Maybe you’ve heard of the zombie apocalypse or the reptilians who are secretly running the world and keeping humanity in the matrix? I tend not to hang out in places where such talk is bountiful but recently it has come into my circle. An astrologer I used to watch more frequently has taken a turn into the land of alien invasion. Specifically reptilian persecution. And it came in again recently from another Avenue. And so I explored the theory although it’s never resonated with me personally. I always try to stay open as a spiritual seeker.

It’s comforting somehow to think that all the evil in the world isn’t really coming from humans. That some cold blooded outsiders mascarading as people in high places are actually responsible for the heaviness in the world. It allows us to be victims in a world and somehow less aligned with the malicious agendas of those who would control the innocent. Mankind against aliens. Not lovable cuddly ETs but narcissistic reptilian shapeshifters feeding off the energy of the matrix and those stuck in it.

As I approach all new theories — I asked the question, is it true?

And this time the answer has been – it is not. And I’m not saying I know definitively that there are no reptilian alien beings influencing or controlling mankind. I mean who can know really? We all still can’t even agree on whether there is a God and if so what form God is? If any. Which is why refer to all things that come under the umbrella of “God” as “the Universe.” But I digress. What I am saying is that when I inquired with the psychics and Universe at large – I was told that’s not a path I need to go down. I was told, people who talk about reptilians tend to be in a pattern. A pattern of feeding off energy themselves. In the form of offering spiritual wisdom, assistance and/or healing where it’s not been requested. Where they are not employed or retained to do so. And so, as I find myself occasionally drawn into this pattern myself – I have been cautioned not to become one of the reptilian theorists. And actually that feels right to me. In my world view every human is important. When I start to wonder if one is a reptilian I begin to other them. This is divisive. It feeds our dualistic ego view of 3d reality. And it’s unhelpful to my spiritual growth. And unhelpful to humanity. I may even cause atrocities. Like when Hitler decided all Jews were evil. Or when Lori Vallow Daybell conspired to murder her husband and children and likely also the spouse of her lover. Who is evil now?

How now do we grapple with the reality that some people behave in evil, self centered ways that harm even torture abuse and kill others? With eyes wide open. I do believe not all souls came to earth willingly. Not all souls want to be here. Not all souls were created by the same God. I’ll say that again. There is more than one creator of souls. (Read, God as Mother – if you’d like to understand my perspective of God). And so from a diverse pool of souls into human incarnation we receive very extreme and different ways of wrestling with this thing called life on earth. And just as some souls will incarnate over and over to bring beauty and love into this reality others will also incarnate over and over bringing all the wounds and impulses with them that they came here to heal in the earth school. Karmic energy and negativity lurk in the shadows of this world. It’s part of the human experience, like a cosmic game of shoots and ladders. Whether we climb or fall backward into shadowy abysses is up to us and how we play the game. Our egoic mind, like a serpent that would fill in all the space of our lives with a constriction that sucks the air we breath and suffocates our consciousness can cause us to learn to get by in the underbelly. Or prod us into false beliefs that we are better than another. Maybe even better than an entire group, class or race of people.

Finding our consciousness in the constriction and bringing ourselves upright in a cramped life filled with difficulty – is the only way to break free. To rise up and stand in our own awareness. To expand our consciousness out into the universe and out of the limiting suffocating spaces that would lure us into doing evil against another. and should we force open the cocoon to free the butterfly? No, the struggle is needed. It builds will and strength.

And then there are the ones who have done it over and over again. Born to way show. To touch the ones who have not found their way out of the paradox. The cocoon of life. And sometimes the way showers fall into the pattern. The pattern of over helping. Of making their child eat their vegetables to the point of making the child resent all vegetables forever more. If we try to heal the world in a way that tears down the facades on the stage of life. Well, then the emerald city ceases to be. And so does the illusion. Without the illusion there is no earth school. And so our job here is not to call out reptilians. Or shift energy on the planet where we have not been called. Our job is to help those who are asking to navigate the path. To know where the pitfalls and shoots lie along the way and steer clear. To acknowledge the unseen, to bring awareness but not to martyr ourselves. The days of sacrificing children to the volcano went out with the ancient civilizations. Now we know to give the volcano its space when the energy is big. And allow the eruption from a safe distance. Because without that energy there would not be new land. Similarly with the evil in the world. It serves a purpose we cannot fathom. Without dark we cannot appreciate light. Without cocoons butterfly’s cannot fly. Sure we should have boundaries and steer clear of evil. We should contain it maybe to the gambling room of a casino. Or the smoking section of a public space. We should way show those who would rather not partake. And help any who inquire how to escape. But the lostboys – they have their role. And their karma. And their place as villains in the earth school. How would we teach and learn lessons if everything was always rosey? Heaven on earth that’s the goal. Bring it in through our own healing. Modeling it for others. But like the old saying, you can bring a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Same for the evil doers of he world. They are part of an energetic eco system. We can help guide but we cannot shift. And we definitely cannot label them as reptilian or speak in divisive ways that dehumanizes others. No matter what horrible atrocity we believe they are responsible for. Each one is important. Some in mind boggling ways. But important none the less.

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