So you’ve probably heard some talk about 3D or the Matrix. And ascension into 5D. I think it’s important to define these terms that are becoming more and more common in spiritual circles. Also to clarify the ambiguities.

3D is short for the 3rd dimension. The reality we all live in on earth where thoughts are private and people are individuals. The mind makes logical choices and there is no obvious repercussion for our choices unless they show up in our physical experience. Like over eating leads to weight gain. In the 3D world we sense through our five senses. Sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch. We do not acknowledge anything outside of the five sensory world as real. The laws of 3D are more tangible. Like gravity. In 3D we believe stories that have been believed for generations but are not true. In 3D we are subject to black and white thinking called duality – it’s like a software for the earth experience. It doesn’t exist outside the earth experience. Think of it like a game of Grand Theft Auto for the soul.

5D is a reference to a higher dimension. The 5th dimension of time and space. This is the dimension where the spiritual exists. Our soul hangs out there like a green room for the cosmic play of our life. No one is an individual, everything is connected. The heart guides with out thinking and there are consequences for everything. Karma is a law of the 5D universe and love is revered above all else. In 5D we can perceive through extra senses. Clairaudient, clairvoyant, psychic, telepathy; we can perceive in 5D with our third eye – that place in the middle of our forehead between our physical eyes where the pineal gland senses light from it’s tucked away space in the center of our brain. (Eye of Horus) And also we perceive with our whole body – we can get tingles and “chicken skin” when a spiritual truth is spoken. This is actual soul perception and because the soul is embodied we feel it in our outer shell like awareness is seeping out through our pores and glands. We will cry spontaneously when something resonates with us as Truth on a soul level. Our emotions, gut feelings, triggers and knowings (without thinking) are all part of the 5D communication and perception of our soul in the spiritual dimension.

There are beings who only exist in 5D. Like angels and other spirits. There are no beings who only exist in 3D. Many in 3D are not aware of their higher self in the 5D realm. They live in a perception of 3D that becomes their only conscious reality. But in truth they exist in both dimensions and they are in-conscious of one.

But also many in 3D are aware of both their 5D origin and also their continued access to the 5D realm. We call that ascension. When you can follow the bread crumb trail that your soul left for you – from 3D back to the place from which you were born. Like Hansel and Gretel in the fairy tale. Escaping the house of candy and temptation where death and entrapment awaited them, back to the path from which they came through the woods into 5D.

Souls exist in 5D. And they incarnate into physical bodies birthed on earth in the 3D. Everyone has a soul or higher self and many, if not all souls actually have two incarnations happening simultaneously. A soul is both masculine and feminine and it will incarnate into earth along those polarities. There is a masculine version of me on the planet. And also a feminine version (the me who is writing this blog). Masculine and feminine polarities of a soul do not always align with birth gender. Gender is actually a continuum and whether we have male or female genetalia, we all have both masculine and feminine within us. Balancing those energies is the goal. It’s really hard – like learning to ride a bike as an adult.

When the soul incarnates into the 3D realm of the earth – it splits. Although it’s still connected in 5D. It just appears seperate in 3D because it comes into two different human bodies. From 5D our soul must make itself dense in order to drop into the lower vibe that exists on earth. Where atoms are compressed into matter. We sort of practice this lower vibe over the course of a 9 month pregnancy when we land into our mothers womb. No soul is fully committed to birth at the beginning of a pregnancy. Sometimes they dip in and out of the forming fetus trying it on for size and acclimating to the energy and vibration of the mother and family until they are at last released from the womb and take their first breath.

Genesis 2:7, He “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and it was then that the man became a living being.”

If you meet your other self in 3D – it’s the most confusing situation. Worse than a glitch in the matrix. It can break the illusion and cause awakening and enlightenment about what is really real. An awakened person is like a lucid dreamer. Still in the dream but aware consciously that they are walking around in a dream. It does make staying in the illusion harder once you’ve awakened. The dream can dissipate rapidly. And so sometimes you’ll see an enlightened being. A monk maybe or just a fellow traveler who has through meditation or drugs escaped back into 5D – they appear spaced out. Out of sync with normal earth time. If you haven’t seen the movie The Matrix – I highly recommend. A modern day mythology that gives us the language for our experience as a 5th dimensional being plugged into the 3D earth reality.) it forces us to lean into our 5D awareness in order to transcend the illusion. To get out of the feedback loop that happens when we look into the window of another’s soul only to find our own reflection.

One famous philosopher, Rudolph Steiner said if you actually knew how difficult it is for a soul to give up complete freedom and unity with God and all other souls (in 5D) – you would feel quit sorry for a baby. And in truth they do cry a lot. They appear to be miserable when first born unless they can feel connected; look into their mother’s eyes (a window back back to 5D) or unless they are sleeping – a time when the soul can leave the body and be free to return to the 5D realm. Their whole expansive spiritual being and consciousness can scarcely fit into such a tiny infant body. While the physical baby is developing in the womb, the soul dips in and out. A soul can never die and so it is also not created in the conception process like many assume. The creation of a physical body is ignited at conception but a soul is integrated into the body when it is birthed into the earth realm outside the mother. It is at the point of first breath after birth that the soul embodies and commits to living on the earth plane in 3D until it is released again at death.

For a while after birth the soul remembers what it really is and how to perceive beyond the 5 senses. But over time the veil between 3D and 5D becomes less transparent and more opaque if the extra sensory are not used they atrophy. By 7 years old the soul has really landed on earth and is fully immersed in the 3D and the 5 sense experience. The extra sensory perception capacity is always there but unless those muscles are exercised they won’t function.

And unless in our lifetime we can ascend back into our 5D awareness we will live a miserable, scary, fearful existence believing we are separate and fearing something called death. Which is an illusion.

In 5D we have unity consciousness. We know we are all connected to all that is. That divinity resides within each one and we can never die. We are creation dis-incarnate from the cloth of the universe and God.

The earth too is ascending back into 5D. Because the earth is alive and because the being of the earth also has a connection back to 5D. She is waking up. Starting to remember when she was connected to all that is. We call the future time when the earth has evolved back into 5D consciousness, New Earth. And as Earth ascends – we all are influenced and ascend with her to some degree. The vibration raises and causes us to also raise our vibration in order to maintain our residence on and resonance with earth. As we raise our vibration we get closer to 5D while we are still in 3D and we begin to tune in to our 5D abilities and perceptions.

Ascension is a raising of consciousness to include extra scenes beyond just the 5. So that we can both be in the spiritual 5D realm and still grounded and rooted into the 3D earth realm. In this way we can bridge the two dimensions. And live in a way that is more harmonious with the truth from where we have come. More aligned with nature. Like breaking the 4th wall in film by speaking directly to the audience through the lens of the camera. We break the illusion. And also choose to stay in it like a lucid dream. No longer ignorant or our true nature. No longer controlled by the false narratives of our ego mind.

Ascension is not the rapture. Our physical bodies will not ascend into the 5D. But the 5D will descend into 3D at birth and we can return to 5D before our human body dies – if we bring it in through our conscious awareness of the bigger soul perspective. This is evolution. This is how we will be able to live longer. Because we become refreshed and revitalized when we can replenish our soul in 5D. This is what meditation offers us. A way to get there.

Historically there has been some keeping down of the masses. Fear stories, false narratives about our true nature. And also broken hearts that cause us to live in our heads rather than our heart space. Like the Apollo Mission to the Moon ( there is a movie about it) we each have to do our own emergency repair work if we are ever to return home. Because it’s only through our heart that we can find our way out of the matrix of 3D and ascend into 5D consciousness.

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