It just occurred to me that we should talk more about timelines. We all have an infinite possible number of life paths to walk that will get us from here to there. And we all have a few that would get us to the end with more spiritual accomplishments, karmic debt repaid and goals attained. It’s up to us which timeline path we walk. And like a story where you choose the ending – we can extend our life and increase our happiness if we choose well.

Ever so often in the story of our life the stars will align in such a way that we can jump into a different timeline. Maybe one we could have chosen earlier in the story of our life but for whatever reason we didn’t. And now that we know more we wish we had chosen differently.

The author of this choose your own ending book you see is generous and has built in some flexibility. Knowing we might come to new conclusions we are offered a way forward that is almost like a parallel universe.

We’re in timeline jumping astrological times currently. Or maybe I should say timeline collapsing. And the universe is conspiring to show us the way to jump into a different stream. If it has occurred to any one of us that we have a regret. Or we could be happier. Or living better than we are. Then it’s possible. And once we acknowledge the possibility of a new stream – we can imagine it. And if we’ve imagined it – we can jump there. In fact it’s one of those situations where once the universe sees you contemplating the jump – a big wind comes from behind and launches you in the new direction. Even before you are ready.

Some people say, be careful what you wish for. And some acknowledge that our thoughts become our reality. I agree. And so I invite you to question what thoughts created the reality you currently find yourself in? And how would your reality be different if you had thought about things differently when you created this reality. And from where you are now – is there a way to jump into a more beautiful timeline? Are you thinking about the blocks and complications? Are you afraid? Are you resigned to not upset the status quo because others would be effected?

Now I invite you to ask, are those others being held back or even damaged by you not living your best, happiest and most successful life? What example are you demonstrating? Would you have more love to share if you were in a different timeline/reality?

Do you fear the cost to jump timelines? Would your abundance actually be expanded in that timeline? Is there something about staying in a mediocre life that keeps your finances mediocre? One thing I know for sure is that decisions should never, NEVER be made from a place of fear. And so if that is part of the equation. Take it out.

And now we come to the crossroads of logic and faith. Faith is hard. It implies religiosity for some. It’s illogical. Or is it? If love never fails. How can decisions from a place of love fail? I’m not talking about love for anyone outside ourselves – because we can’t really love another unless we love ourself. Anything less is bypassing and martyrdom. The work is always within. Never outside ourselves. We have to love us. Even the unlovable and not beautiful parts. Then we can make decisions in our own best alignment. And then all other things will be added to us. Planning for all the other things first and sacrificing our own live is always a decision made from fear and akin to putting the cart ahead of the horse. Life flows much better when the horse goes first. And the cart follows carrying all the things we care so much about.

So what’s you best timeline? What’s your best life? Envision it. Imagine it. Indulge yourself. Show yourself some radical self love. Be in that reality. Feel it. Feel how happy you are. And the universe will conspire. Because all things are possible.

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