. September 2022 – you have manifesting super powers while the planets rest. When they wake up and move direct they will push forward your boats once more and perhaps they will all be pointed in new directions.

Meanwhile file your back taxes, clean out your closets, review your life and decide what comes forward and what should be reimagined. Think creatively – there is always a way even if it’s not by traditional means. The future is open and we are in Virgo as the planets nap, the constellation of minding the details. Course corrections are happening now – because we have Neptune aspecting the moon this cycle. Showing us fantastical new ways of seeing the future while Virgo is laying out a very detailed road map to get us there as all of our competitors and goals set in motion from past times are napping. Allowing us this moment to succeed in ways we haven’t dreamt of before.

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