This is a new terminology for me but it’s giving me the language for something I’ve felt.

Earth shrines as I’m understanding it are intentions and spiritual ritual woven into the earth. Places where ancestral lineage of spiritual paths and initiations are held. They can tether a culture into a land. They are like deposits of wisdom into a place for the future.

Wherever there is a lot of rain – there is probably an earth shrine. The ancestors drop water in these places to allow the messages within to be picked up and flow out into the rivers and streams to share the psychic promise of the future with the intuitively attuned. The initiates of a lineage. For those who can pick up and carry the message into the creative forces of the evolution of earth.

When large groups of people migrate, they bring their wisdom. They weave it into their new place – they blend it with the elemental world and wisdom of that place’s indigenous and dominant cultures.

In his book, The 7th Shrine, Orland Bishop speaks of the earth shrines woven into the earth of North American by the African Americans forced to migrate here. The shrines are strong in the old plantation fields making those locations sacred for African Americans today and important spiritual portals for all people of America now. Places where the Native American spiritual land was interwoven with African spiritual wisdom.

I’ve experienced these earth shrines also in sacred water ways in Hawaii on Maui in the Iao valley. Seen through meditation I pictured them as green moss covered houses containing crystals that transpose their wisdom and messages into the water that flows there through and over the shrines and is the fresh water source for all the island.

In Hawaii I find the Asian spirituality also interwoven. As they worked the land and left their own earth shrines in a new place. And so these deposits of wisdom live in the earth. Create sacred places. And attune to those so perceptive to feel and be affected by the land and it’s consciousness.

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