Yes, I believe we are star seeds. The last two paragraph will focus on Aldeberan / Hyadian Starseeds specifically.

It’s a theory that dates back to a novel in the 1970s that introduced the concept. This is where new age ideology and esoteric wisdom intersect for me. And after a good long period of my own unwillingness to adopt the theory wholeheartedly – I’ve finally landed on embracing it. I was always open minded to the concept as I am with most things but it didn’t resonate for me until now.

To catch you up if this topic is new to you, basically the idea is that some souls, perhaps many souls have originated from other star systems. And are now incarnated in human form on earth. And depending on which star system you are from – you bring different characteristics with you into your earthly incarnation. It’s like the blue print or DNA of your soul. And depending on where your soul is from – you might have a different reason for wanting to incarnate in earth. A particular wisdom to bring here from your home star system.

I’ve never doubted that there are souls who originate or have had lifetimes in other parts of the universe. Other star systems. Or even other galaxies. In fact the scientific community’s rejection of this idea is narrow minded and silly to me. Based on the limitations of science to the 3D reality that it studies, it makes a false assumption – that to have a lifetime in another constellation or galaxy would require a physical body. This is the premise behind all search for alien life. It leaves the soul out of the contemplation all together. Doesn’t recognize the soul in the human. Doesn’t even acknowledge the spiritual reality that lies outside the 3D realty perceivable by the physical sense organs, sight, smell, taste, auditory, touch. It only sees the flesh and blood. And looks for that in space. From my perspective, that’s silly.

What’s not silly is the spiritual reality of creation and existence involving and including more than just life on earth. And where the spiritual realm intersects alien concepts Im not sure – maybe this is it. Sometimes we think we know how something should look and so we don’t see what’s right in front of us. Because it doesn’t look how we expect. Aliens are right in front of us. They just don’t look like people in flesh and blood. They are spiritual. Only perceived by some who have the capacity to see the spiritual realm. And could it be possible for them to become more dense like people on earth are – so that they could be seen in our realm – sure, that could also be possible. And could it be possible that they would incarnate as all souls do into earthly bodies for the experience of earthly life – of course – why not come the usual way. Through the front door.

Moving this convo into the spiritual realm for now – let’s dig into the evidence. There are clues in birthcharts. When personal planets conjunct fixed stars that can be a clue. There has also been work done to document qualities or traits associated with various beings from different cosmic origins and so sometimes that can help narrow it down.

I am aware of my connection astrologically to Aldeberan. A star in our galaxy. My experience of life also correlates with the known qualities of Hyadian star seeds. I resonate with the label of Aldeberan starseed which is part of the Hyadian constellation and frequently categorized more broadly as Hyadian starseed. There are not too many of us here on this planet right now. There are more from the Pleiades currently and Arcturians too, I understand. It took me awhile to integrate this awareness. It’s not that I’m not human. I absolutely am. I was born into a family as a baby. But my soul originates from Aldeberan. Steiner referred to the planets in our solar system as the heirarchies. He understood that intelligent spiritual beings lived on every planet. And that each community of beings had their own traits and talents and specialties. We attribute these specialties to the planets themselves sometimes. And who is to say if it’s the energy of the planet or the energy of its inhabitants that we perceive when we tune into a planet’s traits. The moon for example came from the earth, split off as the universe was forming. And now is a separate body in space. The beings who currently inhabit the moon (yes – there are spiritual beings there) they came from the earth. They were on earth pre-human times and did walk alongside the indigenous peoples for sometime before migrating away as man evolved to become more individual and separated from awareness of the spiritual realm. This is wisdom that I first read about in my study of Rudolph Steiner. And he received some of his insight from the works of Goethe before him. When I first read this – I looked for corroborating evidence of its truth. I wondered if any of the first people to walk on the moon had a spiritual interaction with a spiritual being there. One did. He perceived it through his own cultural/Christian lens of course but he absolutely had a life changing meeting with a spiritual being. And others have had profound spiritual experiences too. Each from their own religious/cultural lens. And yet we still think we have not encountered alien life – because it doesn’t look or speak to us as we are expecting yet it’s all out there. And to a been interacting and watching us since the beginning or time. Earth is the planet of seperation and duality – a place where life is separated into individuals who do not always see or perceive their connectedness. But the inclusive universe sees earth. And they send volunteers to incarnate amongst the souls who originated on earth. To share other perspectives, traits and talents. It’s like an effort to diversify the DNA.

And this concept or awareness when picked up by some can also become dangerous. There is always a shadow side. When we start to align soul origins with race it goes off the rails. When we start to attribute racial appearance to soul origin we are falling into an old human trap – one of separation and othering. It’s not helpful and not from a soul perspective. It’s a human perspective. An Ego story. That’s what the Egoic mind does – it generates stories that save us and build us up and make us great and better than. It should always be balanced by consciousness and not left to go spiraling out of control unchecked. Balance is required. A soul can and does incarnate into many different human experiences and appearances. The whole point of being on earth is to have experiences.

