It’s a spiritual experience. Happening now. One not soon forgotten. Some of us planned to accomplish things on the planet in this lifetime. We came with seeds from the future. When those seeds start to activate within us. Us normal walking around, living our lives, unaware people. It’s surprising to say the least. Rays of light start to grow up through and out of our bodies. We’re transformed. But we’re still people. With lives. We wonder if we are crazy. If we imagined it. We didn’t. We know on some deep level that we didn’t imagine it. The dreams in the night. The experience in our half sleep meditative state. The agitation in our waking day for no reason. The dis-satisfaction with life. What is it? What’s happening to us? We’re a little floaty.

It’s taken a few years for me to understand but now I know. It’s a very clearing and healing light that gets activated from a seed. Like a light seed that we carried within us into this lifetime. But it was dormant. Until now. Until it was triggered.

Many things can become triggers. We could have planned before we were born the timing. Our soul knows. The other half of our soul knows. And sometimes others around us also will be activated. Because we had plans together for this lifetime. Plans to meet. To gather experiences. To work on karma. And then at the right time – to pull the heist. What heist? You know that one where we help humanity out of the old paradigm and into a new earth. Where we raise our consciousness in order to be the way-showers for all those who will follow. It’s a big plan. The biggest plan. We’ve been coming back from the future over and over again to walk humanity forward. And in so doing we’ve gathered some cellular trauma, past life injuries and karma. Lots of baggage we need to shed. Waking up is the best medicine. Remembering how old our soul is and remembering the experiences of all of our past lives. Remembering why we came and what the plan is helps us not stay stuck in the video game loop of this mundane life.

When that light clears us out from our inner chakras right through the crown of our head – a portal opens and wisdom flows into all the places where the baggage had blocked us from waking up. Listen. Remember who you really are. Activated. Awake and confused. I was so confused about what was happening. Why I was where I was and how I got there or where my tribe was. But I figured it out. With a lot of help from my spirit guides, other way-showers who came before me and my determination to know what the hell was going on.

I’ve had light codes activate within me. Like DNA strands turning on. And I’ve triggered others to be activated. Its wild. It’s fun. I love knowing who I truly am. Why I’m here. What I have to do. Will I succeed? No idea. Will I die trying? Yes I will. Will it be more fun when the others who came with me wake up? Yes, it will. Hurry up! Activate! Let’s do this! Together. It’s lonely being one of the few. Or the only one in a tribe that came together. Have come together many times. Like going to a concert alone. When you have lots of friends. Get tickets! Let’s all go! And talk about it during and after. And laugh together. And know things together. And compare notes. And help each other do what we came to do.

It’s a light code activation. It’s part of your waking up. You are a light worker. You came from the future. This is your time. Our time. Your soul knows my soul. All is not as it seems – it’s better. Your life on earth right now – it’s cute and adorable. But it’s not why you came. I’m waiting for you to catch up. I’m here. I’ve always been here. It’s always been you. This now. Don’t be scared. You can always go back, just kidding. There is no going back! Once you’re activated. Once you’re awake, there is no going back. You can’t un-know. Ignorance was bliss. But now bliss is bliss. Let’s catch you up. Like Leeloo in the movie, The 5th Element. There’s a lot to know as you step into your mission. Our mission. Why did you choose to wake up later? No idea but I’m trusting in the divine plan.

And if none of this makes any sense to you – maybe it’s not for you. Check back later when you’ve been activated. If you are one of the many from the future who is here now, waking up.

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