There is a correlation between the light illuminating the shadow realm at this time and the widespread belief in conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theories can be intriguing. Even intoxicating. They feed our egoic sense of victimhood. They make us less responsible for the world around us and all it’s ugliness. It takes the blame off of us and squarely places it on the 1%, Bill Gates or an evil cabal of blood drinking baby killers lurking in high societal places. It creates others. To blame. Conspiracy theories are different than a mystery being solved. They are more like an explanation for a situation that has no basis in our known reality but lots of circumstantial conjecture. They draw on our imagination to see the possibility. And they draw in our fears to see the possibility that we are in more danger that we know. They create an alternate reality. One where more is going on behind the scenes than we could have imagined until we do imagine it. At the suggest of a conspiracy theory.

Conspiracy theories have evolved and have become a by passing vehicle. Rather than taking responsibility, we see ourselves as separate from the society that we don’t like. We are even somehow victims of it. And we throw our support behind saviors who will free us from that thing that is going on over there.

John Welwood coined the term “Spiritual Bypass” in 1984. He defined it as a widespread tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to side step or avoid facing emotional issues, psychological wounds and unfinished developmental tasks.

Similarly I’m observing some very interesting phenomenon. People are taking on conspiracy theories like sponges soaking up water. But not all people.

It used to be a book here or there on the conspiracy about JFK’s assassination. Thought provoking. Engaged our sense of critical thinking. We’d read it. Contemplate whether the ideas put forward are plausible and then we largely move on. Maybe we’d watch a TV special on real mermaids. Or Area 51 and the government cover up of aliens from outer space. A few would take it to the next level. Attending alien conventions and tourist attractions on the topic but most give it little additional attention. Were open to the idea maybe but largely gave it little if any energy. Because it wasn’t a mystery being solved in concrete reality. It was conjecture and imagination.

Why now? Why so many conspiracy theories? And so many believing them. Politicians ready to fight. To say outrageous things and risk their public image. Well actually they’ve gained followers because so many available constituents are also ready to believe whole heartedly. What is going on?

Bypassing is going on. As the shadows are illuminated – those unwilling to do their shadow work. To face the dark side within them and around them and because of them. The shadow avoidant are more than happy to have a vehicle pull up and give them a lift right over that bypass that swerves them around the shadow, seemingly avoiding it all together. Wheew crisis averted. Or is it?

Anytime there is a lie – it can take on a life of it’s own like a weed in a garden. It becomes hard to keep track of and starts to mimic real flowers and vegetable greens but they’re thorny and prickly. And no fruit grows from them. Eventually it gets so out of control that it cannot be denied – a weed is a weed and the garden will be lost if it’s left unchecked.

There was a conspiracy theory that got out of hand like that. It involved a secret child trafficking ring in the basement of a pizza parlor. The conspiracy became so big and so believed that eventually a group stormed the pizza parlor. Only to find it had no basement.

I’m going to make a suggestion here. If it sounds too outrageous to be true. It might be untrue. And if you want to believe the obscene so much – sit with that. Why? How does it help you? Are you avoiding a shadow? Is there some societal ill that you want to separate yourself from?

The other thing I’m sensing is our own intrinsic polarity being triggered. We’re all connected. And many souls on earth right now have more than one incarnation happening at the same time. Directly linked to another person. It’s a phenomenon called twin flames. If you’ve ever met your other self – it’s wild. Confusing. Yin Yang energy that at first feels amazing like a homecoming, when you meet yourself in another body but then it becomes polarizing.

When souls are not balanced. Or are out of alignment with their higher self and purpose – they can get caught in these extreme polarities. I don’t know who Kanye West or Candace Owens’ twin flames are but I’d be willing to bet they are in an opposite reality. It’s hard to find balance when you’re flung in a direction you have no control over because your soul is caught in another body having a different but equally extreme experience driven by their ego. Coming into soul alignment and balancing the shared experience of your soul within the twin incarnations is important. Staying away from extremes. Doing your own shadow work helps not only yourself but all who are connected to you – even a soul twin and the collective consciousness. Consciously stepping into centered perspectives and staying out of the extremes can slow the whole polarity down. Reduce the divisiveness. This is our work. Unconditional love. Not hate and blame.

It’s a balancing act. It requires us to back way up. To step out of the shadow far enough that we can size it up and acknowledge all sides of it and it’s companion conspiracy to understand from a larger perspective what it’s all about. To have no judgement of either the shadow or the conspiracy. To hold that all things can be true and also not true. To not throw ourselves into the first bypass vehicle that comes along. Even if everyone we know is clamoring to get in. To face our fears. To become warriors. Like St. Michael fighting the beast. Swords drawn. Not shrinking back. Not becoming victims of a situation outside of our control. Standing in full awareness and with inner knowing. If the conspiracy evokes a dark fear within us – watch that. Maybe don’t go there. Let that vehicle pass you by with a, “no thank you”. Walk the walk. Through the valley of the shadow. You got this.

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