I always saw the markers in my own birthchart but for a long time I didn’t know what it meant. I only knew that it was important. I have Mars conjunct Aldeberan at 9 degrees Gemini. 9 degrees Gemini (western tropical astrology) is where Aldeberan always is. Mars of course moves around. And meets up with Aldeberan from the earth’s perspective only occasionally. And apparently it was the occasion at the time of my birth. Mercury and Venus are also close in line at 3 degrees and 6 degrees respectively in my chart. Yes that is a 3, 6, 9 personal planetary alignment in Gemini the sign of the twins. Nikola Tesla believed the number 369 was the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe and I definitely feel that is my life’s work – to unlock the spiritual secrets so they can be understood and accessed by anyone. With Aldeberan being the eye of Taurus or The Bulls Eye. This connects me with other powerful spiritual beings from Aldeberan like Archangel Michael. I feel like I’m name dropping. And I am! I call in Michael often. And see angels frequently. When I was a child I could go right back into the starry sky just by closing my eyes. It wasn’t until my Reiki attunements that I understood every white light in the vast darkness of my closed eyes was an angel. When I had my 3rd attunement, there was a great celebration and I was visited by thousands of angels. It was profound and emotional for me. It’s a realm that feels like home and that I have also found myself feeling cut off from since I was a child. Until I found it again as an adult.

I know my father is from my same soul family. And one sister and my brother too – I don’t know how I know I just know. My father was born on the summer solstice in 1919. I don’t have his time of birth to connect mathematical points to specific stars but he has the Sun and Mars in Gemini. And not coincidentally since I don’t believe is coincidences, the Hyades is the constellation known to oversee rain. Recently in a psychic as communication, my now deceased and crossed over father’s soul expressed to me how grateful he was that I moved to a rainy climate because he said he follows the rain into my realm. And can visit me more often. I love this message. And I love the rain. I

’m noticing at this time right now – a very spiritually oriented time as we approach a magical numerological date that is 777 (July 7, 2023) – 7 being a number of spiritual perfect, it has been raining all over the US, in July! A friend in Maine reports it has rained 30 days strait. And here where I live in Haiku it’s still raining every day even though we’re in the dryer time of the year. I hear it’s an El Niño year and also in astrology we know it’s a year of consciousness shifting. I believe the Hyadian star seeds and the constellation are watching and supporting this earthly shift. As humans evolve to a new more spiritually aware state from their individual perspectives. Starseeds are already largely conscious of the spiritual realm. And many more will become conscious at this time in evolution.

Some of the Hyadian starseed traits that I resonate with are remembrances of past lives. Clearing fear and negativity with love and compassion. Acting as a protector. We avoid negative energy at all costs. We feel our yeses and nos. We are energy sensitive. Intuitive. Empathic. We have the gift of a soul perspective, second sight – seeing a perspective beyond the daily grind. Not too much karma, already ascended, a strong desire to share spiritual wisdom to all that would receive it. Frequently we will be martyrs – little fear of death. I remember very clearly being burned at the stake in a past life. The feeling was more of annoyance and resignation to my fate. Because I know I can just come right back again in my next life. It’s just annoying to be killed off in my current game. I am not that fond of pain – but I do have a high tolerance. I’ve learned to lean in and observe the sensation rather than let it overwhelm me.

A funny awareness this week is that Martha Stewart is also a Hyadian Starseed. She is the quintessential essence I think of who the Hyadians are. Lifestyle designers. Here to set examples. They live well, they have a confidence about how one should live. Demonstrating a simple way of being even in their extravagances. They are goddesses but also practical. They are strategic – they can use the laws of universe to get ahead and forge a comfortable life, they manifest and navigate their way, they own their mistakes, they don’t play by the usual rules – unless they want to and they take their punishment with Grace. They know how to live simply and are attracted to earth-friendly and natural fibers and materials. They have an air of confidence and can come across as snobby although in truth they are able to meet anyone who is willing to show up authentically. They see people’s full potential and start there- this is a high bar. They prefer to operate and communicate soul to soul. Not ego to ego. This could be a difficult communication style for someone who is mostly in their mind based reality. They are not always appreciated. But they stand so firmly in truth they are not easily knocked down by those who dislike them. They are also very generous and protective of those who suffer. I particularly love the Martha Stewart shows where she cooks with Snoop Dogg. She gets along well with him. And he genuinely likes her. It is an example of Hyadian ability to understand or empathically “get” other people, even those of very different backgrounds – that is a typical Hyadian trait. A willingness to learn from and share with other civilizations and on earth that translates to a willingness to learn from other cultures and an appreciation for many different perspectives. To cross divides. Spiritual ambassadors. Demonstrating by example an alternative way to be in the world. In mythology they are star nymphs, deeply connected to nature and the daughters of the Titan Atlas who held the sky above the earth.

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